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History doesn't repeat but it does Rhyme When it comes to crypto understanding Past price action can often help you Forecast what's coming however this Requires lots of data and a thorough Analysis of said data as it so happens Crypto data research firm massari Recently published a report containing a Thorough analysis of 30 of the biggest Cryptos including eth BNB xrp Ada and Sol today we're going to tell you what It says about these altcoins give you Our take on what comes next for them and Explain what it all means for the Broader Market The report we'll be summarizing today is Masari's quarterly Community report for Q2 titled quote state of the market Q2 2023 we'll leave a link to the full Report in the description if you're Interested note that we won't have time To go through every single altcoin here Now the report begins with a brief Explanation and that's that the author's Aggregated Market data for over 30 Cryptocurrencies using masari's protocol Services they note that they included BTC and eth for comparison and ordered The crypto projects they analyzed by Market cap on that note you should know That I currently hold BTC eth atom and Dot as part of my personal crypto Portfolio if you want to see my Up-to-date portfolio and get my take on

What's coming next for the crypto Market Be sure to subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter the link is also in the Description and it should go without Saying folks that nothing in this video Is financial advice just an informative Summary of an awesome crypto report Thank you massari And we promise to be as unbiased as Possible when analyzing each of the Different cryptos they covered speaking Of which the first crypto project on the List is ethereum the authors note that Ethereum's market dominance increased During Q2 that lots of eth was being Burned that ethereum experienced Finalization issues that layer 2 Solutions continue to grow and that Ethereum's validators can now unstake The increase in ethereum's market Dominance is likely due to a combination Of factors namely institutional Investors being bullish on eth because Of its transition to proof of stake and The fact that alternative layer ones Have either been labeled as Securities By the SEC or have simply fizzled out The eth burns is where things get Interesting most of these seem to have Come from the meme coin craze of a Couple of months ago as you can see eth Is still deflationary but it seems to be Trending slightly back up to an Inflationary level note that eth is only

Deflationary to the tune of 0.1 percent Per year funnily enough the meme coin Craze could have been a contributing Factor to ethereum's finality issues That's because they were caused by Certain ethereum clients being Overloaded by too many transactions Thankfully the clients were updated and The issues were quickly resolved As for ethereum layer twos if you Watched our recent video about bass You'll know that they continue to be Very popular despite the bear Market This could be the most bullish Development we've seen on ethereum over The last few months though some have Argued that they compete with the base Chain The only thing more bullish than that Was the completion of the chappella Upgrade which made it possible for Validators to unstake their eth and Claim their eath-staking rewards this Likely inspired significant confidence In ethereum among institutional Investors and regular etholders as well The caveat is that most of the Institutional investment in eth has been Indirect for example there was record Trading volume of eth instruments on the CME exchange the catch is that the CME Consists of paper contracts not physical Eth If this money had gone into eth it would

Have pumped its price It appears that the only thing stopping Institutional investors from investing In eth directly is the regulatory Uncertainty around eth's status as an Asset plus the regulatory uncertainty Around the crypto industry in general They don't want to buy an unregistered Security or be unable to cash out to Fiat now the good news is that Regulatory Clarity is coming in many Jurisdictions in places like the Middle East Asia and Europe The bad news is that regulatory Clarity Still seems to be far away in the United States and of course that's where most Of the big money is at least for now Anyhow the second crypto project on the List is BNB the authors note that Activity on BNB Rose by 24 during Q2 That its market cap declined by a Similar percentage because of the SEC That fee Revenue declines slightly that The network remains stable and that many Upgrades were introduced the increase in Activity on BNB is a peculiar finding The authors believe it's due to bnb's Integration with layer 0 a cross-chain Interoperability solution for evm chains If you watched our recent video about BNB however you'll know that its network Activity is suspect to say the least The decline in market cap makes a lot More sense especially since the SEC

Declared that BNB was a security in its Lawsuit against binance at the time of Shooting BNB is hovering around critical Levels that are believed to be triggers For large Liquidations in bnb's D5 Protocols and possibly elsewhere not Only that but the technicals suggest That there's no support for BNB below The 200 range the thing is that Technicals don't work too well when You're dealing with exchange tokens such As BNB their price action is ultimately Dependent on their Associated Exchange BNB is admittedly a bit different though In any case the decline in fee Revenue The authors found is circumstantial Evidence to support the idea that the Activity on the BNB chain is a bit Abnormal the total value locked in bnb's D5 protocols has also fallen off a cliff Over the last half year likely in part Due to the force decline in busd's Market cap New York Regulators required Paxos to stop issuing busd earlier this Year but it can still be redeemed Regardless the upgrades around BNB are Perhaps the most bullish developments From our perspective it appears that BNB Has been rushing to introduce the Upgrades that ethereum is also Considering one of these is an upgrade Which makes it possible to freeze Transactions in the event of a hack or Exploit the difference is that the

