Will BTC Continue CRASHING?! Updated Bitcoin Price Predictions!

Where is Bitcoin heading it's a pressing Question and one that needs to be Answered so in this video we are going To break down exactly where we are in This cycle and where we could be going If you hold Bitcoin or are thinking of Picking it up then this is a vid that You just can't Miss now sorry to be a pain but there's A disclaimer I need to relay nothing I Say today is in any way investment Advice okay it's purely Sensational Informational educational content so Let's get underway before we can take a Look at where we are going we first have To know where we are at the time of Shooting Bitcoin is a little above 65k And it has been between 70 to 65k Hovering in that range for a number of Weeks it's also 2 months since one of The most important moments in bitcoin's Market life cycle I'm of course talking About the harving this is an event that Is usually seen as a precursor to a bull Market that sends Bitcoin to all-time Highs for example in previous har in Years we have seen Bitcoin rally by 185% In 2012 122% in 2016 and by over 300% in 2020 however so far this year we are Only up by 50% in fact the harving event This year was quite unsensational By historical norms and that's just Because this year was quite unusual by

Similar norms for one thing the actual Reduction in the inflation of Bitcoin Post Haring is relatively mild therefore The supply shock that many people Associate with the Haring will be less Pronounced I've talked about this on Numerous Q&A videos before but as we go Through many more of these harving Events the impact should Trend to zero Given of course that the block rewards Do but that aside perhaps the biggest Difference between this and previous Haren years is the fact that we have Seen the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs in The US these have surprised us to the Upside and sent Bitcoin to above Previous all-time highs prior to a Haring now that's something that has Never happened before this of course got Many wondering whether we may be in a Less pronounced and shorter left Translated cycle Quite simply it's the idea that the hype Has come and gone and that this will be A much shorter bull market that could End before the end of the year however There are others who think that the Launch of these ETFs has introduced a Completely new Dynamic that was not There in previous Haring years the total Addressable market for these ETFs is Massive according to a research report By Galaxy digital last year it could be As big as $48 trillion that's trillion

With a te therefore many seem to think That we could only just be getting Started with these ETF flows and if we See a broader allocation from registered Investment advisors this could send Bitcoin much higher than the all-time High we saw earlier this year indeed up Till this point the flows have been a Massive surprise to the upside for Example did you know that black Rock's Ibit fund was the fastest ETF to reach $20 billion in AUM it did it in 137 days now the next closest was a JP Morgan Equity Fund that took and get This 985 days it's wild so there are three Potential scenarios of where we are in This market cycle a shorter left Translated cycle with most of the gains Being seen or two a traditional 4-year Cycle with all-time highs and a market Top seen in Q2 of next year and then Three a longer more pronounced super Cycle that could send Bitcoin to Valhalla so which one is it we'll come Back to that a bit later in the vid but Right now is the time for some price Predictions projections and general Crystal ball glazing but before we bring Out that crystal ball helper brother out By giving this vid a boost tap that like Button smash the Subscribe and ring the Bell as well we've got a lot of exciting Videos coming your way anyways back to

Bitcoin among the most prolific price Predictors over the past two years have Been the digital assets research team Over at standard chared and true to form They have been making regular updates to Their bitcoin price projections for this Cycle their latest projection for Bitcoin by the end of the year is 150k according to Jeffrey Kendrick the Head of standard Charter's digital Assets research team quote as we Approach the US election I expect 100K To be reached and then 150k by year end In the case of a trump Victory so it Seems that that prediction is contingent On Trump coming out on top but that's Something that looks increasingly likely These days the current prediction is Based on analysis from earlier in the Year this cented around Benchmark in Potential Bitcoin ETF inflows to those Of gold ETFs I'll leave a link to the Report in the description for you guys In that report they based the prediction On a projection of ETF Holdings of Between 50 billion and $100 billion now Given that the total Holdings right now Are over $60 billion it's already above Their lower bound estimate and we are Not even halfway through the year Moreover black Rock's ibit ETF is w Rapidly approaching the AUM of black Rock's gold fund hence it makes sense That they would want to update their

