Wow!! Did BlackRock take down Binance? 🤯 (What comes Next?)

Wow Black Rock just took down binance This is big breaking news and this is Shaking the crypto currency industry to Its core a lot of people like CZ think He's done a lot of good for the crypto Community a lot of people dislike CZ Think he hasn't done great for the Cryptocurrency community the news is That CZ himself Shang pangao has just Resigned as the binance CEO CZ will Plead guilty to violating anti-money Laundering requir ments according to the Wall Street Journal he's scheduled to Appear in a federal court in Seattle Tuesday afternoon where he will enter His plea it's interesting to note that The SEC complaint against Finance Originally was full of allegations of Comingling echoing what really happened With FTX and yet these are absent from The doj complaints which we're reporting On today which does not include fraud Related charges and the SEC did not sign On to the Joint settlement agreement Either interesting I think something fishy is going on here Wow did Black Rock just take down Binance and it seems CZ almost warned us About all of this 3 days early in the Guise of a Sam Altman chat gbt open AI Tweet CZ said this investors and Founders don't always align don't let Anyone tell you otherwise to be fair no Two persons can always be 100% aligned

I'm both a founder and an investor Knowing when to let go of a company that You founded is one of the trickiest Decisions cz's last tweet from 3 days Ago was a sign so CZ and binance owe the US government some money binance The Exchange is settling for 4.3 billion and CZ Shang panga himself has agreed to pay A $50 million fine if you know somebody Who uses binance you might want to send This video to them important to note Though that this is not an FTX situation With binance doing proof of reserves and CZ is one of the richest crypto Billionaires in the world hey I guess we Can add another chapter to this [Music] Story hey this is the richest guy in the World from crypto and you don't even Know him hi my name is CZ he made over $60 billion but his mom still called him Stupid let me tell you his incredible Story and back to the news of the day Boun's founder changping J agreed to Step down and plead guilty to violating Criminal us anti-money laundering Charges according to the Wall Street Journal so let me give you my take I Think this is what you really need to Understand my take is that Cy fell hard On the sword so cryptocurrency in the United States could flourish I mean Whatever you think of CZ binance John E Deon crypto lawyer rights he had no real

Choice being able to keep his majority Stake in binance plead out to a money Laundering charge and likely just get Two to five years of probation there's Not a criminal defense attorney alive That's going to say nah you should just Roll the dice so the SEC Suz more Exchanges Cy resigns as the CEO of Binance blah blah blah blah blah they're Clearing the way for the next Bitcoin Bull market I don't agree with Everything the SEC has ever done however It's clear that they're aware of what is Going on and you know what people like Larry Fink at Black Rock want to be the Ones selling to you at the beginning of This next cycle to sum it up the bull Market is about to start and without Question will be the most insane one That will probably ever happen in crypto Because who takes the number one spot From binance if this plays out like Arthur Hayes and bitmex for instance Nobody wants to hold the number one spot After all this nobody except one man so It seems like Larry thinkink and black Rock really did take down binance and This was always something those in the Know were wondering what was going to Happen Travis cing back June 16th 2023 Lots of chatter on this black rock Bitcoin ETF and rightfully so Black Rock More or less is the US government They've also received approval on 575

Out of 576 of their ETF applications one Thing I'll say there is no chance and I Mean zero that this ETF gets approved With binance in its current position of Market dominance if this ETF is approved Binance is either gone entirely or their Role in price Discovery is massively Diminished if binance holds on to its Current level of influence no chance This ETF is approved and we just Witnessed all of this play out with Binance leashed the SEC can now finally Accept the Bitcoin Black Rock Spot ETF And it is Black Rock and black Rock's Associates like coinbase will be the Biggest winners I expect to see Black Rock and Vanguard buy more by the way 90% of Gary gensler's $120 million Fortune is with Vanguard see how this Works yet did you all think that they Were just going to bring in the biggest Clients to bitcoin kick off a massive Bull Run and then just let binance and Kraken make a killing off the subsequent Us retail interest in crypto negative The top 10 owners of coinbase global Vanguard Arc Black Rock coinbase Benefits with binance getting kicked to The curb the Bitcoin crypto bullrun Benefits from all this binance drisking Is one of the biggest catalysts we could Have in crypto right now crypto is a Real industry post a $4 billion Settlement CZ takes a long needed Miami

Vacation allaha Arthur and bitmax Market Rips higher ETFs approved in January Maybe a GOP wins the 2024 election Crypto laws are past guys interact with This video get this information out There share this video with everybody You know especially if they're using Binance especially if they need to Understand what's to come in this coming Crypto bull market and for the record It's my opinion I've always liked CZ With CZ built is unquestionably I I mean This guy has brought more people to Bitcoin and crypto than almost anybody On the planet we had a chance to Interview CZ a live stream back in 2020 And you know you really got to get a Sense of who he is CZ binance I'm not Against governments I'm not like Anarchist I'm not against governments I'm not against anybody I'm a very Freedom driven type of person so I think People should be given a very high Degree of Freedom um and we should only Be punished for things that that are Really bad uh so for example if you scam Somebody if you hurt somebody if you uh Take somebody's property without Permission so those type of things yes Uh we should be protected against and But uh by a large we should uh give People a large degree of freedom to to Exercise their own thinking and choices So let me just keep things 100 with you

I have never been more sure of the Upcoming Bitcoin bull cycle Crypt bull Market fueled by ETFs than I have right Now and to be honest with you about six Months ago I just I wasn't as bullish as I you know as I thought I had been Before other uh supposed bull cycles Just like 6 months ago I was like it are Are things lining up enough to get a Good crypto bull cycle I wasn't sure cut To today with everything that's happened I'm damn sure of it Particularly because the mainstream Media is fting crypto hard on this news They're not doing the retail investor Any favors just listen to the way that Bloomberg handles this story and for More we're joined by Bloomberg's Hannah Miller when you look at this uh guilty Plea coming from the head of the world's Largest crypto exchange we weeks after The Sam bankman free trial ended how Much of a cloud is there over the Industry still it's yet another stunning Blow to the crypto industry CZ is the Biggest name in crypto right now binance Is the largest crypto exchange by Trading volume in the world so this is a Major hit for an industry that's just Been beset by scandals and Scams yeah absolutely and guys subscribe To the channel join the altcoin daily Team 2024 is shaping up to be a great Year you don't want to miss it we keep

You updated on a daily basis see you Tomorrow


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