Ability to freeze transactions on Ethereum occurs at the Smart contract Level and can be voluntarily implemented By developers whereas the transaction Freezing on BNB occurs at the level of The blockchain and is apparently decided By bnb's validators a tad terrifying to Be honest Now whether BNB can Bounce from its Recent lows fundamentally depends on What happens with binance if we suddenly Start to see positive regulatory Developments such as settlements with U.S authorities which are reportedly in The works BNB could explode to the Upside on the news Alternatively if the regulatory Crackdown on binance continues then BNB Could continue to suffer this is what The charts suggest but I'll remind you That technicals don't work too well with Exchange tokens There could be unforeseen zones of Support for BNB if it does break below That 200 level Now the third crypto project on the list Is xrp AKA The xrp Ledger the authors Note that xrp's market cap increased Over 40 percent during Q2 that the Number of daily active addresses Actually declined by almost 18 that its Nft transactions increased by 13 and That the crypto project continues to Work on side chains it's extremely

Important to underscore that this data Was gathered during Q2 which ended on The 30th of June the judge's ruling in The sec's case against Ripple didn't Occur until July so it wasn't included In the author's recap this is even more Bullish because it means that xrp had Momentum prior to that Obviously this momentum was likely due To the fact that xrp Bulls were Expecting the judge to rule in Ripple's Favor which is essentially what happened The result was that xrp's price doubled In a couple of days the other cryptos That the SEC had labeled as securities Also experienced face ripping rallies However if you watched our video about The judge's ruling you'll know that xrp Isn't in the clear just yet that's Because the judge's ruling rests on the Assumption that those buying xrp on Exchanges basically didn't know Ripple Existed this means they couldn't have Had an expectation of profit coming from Ripple now this is a somewhat Questionable premise and it's probably Why the SEC is reportedly planning on Appealing the ruling in turn this is Probably why xrp has returned almost all The gains it saw because of the ruling To be fair the rest of the crypto Market Recently crashed too this could also Explain xrp's losses now according to The block the number of daily active

Users on xrp is as abnormal as what you See on BNB it consists of massive spikes In activity followed by low periods it Seems the Baseline level of daily active Users is somewhere around 25k the most Recent Peak was in March with over 160k We actually couldn't find up-to-date Data about xrp's nft transactions but The long-term trend of xrp's daily Wallet addresses suggests they're likely In a long-term decline as well so this Begs the question of why and the answer Seems to be because of xrp's chosen Niche and its competition as some of you May have seen Stella a de facto Fork of Xrp has been eating up a lot of the Market share which once belonged to Ripple of particular interest is MoneyGram with whom Stella has a Partnership for remittances with usdc Stella also recently invested in MoneyGram like Ripple did Xrp's decision to try and expand its Ecosystem in the face of this Competition makes sense but it's too Soon to say if this strategy will work Or not it's easy to forget that Ripple And xrp have been under pressure for Almost three years that is a long time In cryptocurrency and it's going to be Tricky for xrp to catch up now the Fourth crypto project on the list is Cardano the authors note that the total Value locked on cardano increased by 10

Percent in Q2 that daily dap Transactions increased by 50 that Development of the Hydra scaling Solution continued and that milkometer Or milcometer however you want to Pronounce it an evm sidechain for Cardano will become a layer 2. data from Defy Lama confirms that the total value Locked in cardano's D5 protocols Continues to increase despite the crypto Bear Market Now this is not that surprising Considering that the only thing holding Back cardano's defy ecosystem was the Presence of a stable coin of some kind Any Ada Bulls in the audience will know That Jed cardano's decentralized Stablecoin went live back in January not Surprisingly it's one of the largest D5 Protocols by total value locked if make A doubt on ethereum is anything to go by Jed could soon become the largest D5 Protocol on cardano Given this defy growth the increase in Cardano's Daily debt transactions is Likewise unsurprising and is likely to Continue so long as there's some sort of Liquidity anchor present What cardano's ecosystem needs the most Right now is more stablecoin support and More scalability AKA faster transactions When it comes to stablecoin support it's A bit strange that none of the major Stablecoin issuers have added support

For cardano this is a double-edged sword On the one hand the absence of a major Centralized stablecoin means that it Will be harder for liquidity that is Money to flow into cardano on the other Hand it also means that cardano can't be Influenced by the centralized stablecoin Issuers For context ethereum Creator Vitale Buterin noted last summer that Centralized stablecoin issuers could Decide future ethereum Forks due to Their influence they could vote with Their liquidity In terms of scaling meanwhile Hydra has Been front and center for cardano for Reference Hydra will make it possible For each staking pool on cardano to Process up to 1 000 transactions per Second with over 3 000 staking pools Cardano could theoretically process over 3 million transactions per second Surpassing all other cryptos as with all Of cardano's developments however Scaling up to 3 million TPS is going to Take a lot of time For those unfamiliar Hydra actually Launched its first head back in May and Is reportedly in the process of rolling Out multiple updates including a payment System based on Hydra what's odd is that ADA appears to have crashed shortly After the Hydra launch Believe it or not but this might have