Forecasts they also had a forecast for a 2025 end ofe bitcoin price of 200k okay So that's standard charted another Wall Street research desk that has a price Target on bitcoin for the top of the Next cycle is Bernstein so just before The Haring they came out with a 150k Target by the end of 2025 at the time They said quote further integr of spot Bitcoin ETFs with wirehouses and raas Will continue to provide structural Demand for Bitcoin we continue to expect Bitcoin to touch a cycle high of $150,000 by 2025 oh and for those of you Who don't know wirehouses are basically Full service broker dealers and and raas Is a acronym for registered investment Advisors this is significant because Wirehouse access could expose these ETFs To trillions of dollars of capital to Quote Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric balon's Quote it's like putting a product on the Shelf of Whole Foods or a big food store Just that kind of exposure and Availability is only going to help yeah It's basically like a orange candy on The checkout aisle now Bernstein also Said that the real Supply impact of Minor selling has become negligible Something I mentioned earlier quote we Believe it is always new demand Catalyst That lead to price appreciation in every Cycle I should note though that just Last week Bernstein also updated their

2025 prediction to 200k after they Initiated coverage of micro strategy Punchy indeed oh and if you want to Position yourself ahead of this Potential rally you'll need to secure Yourself a top tier exchange deal over On the coin Bureau deals page we have Over $60,000 in sign up bonuses and up to 60% In trading fee discount Only for a limited time and exclusively For the viewers of this channel that's Down below okay so those are two of the Most recent institutional reports we Have with price predictions but we also Have some from well-known independent Analysts a pretty neat one that caught My eye focuses on the four-year cycle And comes from Peter Brandt now he is The veteran chart analyst and the CEO of Factor LLC in one of his most recent Posts Peter took a look at the Symmetry With Bitcoin in past bull market Cycles More specifically the time in days Between the lows of previous Cycles to The Haring is almost identical to that Of the time from the Haring to the cycle Highs as you can see here if you map out The cycle highs it forms a nice Long-term inverse parabolic curve so we Had 490 days from the bottom to the most Recent harving projecting that out we Would be at about about early September 2025 where we could see a cycle high and

If you were to plot the price of Bitcoin On the paraba we would see a price of About 130 to 150k of course this is just An estimate and Peter Brandt does say That he sees about a 25% chance that we Have topped out this cycle but it's a Pretty convincing analysis nonetheless And it's interesting that it kind of Lines up with that of Bernstein's albate With a different move methodology on to Another independent analysis and this is From the real OG of Bitcoin price Predictions I am of course talking about Plan B the creator of the famous or Perhaps Infamous stock to flow model now For those unfamiliar this was the Predominant model that dominated Discussions in the previous bull market It basically tried to estimate a price For Bitcoin using a commodity pricing Model that examined the stock of the Available asset the Supply to its flow The new Supply the reason why this was Thought to be a good model for Bitcoin Is because unlike other Commodities the Stock and new supply of Bitcoin is fully Known and predetermined therefore it Could be even more accurate than any Other commodity price projections out There okay that's cool and all but what Is the price prediction so plan B ran a Statistical regression analysis about a Week ago and the results were quite Surprising you you can see them right

Over here according to that model we Could see Bitcoin at 150k by the end of the year which is About in line with Standard Chartered Estimates however the model also Predicts a price of 800k by the end of next year now that Seems incredibly optimistic and there Were many who pointed this out in the Comments he also did emphasize that this Was just a model now plan B's model as With models can't be viewed as the Written Truth for those of you who have Been following this model for some time It fell short in 2021 when it was Predicting 135k by the end of the year As you no doubt know Bitcoin got to 69k But then fell right after that so it's Worth noting that before you uh bet your Kids college fund on a leveraged Bitcoin Position in terms of other predictions By notable individuals in the space we Had Nick of Castle Island Ventures who Was on a Kitco news interview about a Month ago who said he sees a 100K Target For Bitcoin this year although the exact Time frame wasn't given this price Prediction was mainly based on ETF flows Bitcoin layer twos and the upcoming Global debt crisis and then earlier this Year we also had mton de mimers of coin Shares who said that she expects Bitcoin To reach 100K based on ETF flows she Estimated said flows to be about between

