Why NVIDIA’s GTC event is such a big deal for the AI community | TechCrunch Minute

AI folks from around the world are Gathering in San Jose this week what is Bringing them together it's a big AI Event hosted by the chip company that Everyone can't stop talking about so yes This week Nvidia is hosting an AI Conference it's going to bring together Folks from meta and open AI alphabet MW Microsoft and of course Nvidia itself You can call it kind of A Gathering of The Nerds if you will and that this Event is going to happen in California Is not a shock after all San Francisco Is itself seeing something of a rebound Thanks to its privacy in the AI Conversation you might think of Nvidia As the company that sells graphics cards For gaming computers so if you're a League of Legends player you've heard of It but you might not know why it's in The AI conversation well the company is More than just gaming in fact Nvidia has Found itself at the absolute center of The AI boom and not because it created The best AI model itself but because its Chips are among the most sought out After Tech products in the whole world So much so that they've actually run a Foul of export controls in the US China Tech battle over who will control the Future of AI its AI friendly gpus are in Such high demand that there are startups Built today just to offer access to them And Tech Giants are working to get their

Hands on as many as they can as fast as They can and all this has been pretty Good for NVIDIA the massive demand for Its chips has turned it from a Well-known tech company if you will into One of the the most valuable companies In the entire world now in numerical Terms that works out to a value of about 2.2 trillion dollar that makes Nvidia Today the third most valuable company Period it's worth more than the Saudi State oil company and only ranks behind Microsoft and Apple so when Nvidia says Hey we're hosting an AI event people Show up now why should you care well Expect news from the biggest players in AI the companies that make the stuff you Use every day at work and at home and Then there will be more Nvidia is Certainly valuable and important but It's hardly the only company out there Today that wants to chat AI for example We just learned that Google's developer Event Google iio is set to land in miday And we expect that to be very AI heavy And we also anticipate that other Tech Giants are going to get into the mix as Well so put another way AI conference And announcement season is starting this Week but expected to last the rest of The year or as I think of it AI there's Always more


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