Something to do with all the evm Integrations we've seen among non-evm Layer ones like cardano and Solana this Suggests that ethereum continues to Dominate among smart contract cryptos at The same time the SEC labeled Ada as a Security in its lawsuits against both Binance and coinbase if you're wondering What the sec's reasoning was you can Check out our video about the lawsuits Using the link in the description if you Hold Ada I strongly suggest watching it Now the last crypto from the list we're Going to cover today is Solano the Authors note that seoul's market cap Fell by nine percent in Q2 that the Number of Solana validators decreased by Over 20 that the Solana Foundation Continued to invest in the ecosystem and That Solana's Saga smartphone was Released as with Ada the main reason why Seoul's market cap declined seems to Have been because it was labeled as a Security in the sec's lawsuits against Binance and coinbase something the Author's note what the authors didn't Note however is that FTX and Alameda Research were Solana Wales if you Watched our last Solana update you'll Know that FTX and Alameda held roughly 15 of seoul's total Supply when they Went under it's possible if not likely That some or all of this soul will be Liquidated as part of the bankruptcy

Proceedings for both companies this Could be suppressing seoul's price You'll also know that FTX and Alameda Seem to be running lots of validators on Solana as well the thing is that this Wouldn't explain the decline in Solana Validators over the last few months this Could be a consequence of the fact that Running a Solana validator costs tens of Thousands of dollars That's why the Solana Foundation has Multiple programs to help foot the bill Of running a validator the problem there Is that the foundation has also been Investing heavily in other areas of Solana's ecosystem These activities likely require the Foundation to sell some of its soul for Cash meanwhile their demand for Seoul And Solana related products seems to be On the decline case in point Solana Recently slashed the price of its Saga SmartPhone by 40 Unchain data provided by the block also Reveals that the number of active Wallets has fallen sharply since the Start of the year for what it's worth The number of daily active wallets is Still well over 200k to put things into Perspective that's 10x more than the Number of daily active Wallets on xrp Which is more than three times larger by Market cap than Seoul that said xrp is The only altcoin that's been judged not

To be a security you win some you lose Some in all seriousness Solana could Have serious potential during the next Crypto bull market this is simply Because most of the new layer ones have Branded themselves as Solana Killers Consider that the cryptos that did the Best during the previous cycle were Those that branded themselves ethereum Killers in the end both eth and these Ethereum killers saw massive gains it's Possible that we'll see a similar Scenario play out with Seoul and all the Solana Killers during the next cycle However this assumes that ethereum Hasn't already won the layer 1 Competition which you'll recall seems to Be the case So this brings me to the big question And that's what all of this means for The broader crypto Market well the short Answer is that it's pretty bullish the Fact that altcoins continue to see Significant traction despite the crypto Bear Market as well as some being Labeled Securities by the SEC is a sign Of serious crypto adoption the overall Decline in price and on-chain metrics is Expected given the circumstances The bigger question is how much more These will Decline and how long this Decline will last the answer is Something I mentioned earlier regulatory Clarity is what's required for altcoins

To thrive until the crypto industry gets This regular Clarity bitcoin's BTC will Be the only truly safe cryptocurrency And I do mean only BTC even stable coins Are facing significant regulatory Scrutiny and if we start to see any Major crackdowns this will guarantee That the overall decline will continue If you watched our recent video about The fed's warning to Banks you'll know That we could actually see a stablecoin Crackdown begin in as little as two Weeks even if this impending Crackdown Never materializes there are many other Crypto catalysts that could take the Markets much lower The Silver Lining to all this is that There are also many crypto catalysts That could take the markets much higher For instance if the judge in the sec's Case against coinbase was to make a Similar judgment to that of the Ripple Case then altcoins could explode much Higher there are also talks of an eth Futures ETF The Catalyst that everyone is watching Now though is blackrock's spot Bitcoin ETF application which would almost Certainly take the entire crypto Market Higher if it's approved the consensus Seems to be that it's a question of when Not if now some would argue that this Strong consensus suggests that the Opposite will happen anyway speculation

Aside the key takeaway from this report Is that the crypto Market appears to be Resilient in more ways than one this Resilience is impressive when you Reflect on everything that's been thrown At the crypto industry over the last Year or two Terror Celsius FTX lawsuits The list goes on And even if this list gets longer the Resilience we've seen so far is likely To continue and it will become the Perfect launch pad for the next crypto Bull market if you can manage to stick Around until then well history suggests That you will be greatly rewarded but Then again history doesn't repeat it Just rhymes And that's all for today's video folks If you found it useful smash that like Button to let me know if you want to Make sure you keep getting useful crypto Content subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell if you think Others could make use of this content be Sure to share this video and if you're Looking for useful crypto resources then The coin Bureau deals page is the place For you it's got the biggest discounts On the best hardware wallets and up to Forty thousand dollars worth of bonuses And airdrops on the most affordable Crypto exchanges the link is down in the Description as always thank you for Watching and I'll see you next time my

Name is guy and this is goodbye Thank you


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