X can’t keep up with its bot problem | TechCrunch Minute

I don't want to shock anyone but I have Some alarming news X still has a Verified bot problem and this time They're coming for Tech crunch writers Over the last few weeks a bunch of my Colleagues have been impersonated on Twitter by verified accounts that look Pretty legit so we were all wondering Why now is this wave of impersonation Happening first we need to ask how did We even get here you might recall that As soon as Elon Musk started running Twitter he had some wild ideas like hey You know those blue checks that everyone Is to associate with legitimacy what if We make it so that anyone can just buy Them we know what happened next people Impersonated everyone from political Officials to the pharmaceutical company Eli Lily and elon's Twitter SLX did take Some action to prevent that but it's not Going great this policy has been in Place for over a year but impersonation Is still a problem Rebecca bellan one of Our writers who was impersonated said That in order to prove to X that she's The real Rebecca she had to do a third Party verification process that means She had to upload her government ID and A selfie and she also had friends and Colleagues report the fake account but It's really just a headache you might Wonder what if before you get a blue Check you have to do that same

Third-party identity verification that Would solve a lot of issues but then Fewer people would be paying that Monthly fee for a blue check because the Fact of the matter is there are a lot of Verified Bots and Elon has a lot of Money to make up for after buying a Sinking ship for $44 billion a lot of These verified Bots are AI powered we Reported in the past on how you can tell That some of these accounts are AI Because they end up tweeting things like I'm sorry but I cannot provide an answer To your question as it goes against open Ai's use case policy and if you post on X regularly you've probably gotten Replies to your tweets from verified Bots that are attempting to direct you To the link in their bio to supposedly Sell you its old entertainment then last Summer there was also an issue with Users getting spam DMS from verified Accounts so it's really just been one Issue after another all in the name of Making a book The Great iron here is do You remember why Elon Musk even wanted To buy Twitter in the first place Because there were too many Bots


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