Bitcoin altcoins and most financial Markets are suffering a major correction Is this temporary or is this cause for Concern what happens next Tom Lee Updates us on exactly what caused this Global Financial crash listen fun strats Tom Lee says it's temporary a temporary Moment of pain and a buy the dip Opportunity he joins me now Post 9 to Make that case good to see you again I'm Glad you're here in person too by the Way guys smash the like button if you Appreciate the daily content so so you Don't think that much changed this week Uh I mean I think the narrative got Muddled because that CPI report was a Disappointment but it was driven by what What we'd call stubborn components Shelter auto insurance you know the Median core CPI component now has only 1.7% year-over-year inflation I mean Inflation is normalizing it's just not Evident in the total picture so although Inflation is normalizing CPI numbers Were a disappointment due to a select Few industry verticals well that's CPI What about pce that's another important Economic metric the bigger question is Is getting the economy and inflation Back on track not as easy as some like Tom Lee thought it would be let's see What he says so the pce in a couple of Weeks is going to be more favorable we Think than these latest inflation reads

And I know what everybody says about It's you know it being the fed's favored Measure on on where inflation is but are You entertaining the idea that this is Not going to be as easy as you once Thought it was going to be for this last Mile and therefore the market can't do What you once thought it could uh I mean I I'd say that that's really the Narrative disruption this week you know Because now the FED has three inflation Reports that it can't argue against that Are a little hotter than expected and The Bulls can't really explain them away Either can they that's right so what we Would need to see is April and May CPI Improvements which is in the future um And then keeps the fed from standing in Way the economy what we don't want is a Fed that wants to further slow the Economy which is rate hikes and I think If they just do even one hike this year It's still a actually a good environment For stocks one one cut you mean sorry One cut yeah let's be clear see that's a Freudian slip I mean because the you Know the the greatest fear of all is That they're going to have to hike again However remote that possibility seems to Today and even if you put into the the The soup all the FED commentary that We've gotten of late just seems to be Push off rather than push up that's Right and I think it's you know at the

End of the day it's even if CPI does Look like it's somewhat sticky PC as you Pointed out is more cooperative and ppi Is and measures like true inflation show Inflation much softer you miss inflation Expectations much lower so I think at Some point we could also just ask is is CPI a bit aberant okay so how does Tom Lee think the stock market and financial Markets and crypto how does he think These financial markets play out this Year how does 2024 eventually end I'd Say that there's upside to earnings I Think multiples can expand I don't think 5200 is the ceiling for stocks this year What what what feels like a right the Right ceiling now uh I I know this is uh Going to be tough for investors to to Embrace it but I think something like 56 5700 is probably where the S&P exits the Year maybe much more backloaded into That than you once thought uh I think It's still backloaded because we'll have The cuts behind us and we'll have Visibility into 20 25 earnings which Probably could be 270 maybe 280 next Year Well when you say we'll have the Cuts behind us are you so sure right so Let's just take June off the table for Argument sake no June yeah you think the First one's in July or it could be September but it but That's why I asked you if the if the the Move in the market that you just

Suggested is backloaded because you're Not going to get a big move until you See the first cut at this point now There's a lot of disbelief in the market That's right and Scott one thing to keep In mind is the probability of a June cut Has been reduced but it it can come back If we have a good April and May CPI Because then it's going to put back into Focus what is the trend in CPI it does Feel stubborn when you look at January February March okay so Tom is sticking With his bullish out out look on the Rest of this year remember this is Tom's Bitcoin price prediction so far it's Trending in the right direction do you Think he'll be right I think in the next 12 months uh something over 100,000 you Know maybe 150,000 and you know in the next five Years again it's you know it's a there's A finite Supply and now we have a Potentially huge increase in demand with A spot Bitcoin approval so I think in Five years you you know something around Half a million would be potentially Achievable remember this Bitcoin having Is about to happen usually the most Bullish price activity doesn't happen Until after this usually Bitcoin doesn't Break all-time highs until 6 months After this usually it takes 9 to 11 Months after this until we see an Eventual cycle top so if history is any

Indication we still have 6 to 9 to 11 Months of bullish activity what do you Think because this cycle does seem a bit Different right what do industry Insiders think this is binance's new CEO Richard Tang he took over for CZ he has An Insider perspective on what's going On it's his business to know listen to His thoughts on the current state of the Crypto market today this cycle is a bit Different from past cycle I mean you you Have been involved in crypto so you know Crypto normally go through foure cycle Right uh price movement cycle which Coincide with the Hing which going to Take place in about 9 days time for Bitcoin it's normally after about 6 Months after a Haring that you see a new All-time high in terms of prices but This time around it happens even before The Haring right which is why it's Unique uh uh in terms of Market cycle And one of the key reasons is really the Introduction of the ETF where you bring In so many new users new liquidity right Um I think I saw some figure yesterday That 14 billion net inflows has gone Into the the crypto ETFs in the state R So so those are those are important Numbers but it's still very early days Because that is just the first part of It with that there'll be much more Financial Innovation there'll be more Product structuring that you come

Through you see a lot more independent Houses now being able to advise and Their clients to do some allocation into Crypto the foundations the endowments Are going to come true on our side we See a lot of track five firms right the Traditional trading firms now adding Crypto as a additional asset class into The suite of products that they trade Constantly on the daily basis and we Start to serve them as well right so Those will bring in new liquidity uh Pools in into this industry so those are Key positive uh uh and we are very Bullish right uh of the way forward but We are still in the building stage um so We look forward to working closely with The rest to build this industry together So where does the binance CEO think Bitcoin's price is going the interviewer Really pushes him here the interviewer Asks Richard about the 100K price Target To me it seems like Richard Tang thinks Bitcoin is going a lot higher what do You think many have told us this year Bitcoin will hit 100,000 well there are different uh Financial projection I mean if you look At the standard charted projection is What uh 200,000 or 250,000 by next year Right so you have seen price point of 100 I've seen price 120 so all these are Financial projection what's important is We always stress to our users do your

Own research right just don't be let by Others don't just hear say from your Friends from people that think they're In the know do your own research is our Own money be prudent with them invest Responsibly do you do you have a price In your head this year I have a price But uh I I think it would exceed my Price in your own opinion what is it my My price last year before the Introduction of the ETF I didn't see the Impact of the ETF my price last year is I would have thought Bitcoin will end at About 80,000 this year but I've revised My price upwards slightly because of the Inflow that I'm seeing so by the way Make sure you subscribe to our channel Daily videos just like this keeping you Informed on the entire cryptocurrency Market if you're interested in making Money in cryptocurrency subscribe to our Channel daily videos


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