25 to 100 billion on the back of tradire Investors adjusting their 6040 portfolio Allocations oh and for those unfamiliar The 6040 allocation is an ageold Investment strategy of 60% in equity and 40% in bonds anyways there are a whole Host of other predictions out there and They range from the reasonable to the Outright Bonkers I mean Kathy Wood is Out here projecting Bitcoin to reach 3.8 Million by 2030 you go girl now I won't be going Over all of these here but I will link To this article down below which Collated all of these price predictions Earlier this year but what do we here at The coin Bureau think well first let's Address that question I posed earlier in The video what Market cycle are we in Well I have to think that we are in a Combination of a typical Bitcoin Market Cycle with elements of a more elongated Super cycle the impact of the Haren Itself is likely to be negligible on the Supply side and it will tend to zero Over time however on the demand side the Game is completely different those ETFs Have provided a super highway for Institutions and Retail to buy one of The best performing assets of all time When the wirehouses fully integrate Access to these ETF shares and the Registered investment advisor start Shilling them the inflows into these

Products will be garanin on the macro Side meanwhile things are looking up With inflation trending lower and a Potential fed pivot predicted for September the flood of liquidity will Bring trafi back into risk assets which Bitcoin has increasingly become I say That because the correlation of Bitcoin To stock indices like the DQ and S&P 500 Is at the highest level it has been Since 2022 I expect the Bitcoin ETFs to Start overtaking the gold ETFs in AUM Over the next couple of months and if You remember what impacts the gold ETFs Had on the price of gold in the 5 years Since they launched it was quite Significant and there is one more factor Which could be a massive Boon for all Markets more broadly but the crypto ecos System more specifically and that's a Trump Victory now despite what you may Think of him as a person he Has Come Out Swinging for the crypto space and it Also seems increasingly likely like the Prediction markets are in his favor if All of this were to happen prior to the End of the year then 100K is easily Achievable then after that Capital Inflows are likely to continue let's not Forget the total size of that Addressable Market trillions of dollarss Awaits allocation and there is a natural Self-fulfilling prophecy with the Bitcoin price breaking that 100K level

Will lead to wall to–all coverage that Will naturally lead to more interest and Eventually Capital the price is the best PR agent based on all these factors we Could easily see Bitcoin reaching 150k To 200k by the top of the next cycle and Given that I think that we're in a Slight the elongated cycle this could be Reached towards the end of 2025 now of Course it's very important to caveat a Few things this is based on a few Assumptions around the state of the World at the end of the year there are Tail risks the known unknowns and black Swans the unknown unknowns in the case Of the former a delayed fed pivot or or Worse yet a hike could sap demand a Biden win could take the winds out of Our sales how about Chinese invasion of Taiwan it's all possible then when it Comes to the black swans these could be Well I mean anything that's why they are Unknown unknowns they are the things we Do not know we do not know so don't bet Your life savings on any bitcoin price Predictions seriously guys they Shouldn't be viewed as gospel you see we Here at the church of coin Bureau preach The good book of d y r and our disciples Manage their risks mes satosi be with You that's it for my video today but as Always I would love to get your feedback So what's your personal price prediction For Bitcoin by the end of this year and

Then again the end of next year what are Your thoughts on Kathy Woods 2030 price Prediction let me know down in those Comments below and while you in that Neighborhood you may want to pop over to The like button and give it a tap b Subscribe as well and ping the Bell as Well to make sure you don't miss a Single upload till next time over and Out [Music]


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