Why The Bitcoin Price is about to go INSANE After BlackRock ETF

Well I think you can't really Underestimate the significance of the Spot ETFs billionaire Michael sailor Speaks on the significance of the over Eight Bitcoin spot ETFs that most likely Will get approved in January it's not Unreasonable to suggest that this may be The biggest development on Wall Street In 30 years I mean the last thing that Was this consequential was the creation Of the S&P index and the ability to Invest in all 500 S&P companies via one Trade at the same time now of course When the S&P 500 got invented in the Early 88s we saw what happened next in The decades to follow so this is very Eagerly anticipated as this will be new Institutional money most of the money in The in the Bitcoin market right now is Is the hodlers and the traditional Crypto investors mainstream investors Mainstream retail mainstream Institutions have not had a high Bandwidth compliant channel to invest in This asset class until the spot ETFs so I think in January the approval of the Spot ETFs is going to be a major Catalyst that's going to definitely Drive a demand shock and then that'll be Followed in April with a supply shock Because there're about 900 Bitcoin a day Available for sale by natural sellers The miners and that number is going to Be cut to 450 Bitcoin a day in April so

It's it's a pretty big deal now of Course nothing is 100% sure but Black Rock NASDAQ and and the SEC have Continued to meet regarding the Bitcoin ETF actually the SEC has now met 24 Times with Bitcoin ETF applications Including five times with black rock It's happening so what will that do to Price and that puts Bitcoin where a year From Now Higher uh there's much you know well one Thing to note in the United States Crypto heavyweights have amassed $78 Million for an industry super pack Contributing companies include coinbase Which issued the announcement also Including andri and Horowitz Arc Circle As well as individuals including Brian Armstrong Ron Conway Fred Wilson and the Winkl vi and this will help make sure Pro crypto candidates and pro crypto Regulation has a fair Shake in the United States the super pack called Fairshake has already spent more than a Million dollars on TV advertising for Housek candidates uh in this election Season so raising 78 million for a super Pack is a big milestone the goal of that Pack is to elect proc crypto and Pro-innovation candidates in 2024 and There's 52 million Americans out there Who have used crypto now that's five Times the number that have a union card

It's three times the number that have Used an electric vehicle and so this is A massive constituency and they don't Feel like their voices are being heard Now if you're interested in making money With cryptocurrency click subscribe we Drop one video per day keeping you Informed but this is a call to action we Are not out of the woods yet stop the Crypto ban that's currently going Through Congress literally written by The banking lobbyists as well as Elizabeth Warren the digital asset Anti-money launder Act is a crypto ban Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced Bipartisan legislation that would ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the United States we cannot underestimate Her efforts they've already gained the Support from almost 20% of the US Senate Senator Warren Claims that the Bill's purpose is to Strengthen the anti-money laundering Requirements for cryptocurrencies However the bill does not demonstrate a Technical understanding or knowledge of How digital assets actually work this Legislation is nothing less than an Effort to kill cryptocurrencies in the US and it's a part of her larger agenda To pave the way for a central bank Digital currency and we literally have Proof that this bill was written by the Banks this is Senator Roger Marshall he

Is the lead Republican sponsor of the Bill who at a private event admits that The bill was crafted by the American Bankers Association the first thing we Did is we went to the American Bank Association and said help us craft this We want crypto to be held up at the same Standard as you are that's about all I Know about crypto okay this is the same Industry who spends up to $100 million a Year lobbying Washington Bankers like Jamie Diamond I've always been deeply Opposed to crypto Bitcoin Etc you Pointed out the only true use case for It is criminals drug traffickers Anti-money Laing tax avoidance I if I Was the governments I'd close it down Okay well that's what we're going to Talk about and of course subscribers to This channel understand Jaime's true Motivation well J jimy diamond is Testifying in front of Congress in favor Of Elizabeth Warren's bill that would Ban Bitcoin his company is operating its Own blockchain network that does over $1 Billion a day in Transactions this is yet another example Of the regulatory capture that is far Too common in Washington DC it is Critical that the United States leads in The deployment of Advanced Technologies Including cryptocurrencies and does not Get caught in the churn of Washington's Special interest groups make your voice

Heard today don't let Congress now of Course we have Brian Armstrong in the Crypto super pack to help us in the long Run but I want to make a change today Stop the crypto ban has a little over 1,000 signatures can the altcoin daily Get this to over 10,000 signatures at 10,000 they have to take it seriously There's a link down below stop what You're doing take 30 seconds this could Literally change the direction for the Better and that puts Bitcoin where a Year from Now Higher uh there's you know we could Probably keep a bunch of Economist and And modelers working all day long to Calculate the supply demand and price Elasticity of this I I don't think we've Ever seen you know a 2 to 10x increase In demand combined with a having in Supply In a scarce desirable asset that people Want to hold for a long period of time So I think we're expecting 2024 is going To be a major Bull Run for the asset Class we just don't know how far the Asset's going to run at this point now I Will be sharing with you an updated low Cap altcoin list for 2024 comment down Below what altcoins low cap altcoins you Think I should include because this Industry led by Bitcoin is just getting Started our goal with crypto is to get

It plugged into all areas of the economy We want um the massive pools of capital Out there that are in endowments and Institutions Pension funds um they Should all be able to participate in This new asset class and so I think Mostly it will be a compliment we'll see Large New Pools of capital coming to Crypto I think that's part of why we've Seen Bitcoin prices be up 90% year-to Date in anticipation of this and there's Also going to be a huge retail and Institutional segment they they don't Just want to own an ETF for Bitcoin they Want actually own other crypto assets or They want to earn staking rewards on Their assets or they want to actually Participate in the crypto economy it is Raining so hard here in Los Angeles Right now I hope you're safe at home Hope you're accumulating learning Hodling whatever it is I just want to Take this opportunity and tell you I Appreciate you sticking with us in the Bare Market these last few years nobody Cared about crypto people were trashing Crypto in the mainstream media you stuck With us you accumulated and we are ready Into this next having and Beyond and That's not to say that dips won't happen Anything could happen tomorrow the long Term me like you so so bullish I'll be Reading the comments hopefully we can Get that petition to 10,000 checking



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