Will Smith talks about becoming a VC

I uh I met with ksk and we you know we Just hit it off immediately and you know We felt like there was a a beautiful Intersection between you know being able To create businesses but also to stay Focused on solving problems of the world So we sort of we our relationship Started to develop and then we said Keske had a few banking relationships in Japan that were looking to make their Way uh into the the the United States so The relationship worked out well and I Had already been investing and he had Already been in investing and our our Values were were in alignment so we we Came together and uh a lot of people That felt the initial ideas jumped in we Uh uh Jess water was a you know a Company one of the companies that we Started we invested in boring Tech uh so You know we we're we're uh we want to Solve some of the world's problems we Want to do well by doing good


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