Why GigaMart Will DESTROY OpenSea.. (Best NFT Marketplace)

I was doing a lot of nft trading in the Bull market and in order to understand What to buy and sell you actually need a Ton more data you need to know what's Going on on Twitter you need to be in Discords and chat with the communities You need to essentially have analytics And data you need to see Trends and so You know every single thing that I used To analyze whether or not I should buy And sell an nft effectively we just put It in one platform with gigamart like we Just chunked it all in and I'll tell you What for the altcoin daily audience if You go to Giga gigamart and create a Custom dashboard we will be giving away One eth to someone who shares the Dashboard [Music] All right welcome back everybody to all Twin daily my name is Austin just did a Great interview with Elliott evalio Trades on Big Picture macro in 2023 the Link for That interview is down below But Elliot this one's just gonna be on Your projects gigamart openc competitor Imposters plater and game all in the Superverse ecosystem yes welcome to the Channel thank you for having me and Thank you for the macro and you guys Don't want to know the the dirty and Appropriate things that Austin told me Off camera all right he's hiding he's Hiding his dirty sense of humor but uh

Nobody will ever know no one will ever Know Um but yeah okay so you know first of All like we've been building stuff for a Long time and we now have two products In Market that we both think uh are Important for the the space right uh I've been as I've been talking to you About since really 2018 and 19 when we Met I believe nfts are sort of like a Product that that can get people into Crypto right and I believe that gaming Where people are already buying digital Stuff is a simple on-ramp and when we First talked about that back in 2018 and 19 for the most part the reactions from Everyone were very muted at best uh if Not like people would like laugh at that Thesis Now it feels like a lot of people Understand that thesis and are on board With it but they just haven't seen a Mainstream hit yet and so they have you Know their doubts and and that's totally Fair Um but you know in general I see there As as two sort of separate product Categories and nfts you have stuff for The native audience the web 3 audience The crypto audience that's already has Wallets has funds is they are sort of Ready to interact with that ecosystem And then on the other side you have Stuff that's more targeted to sort of

Non-holders or the mainstream audience That could make them join this community And sort of onboard them so you have Sort of like native products and Onboarding products I believe they're Really both important because as we've Seen the native products are certainly Not up to Snuff they're not comparable To web 2 products and then the Onboarding is for the most part happens Through speculation when something when People get onboarded purely for Speculation right they also get off Boarded through speculation right and One of the biggest problems with crypto Is the boom bust cycle so if we can Build products that are durable that People are interested in using Regardless of price that allows for a Consistent growth of the crypto Community Based on intrinsic value or Product value now that's how the Internet crew right if we look at Facebook Instagram Uber all these like Products that gave you a very unique Experience and something that you wanted To come back to time and time again Because it actually made your day better It actually entertained you it provided A service those are the things that are Sustainable growth and you know stocks Are down but are people posting Less on On Instagram because of the stock price They might be posting Less on Instagram

Because they're using Tick Tock but They're not their usage of the platforms Does not correlate to the asset prices And so that's why I think nfts will Really help is that you'll have these Ecosystem ecosystems and products that Are really easily understood by people Understanding hash algorithms or you Know hash functions and consensus Mechanisms this is like very heady very Above the neck you know looking at a Cartoon that you like a community that You like playing a game that you like Um these are things that are very easy Uh and and you don't need a math degree To understand and I think that that's Really really critical is that eight Billion people aren't going to be Tearing apart white papers for fun That's just not the human behavior so if We're gonna go serve the users I believe Games are the vehicle so uh you know one Of the other things that we discovered Really early on in the project uh super Farm but now is called superverse is That the secondary Marketplace scene for Nfts was was fundamentally flawed for Example openc would go down all the time All the time openc was down Um and you had essentially the main Utility for trading nfts uh was Constantly crashing so you know we Sought to make the marketplace layer way Better uh and we also wanted to build a

Game that could bring more people in Um and so those are the two sort of arms Of what we've built uh and the Beautiful Thing is right now those products are Are live right now you can go touch them And play with them and I highly Encourage you to check out imposters Which is our game uh it's a social Deduction game uh it's comparable to Among us and then gigamart is what I Think of as the first immersive product Experience in the nft space so a lot of People look at nft platforms as just Simple utilities you go there to buy you Go there to sell well I was doing a lot Of nft trading in the bull market and in Order to understand what to buy and sell You actually need a ton more data you Need to know what's going on on Twitter You need to be in discords and chat with The communities you need to essentially Have analytics and data you need to see Trends and so you know every single Thing that I used to analyze whether or Not I should buy and sell an nft Effectively we just put it in one Platform with gigamart like we just Chunked it all in and you even have like Verified holder chats right there in Every collection you have Twitter feeds Announcements airdrop notifiers Following feeds social features Everything you need uh deep analytics we Had to build our own block Explorer to

