Writers strive to protect their work against AI firms | TechCrunch

A string of news Publishers has signed Content and Licensing deals with open AI Prompting journalists to ask what's in It for us Publishers like VOX media the Atlantic News Corp and axel Springer Have all signed multi-year deals with Open aai over the past few months deals Largely give openai access to current And archival news content to train chat Gbt and other foundational models in Return open AI provides Publishers with AI tools and products and openai will Site and Link back to Publishers Articles that are surfaced in response To a query something Publishers hope Will generate traffic back to news s Sites in this burgeoning era of chatbot Searches Publishers also say AI media Deals could provide an additional Revenue stream to the news business While none of the deals involve Generative AI being used to write Articles or mimic author voices that is Exactly the threat that looms above Journalists and other creatives writers At some of those Publications told TechCrunch that they had no idea their Employers were planning on handing over Their work to open AI a company many of Them say has been essentially stealing Content that it didn't create and didn't Pay for to train its AI models all of Them say they're concern that Publishers Are making short-sighted deals that will

Ultimately harm writers and journalism As a whole in response news guilds are Picking up the pace of negotiations to Ensure journalists have ai protections Similar to the ones Hollywood writing Teams fought for last year The Atlantics Union for example put forward a proposal That says AI will not be used to replace Factchecking copy editing and Illustration Fox's media Union also Believes AI is a mandatory subject of Bargaining such protections are Important as Publishers all seem to come To the same conclusion AI is going to Steal our work anyway might as well get Paid for it


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