Why is Bitcoin Crashing? (Donald Trump, Coinbase, 4 Altcoins)

Cryptocurrency is crashing why we told You this was happening a week ago Bitcoin was $45,000 why is this happening how low Can this go plus four altcoins I like I'm looking at if you're interested in Making money in cryptocurrency subscribe To our Channel WE Post one video every Day keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market Bitcoin is Following the US Stock Market right now So the US Stock Market is getting very Close to hitting a fresh new all-time High look at this this is its previous All-time high time to pay attention if The stock market breaks up Bitcoin goes Higher if this is a double top and There's a fall down than consolidation Bitcoin goes lower and keep in mind Bitcoin is coming off of a 13we run and Actually a much larger run if you go Back to last year so a short-term cycle Top would be more than reasonable here I Mean it has had a pretty great run for a While so hey here's the thing as long as $40,000 holds There's Hope for one more Surge up before an eventual Consolidation either way it would Actually be healthy to see bitcoin's Price chop around into a late March low I wouldn't be bearish on crypto for too Long for two reasons number one it's Becoming increasingly unpopular to be Anti- cryptocurrency in a political year

In an election year Donald Trump just Saying as your president I will never Allow the creation of a central bank Digital currency and tonight I'm also Making another promise to protect Americans from government tyranny as Your president I will never allow the Creation of a central bank digital Currency you know About and to fully understand where we Are with this you have to appreciate how Far we've come see I remember Donald Trump saying I don't like Bitcoin crypto Is dangerous it can cause an explosion Like we've never seen before cut to Trump in 2022 saying I'm dropping my First nft collection a Bitcoin I it just Seems like a scam uh I was surprised you Know with us it was at 6,000 and uh much Lower I don't like it because it's Another currency competing against the Dollar essentially it's a currency Competing against the dollar I want the Dollar to be the currency of the world That's what I've always said what do you Think about crypto because you know New York and Miami is really getting Cryptocurrency into their financial System well I never loved it because I Like to have the dollar I think the Currency should be the dollar so I was Never a big fan but it's building up Bigger and bigger and nobody's doing Anything about it and uh it's uh I I

Know it so well look I want a currency Called the dollar I don't want to have All these others and that could be an Explosion someday like the likes of Which we've never seen it'll make the Big Tech explosion look like like baby Stuff uh I think it's a very dangerous Thing hello everyone this is Donald Trump hopefully your favorite President Of all time better than Lincoln better Than Washington with an important Announcement to make I'm doing my first Official Donald J Trump nft collection Right here and right now they're called Trump digital trading cards so today Trump is campaigning against cbdcs and I Mean the question is will Donald Trump Trump keep this promise we'll have to See and really I'm just waiting for the Final clip Trump saying I like Bitcoin I'm a pro crypto president or even Biden Or even anybody because it's becoming Increasingly unpopular to be anti- Crypto in America and politicians need To come around now another big Catalyst That could come very soon to the Cryptocurrency market could be this and That's the lawsuit the SEC versus Coinbase and then coinbase counter suing Coinbase versus the the SEC so right now They're in court and it's pretty Interesting what's going on if you're Paying attention I hope it seems like The SEC is going to lose to coinbase so

Quote from the SEC coinbase says crypto Is a $1 trillion asset class we disagree That crypto is an asset class it is a Rounding error in the economy and Requires no new laws the US Equity Market is 100 trillion and the global Market is 400 trillion crypto is a Rounding error and this is why we call Those in the SEC who are disingenuously Fighting crypto bad faith Regulators They're trying to make the case that Crypto is a rounding error we are past The point of no return with crypto in America this is my favorite moment of The arguments so far the SEC says well The tokens themselves are not a security Then coinbase's lawyer says that's what The folks in the back table think Coinbase and they're wondering why why They're here love it if coinbase wins This thing against the SEC this will be A huge Catalyst and then for those Asking on an update on the spot Bitcoin ETFs here's your update things are Chugging along black Rock's Bitcoin ETF Hits 1 billion assets under management In one week and flows are picking up the More inflows the better it's interesting That the inflows into the ETF are Picking up seems like people waited for The initial dust to settle and are now Starting to bid altcoins that I'm liking On this dip now if you subscribe to the Channel you know I'm an investor in Mina

Protocol shout out to each and every Builder in the Mina protocol ecosystem Who decided to go full-time building ZK Apps which is Mina protocol in a year Where ecosystems lost 15% of their Full-time devs on average Mina grew by Over 100% this is what I like to see Mina we're just getting started if you Like privacy we're thrilled to announce A major update to Tommy pay transforming Your cryptocurrency experience as you Know I'm a Tommy Ambassador so what's New redesigned swap function excellent Enjoy a smoother token swap Journey with A revamped interface enhanced security Probably the most important introducing Meev blocker technology to safeguard Your transactions against unfair attacks Tron Network support interesting now Seemingly manage your Tron funds along Side ethereum binance Bitcoin cardano Madic salana and Avalanche and of course Performance enhancements improved Reliability and usability with various Bug fixes this update focuses on Fortifying the foundation of Tommy pay Providing you with a more secure and Userfriendly Multi-chain wallet SOI do we have any SOI fans in the house soie is an L1 they Got some big backers SOI let me know in The comments if you're a suie fan sui Has just surpassed bitcoin's total value Locked with 315 million locked sui has

Seen a 10x increase in tvl in the past 9 Months bullish I like Unis swap but Unis Swap just got flipped Dy DX tops Unis Swap as the largest Dex by volume that Decentralized exchange which last year Moved over to the cosmos blockchain dydx Used to be ethereum now it's Cosmos Blockchain just saw 760 million of volume over a 24-hour Period so it's interesting that a DEX Now on the cosmos blockchain has flipped The top one in the market in general and In the ethereum blockchain interesting Make sure you subscribe to our channel Daily videos keeping you informed let's Talk about cardano I want to highlight Cardano outshining ethereum in an Interesting way now if you think I'm Talking way too much about cardano on This channel let me know I thought this Was interesting according to data from Crypto analytics platform into the block The 30-day volume of large transactions On cardano has far outstripped that of Ethereum I think the overall point is Cardano people are using it cardano is Way different today than it used to be And is now directly competing with Ethereum If We Hold $440,000 I think Bitcoin breaks all-time highs in the Short term if we fall below $40,000 I Think we have a continued consolidation And don't break alltime highs for a Couple months let me know what you think

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Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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