Serve the data that we needed for this Nft Marketplace we have a serverless nft Marketplace so it actually you know as We're in beta right now but in its sort Of battle tested State won't go down Under the weight of sort of millions of Users it has infinite scale built in It's really scalable and so we built a Sort of future-proof marketplace and Then we gave it the uni the the ux and UI features it needs to really feel like A product instead of just being like Oh I go here I deal with metamask I finally Get my coins traded and now I have this Asset it's like no you go here and you Spend time here and you're able to enjoy A ton of really really exciting uh Functionality that you just don't have On other platforms and so I would highly Encourage you guys go check out gigamart Uh put up a custom dashboard and I'll Tell you what for the altcoin daily Audience if you go to Giga gigamart and Create a custom dashboard you tag Altcoin daily you can share a link to it I'll show you how to do that right now So this is gigamart as you can see we Have top collections here and it's laid Out a little bit more like coin geckos You can easily see you know what's Growing and today was a good day as you Can see some collections are up quite a Bit pudgy Penguins on a ripper uh little Pudgies on a ripper

Um and you can see some of the biggest Largest last sales in the last 24 hours Are these uh but what I really like here Is if you're kind of like a d-gen Trader You can see which collections have the Most sales in the last like 15 minutes Even five minutes and this is where you Might see like smaller stuff that's Getting a lot of traction maybe it Doesn't have a lot of total volume and Eth because it's uh because these are Small collections but you can see where People are kind of piling in and doing a Lot of activity Um and then one of the things that I Think really separates this Marketplace Is the dashboards so if you go into this Dashboard section you can go ahead and Create a new a new dashboard And what you'll see here is that you can Add these widgets so say I want to track Activity here and I want to see all the Listings and all the sales and I want to Track like the whole board ape ecosystem Which is you don't have this tooling Anywhere else on any of the marketplace So say I want to do board Apes I also Want to do mutant Apes I also want to See other deeds and then I also want to See the board eight Kennel Club Uh here you go and I can add this widget And then I can actually drag it around And resize it here Um which has to me like a really nice

Web to product feel to it I can also add Widgets and so one of the things that I Really think is cool here is you say say I want floor performance for board Apes I can see that widget here I can get all The data on the floor performance I can See sales and volume for board Apes I'm Just adding these widgets so you can Easily see how customizable it is one of The things that really makes this unique Is you have this Dune analytics chart so Dune is one of the best analytics Systems in the whole ecosystem and you Can grab a link from any Dune chart here Um and so let me just go ahead and so Check it out I'm on Dune analytics here And even though we only track nft data On gigamart these dashboards because They can bring in Dune can track Literally any analytic that Dune tracks In your totally customizable setup so Let's just say I want to track something In defy even I can go to convex Finance Dashboard go to the total you know this Dashboard that shows the total CVX total Stakes total crdl over time and I can Grab this embed link copy it paste it in This URL here and just add this widget And now I have this Dune widget and once I save this here what you'll see is that Here I have a dune widget loading right In my custom dashboard I can even name This dashboard and copy a link right Here and share this link to anyone on

The internet so say I do this just Amazing dashboard tracking everything I Want I can actually just share it to my Community and give them the tools to Track all this stuff as well uh And also one of the things that you'll Notice here is that you'll see the last 10 chats here from anyone in a Collection there's a collection called The plague which did a an activation With gigamart it's like a very small Community uh run project here but with a Really cool founder named ponds uh and They uh drove people to gigamart Yesterday and as you can see there's all These people uh in the chat and you can See they're chatting directly from their Wallets here so normally if you're Seeing someone on Twitter you have no Idea what their Holdings are in the Project you have no idea if they care About the project as you can see you can See analytics here on the project you Can see everything relevant to the Project and you can even see the Announcements here with their entire Official Twitter feed uh bringing in all Their announcements so it's really easy To see everything about this project That is relevant to my buying and Selling decisions right there and if you Want you can just quickly do both Purchases you can buy anything on openc Right here uh through the nft

