Withdrawals Opened to Small Number of Celsius Customers [ Crypto Espresso 3.6.23 ]

Um Monday dealt such an unfortunate hand You know it's not like you wanted the Work week to start on you we did this to You we made you into a monster huh but Enough of that let's focus on a brand New episode of crypto espresso your Teeny tiny daily shot of caffeinated Crypto headlines I'm your host Andrew And oh my God this is a lot of news First up new restrictions to Sam bankman Freed's bail have been proposed that Would seriously curtail his internet use A letter written to the judge by U.S Attorney general Damien Williams on Behalf of both parties suggests that SBF Will be limited to using a flip phone With no access to the web he would also Have a laptop so he could keep up to Date on the news and prepare for his Trial using a small handful of websites Including us coin market cap hey Netflix YouTube Spotify nfl.com and ubereats are Also included for his personal use SPF Has frustrated the judge while under House arrest in California by using the Encrypted messaging app signal to Contact an FTX employee and he also Accessed a VPN to watch the Super Bowl After years of uncertainty Ripple's CEO Brad garlinghouse has predicted that a Verdict in his company's long-running Showdown with the SEC could be reached In 2023. it's been three months since Both sides have filed final arguments

And asked for a summary judgment or Failing that a trial Ripple has been Accused of selling unregistered Securities in the form of xrp tokens and The SEC has pursued similar cases Against other crypto firms in recent Months and it's because of this Garlinghouse argues that the case has Taken on greater significance it's Really about the industry and how the SEC is playing offense and attacking the Whole industry he warned adding that the Final ruling will be pivotal for his Nascent sector ordinals have really Gotten off to a flying start and According to new research the market for Bitcoin nfts could be worth 4.5 billion Dollars in just under two years this Tech allows images audio text and even Apps to be in described on a single Satoshi that's a 100 millionth of a Bitcoin Galaxy digital says a native Oncoin ecosystem for nfts has emerged on Bitcoin in a way that was never before Possible and enthusiasts believe it has The potential to eat into ethereum's Market share we've already seen some Bitcoin nfts being sold for ridiculous Prices too one ORD Punk fetched 273 Thousand dollars while a pair of ordered Rocks sold for north of two hundred Thousand dollars is it a matter of time Before we see one of these Collectibles Go for seven figures stay tuned to

Crypto espresso to find out a small Number of Celsius customers are now able To withdraw 50 million dollars from the Doomed crypto lender only those who Entrusted funds to Celsius without Taking advantage of the earn accounts Are eligible given how there's a 1.2 Billion dollar black hole in the Company's finances and an estimated 1.7 Million customers yeah that's not really A lot former Celsius CEO Alex machinski Has repeatedly claimed that crypto would Be returned to users even in the case of Bankruptcy but earlier this month a Judge ruled that this was not the case And said the company's terms of use were Unambiguous in a blistering report at The end of January examiner shoba pillay Concluded that Celsius Network's Finances were Ponzi-like he was one of the earliest Bitcoiners on the scene and he made a Lot of money as the result of it but Arthur Hayes's star Faded last year when He was sentenced to six months of home Detention amid allegations that he had Violated the bank secrecy act because Bitmex had failed to implement an Anti-money laundering program fresh from Finishing his sentence though Hayes is Back declaring that he wants to invest In cool sh stuff last month he told the New York Magazine that he wants to do my Part to infect as many people as

Possible what that's not good oh with This virus that is Bitcoin jeez you know You gotta be really careful with your Words there man and he wants to offer an Alternative to trade Phi it's worth Noting that unlike SPF and dokwan Hayes Never allegedly stole or misappropriated Customer funds so let's get back clear And finally an early developer of Tornado cash has revealed that he wants To create a new crypto mixer that would Be compliant with U.S regulations Amin Soleimani has unveiled privacy pools Which would make use of zero knowledge Proofs this could allow users to Preserve anonymity while proving that Their assets haven't come from a Blacklisted Source tornado cash has been In the crosshairs of American officials After it was widely used by North Korean Hackers to launder stolen crypto Including funds taken during last year's Devastating Ronin Bridge attack Sanctions soon followed amid fears that Pyongyang has been using these Ill-gotten digital assets to fund its Nuclear weapons program and speaking of Nuke I'm waiting for my lunch to finish Cooking in the microwave well while I do That you can just go on ahead and like This video subscribe to our YouTube Channel and click on that little bell Icon so you get buzzed whenever a new Crypto espresso video goes live and

What'd you think about today's show huh Hot on the outside cool in the middle Well just let us know in those comments Below because I read them questions About our headlines or crypto in general Just ask Alex in that description below Alex is always a great resource for all Things web 3 and the metaverse and that About does it for today now again I've Been your host Andrew these have been Your headlines and we'll see all of your Beautiful shining faces tomorrow


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