Will #BlackRock become the world’s largest institutional holder of #Bitcoin?

Is Black Rock going to flip grayscale Black Rock's Bitcoin ETF is poised to Surpass grayscale's Bitcoin trust in Total Bitcoin Holdings within just 3 Weeks at the time of this recording Black Rock's ETF holds 238,000 Bitcoin with an average daily Inflow of $274 million gptc on the other Hand holds $350,500 Bitcoin but experiences an Average daily outflow of $277 million if Current rates persist Black Rock could Overtake gptc by April 11th this could Happen even sooner if black Rock's Inflows increase analysts suggest that Gpt's recent outflows including a record $643 million on March 18th may be due to Bankruptcies in the crypto industry Despite concerns some analysts believe The outflows will decrease in the coming Weeks if Black Rock surpasses gptc it Will become the largest institutional Holder of Bitcoin for all the latest Crypto news and updates subscribe to the Official coin Telegraph YouTube channel


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