Aggregation and we'll soon have every Other Marketplace aggregated as well Dude it looks like openc on steroids in A good way from my point of view was There a special thing you're going to Say for the altcoin daily audience Yes so if anyone wants to go and create A custom dashboard on gigamart and share It and tag gigamart and altcoin daily All you have to do is create that Dashboard copy the link and paste it Into Twitter we will be giving away one Eth to someone who shares the dashboard That gets the most love uh oh really We'll just pick it at random I guess but Uh but you know if it gets love we love To see the love but really just check Out this product we poured so much of Our Heart and souls into this product And we have so many features coming that People will be blown away by sorry that People will be blown away by the heater On because it's freezing uh I just Really want you all to know we're Pouring our souls into this and we plan To build aggressively through the bear And all we ask is that you try it out It's a zero fee Marketplace so we're all We're doing is collecting customer Feedback right now and we'd really Appreciate if you guys just took a peek At it we believe that this is the next Evolution for the web 3 product Ecosystem and we're going to continue

Building on this momentum link down Below I encourage everybody to check it Out and by the way give me your thoughts About it in general Down Below in the Comment section or on Twitter This Elliot this next question may be a Dumb question tell me but does volume or Liquidity matter in an open Z versus a Gigamart like a wood in a coinbase Versus a smaller Exchange So we will be aggregating buys and sells On open c as well as every other Marketplace so you'll be able to buy any Marketplace item from any other Marketplace through gigamar what Gigamart seeks to become is the Battlestation HQ for marketplaces we Want to become your home base where you View the entire ecosystem and make your Decisions and we're very happy if you if You find the best price or the best item On another Marketplace for you to buy Through that Marketplace over time if You want to list on our zero fee Marketplace native order book you're Welcome to do that because you'll Actually pay less fees however in the in The interim what we're more focused on Is mainstream adoption in this Mainstream adoption world what people Care about is the product experience They want to use the best tools so in The short term everyone chases liquidity And volume in the long term with

Millions of users people are going to Look for the best experience that's Proven out through product history so We're focused on that future not focused On battling and saying hey choose us Over open C we want the users and the Customers to have the absolute best Experience so that's our only priority Right now is the best possible product Experience in the future obviously we Believe that with enough eyeballs on the Site there's other ways to monetize Besides just fighting for liquidity with Other players and so our belief is that By by providing the best product Experience we will win in the long term And we believe we already have that a Little side note by building our own Block Explorer and creating this like Insane infrastructure behind the Platform it's also the snappiest fastest And cheapest aggregated buying so if you Buy uh through any other aggregator You're actually paying more gas costs Than you would through gigamar because We have the most optimized buy flow so There's some real hardcore Tech behind This Marketplace as well as being an Amazing product experience it's got both Sides to it and we're just really Passionate about what the future holds For the gigamart product and all we ask It's totally free just check it out and Give us some feedback make a dashboard

Give us some feedback and we're just Going to keep building and listening to The community uh and this is the way it Should be Now my audience knows that I'm a super Verse holder super token does this does This how does this affect me as a super Holder So all the proceeds from the marketplace Uh will go to the Dow so the Dow Actually governs over the marketplace so Super token holders uh will be able to Dictate what happens with the fees Generated from the marketplace long term So the success of gigamart directly Impacts the super verse token and the Superverse ecosystem it is part of the Super verse and everything I've done and Everything I've worked on Builds on Itself Um and so the tech here uh at mainstream Scale is essentially a phenomenal Flywheel for the superverse ecosystem And the other component of that is Imposters so you have imposters which Acts to bring users into the web3 Ecosystem and you have gigamart which Serves them and keeps them there and Gives them a web 2 plus product Experience so it's a web 2 ux UI with The benefits of the web3 ownership and Ecosystem so you have both sides there And that is what comprises the Superverse

So let's talk about imposters but first Just final thoughts on gigamart anything We didn't mention yeah just just kick The tires in this is a brand new beta It's days old uh it's just getting Started Um we're not pulling any cheap tricks Out of the Hat we're not we're not you Know incentivizing any uh different Actions and and just throwing tokens Into the market just to get people to Touch and feel the product we we're Building a real genuine product and user Community based on actual product and This is something that we believe is Desperately needed in the community Which is uh projects willing to lead With product and that is what I believe Is the next phase of this ecosystem the Next phase of crypto in general and We're we're not just I'm just not just Saying it I'm I'm actually doing it with Words and actions because it's easy to Attach token incentives to saying hey Come do these actions and you can earn Tokens there's been everyone does that Everyone does that but what's the real The reality is that doesn't necessarily Create long-term success for the Platform what creates long-term success For the platform is serve serving the Users 10x better than anyone else does And that's our only focus so please Feedback is all we really want right now

And of course if you enjoy the product And you want to tell your friends about It feel free to do that [Music]


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