I think a bull run is certainly in the Cards um the question of course is when Most people don't realize this most People have no idea what I'm about to Show you in this video most people do Not realize how high Bitcoin is about to Go because most people don't realize how Artificial the bare Market is/ was Monetary manipulation I.E the fastest Rate increase in the history of the FED Combined with a Black Swan level fraud This is the reason prices have gotten so Low idx Chief investment officer Explains exactly this listen Rising Rates start to repic risk assets and all Of a sudden you know we're talking to a Lot of institutional investors who Saying listen if I can get you know five Four five 6% in treasury bills you know Why would I take any any risk elsewhere And so that's kind of the big story Across macro Assets Now layer on top of That crypto had its own crypto winter in The form of regulatory crackdowns and we Had a lot of Bad actors flushed out Which ultimately is a good thing the FTX Scandal of course was a huge Scandal Onto itself and so as investors work Through that you couple that with the Regulatory overhang and there's there Was a lot of uncertainty kind of coming Into 2023 I think the good news is that We're starting to get through some of That regulatory uncertainty we're seeing

Things like spot filings from from Black Rock which are very encouraging for Investors longer term and so they're Starting to be a light the of the tunnel That could spur investors especially Institutional investors to buy back into Bitcoin what you failed to realize and Actually what most people failed to Realize is that bitcoin's already in a Bull market like the video If you Realize this Greg Morris founder of alt Tab Capital explains all of this listen To what he says as far as what's next I Think we're in the early stages of that Bull cycle now if you look at bitcoin's Price recovery even just this year it's Significant and last year was all doom In glom this year Year we're seeing the Slow momentum up and now we're seeing That sideways movement and that sideways Movement is like a springboard the Longer it moves sideways the Tighter and Tighter that coil gets and that means That when it's time to explode it'll Explode even harder than it would if That action were just consistently Moving up so really there are three Reasons why Bitcoin and crypto is about To explode reason number two reason Number three may surprise you because Reason number one is Black Rock Bitcoin ETF listen to this I've never heard the Opportunity explained as well as this Black rock is just so much bigger and so

Much more important than these other Companies that have filed that if Black Rock does have an ETF you just know They're going to win they they have the Resources they have the marketing the Distribution to put new people into Bitcoin now the question is if those ETFs get approved will it spark Significant long-term gains for the Cryptocurrency it almost certainly will If you look at Wall Street backing right Now every single major firm is trying to Do something in the Bitcoin space and That wasn't true even a few years ago The narrative has completely changed and When those spot ETFs are approved not Only will that be massively significant From a narrative perspective but also Bitcoin is inherently Limited in its Supply and so so when there's additional Demand and possibly massively in Additional demand and the same Supply It's only natural that the price would Spike so we are we are expecting this to Be a major Catalyst for Price action in 2024 approval of the ETFs is about Increasing participation it's about more People having exposure to the Bitcoin Asset in their portfolios through the ETF product before we get to number two Before we get to number three let's take One minute let me update you on one of Our Chann Channel Partners Sheba Saga if You like crypto if you like gaming

You're going to love this project Sheba Saga is more than a meme coin it has Utility it offers a whole collection of Games that you can play that share the Same token Sheba crush is one of the Primo games and is launching on Android And iPhone I'm excited playable up to 100 Levels there will be Sheba Crush Community tournaments big prizes you can Win including Just for participating Available on Android direct APK download Link applications for iOS have been done They're just waiting on iOS to approve Them then the beta will be available on Both app stores also shib basaga is Participating in bu votes three projects Are competing for a listing the project With the most votes wins they're doing Marketing around this right now so the Warm-up campaign starts October 9th Winner plus listing is on the 15th so go Vote for Sheba Saga go vote now linking These guys below reason number two why Bitcoin is about to explode is because Of positive regulations domestic and International I feel like most people Forget the SEC lost two major precedent Setting crypto cases in the US recently Not to mention what's going on Internationally pay attention to the Ending here then another boost for Crypto when Ripple got a partial win Over the SEC a judge ruled in July that The crypto firm's native xrp token is

Not a sec in some cases and in August a Federal court cited with digital asset Manager grayscale over the SEC in its Attempt to convert its Bitcoin trust Into an ETF we look at the price of Bitcoin following the grayscale ruling It immediately popped up 6% right after The ruling was announced and this is a Logical reaction to the news but it was Driven primarily by that fear of missing Out it was driven by retail consumers Saying hey this is good news I'm going To react to this good news however it Then retraced and is now trading more in The zone where we would expect it to be Based on historical Trends and based on Where we are in the current market cycle One other Catalyst regulatory Advancements for crypto around the world Hong Kong has comprehensive legislation In place so does the EU through Micah we Have good comment papers in the in the UK we're seeing that the The Regulators Really start to work hard to bring Market structure to the digital asset Space and I think Bitcoin will benefit From that as well this is my favorite One reason number three Bitcoin is about To explode most people don't realize Us In the altcoin daily Army we realize This so make sure you subscribe but most People have no idea about this last one And will only realize it after it might Already be too late for them do your

Friends and family know about this one Nice thing about uh Bitcoin is that you Know the supply is 100% transparent that Can be modeled out for decades because We know exactly what it is it's a Mutable code and so that's why there's Such this interest around habing and We've seen the rallies coming into the Habing and we're coming up on you know The next having year not that far off And so we would expect that absolutely To you know contribute to price in a Positive fashion we've got the fourth Bitcoin harving coming up in the first Half of next year traditionally that Signal a strong and positive run in the Price in fact the first ever having in November 2012 saw the price of Bitcoin Balloon by 384 per according to CC data The market moving event typically Happens every four years and it's when The reward paid out for mining Bitcoin Is cut in Half


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