Why Crypto Is The Biggest Investment Opportunity of ALL TIME, Buy Now Or Regret Forever!

So we think that you may end up seeing Bitcoin by the end of the cycle as high As $10 million per Bitcoin this is the Greatest explanation on why crypto is a Generational buy of a lifetime and much Like gold in the 70s the stock market in The 80s and Bitcoin today gold was $40 When we went off the gold standard in 1971 it was the first time individuals Could buy gold and when the silent Generation cohort peaked gold was $600 a 15x in a decade just by single Generation buying gold Boomers we know Bought equities that was essentially the Stock market boom if Millennials put 10% Of their savings flow 100 billion into Crypto watch this whole video it gets Better and if you have one friend that You want to see become rich sent him or Heard this they will owe you so it's Been nearly 50 years since RV sales have Been this strong 44% of the buyers of The RVs today are millennials well what Are Millennial is going to be doing in The next 30 Years okay something you can See a mile away I have a population tree Here and I've lined up each of the Generations the Millennials are now just Entering two critical periods the how Home buying years and their investing Years so let's think about Housing I've lined up each generation When they were aged 21 to 35 and I Colored each the red is silent the

Boomers are light blue Gen X is gray and The Millennials are blue dark blue Housing starts have peaked with every Generation's Peak cohort size this tells Us housing is going to likely boom Through 2030 so stay long housing I guess right Um it's really Bullish but let's talk about investment Years savings flow okay so the Investment pool of prime income age Earners is running about a trillion Dollars a year today okay so every year There's a trillion dollars that the People age 35 to 60 Allocate and today it's dominated by Boomers and Gen X but the Millennials Are now just entering these Prime income Years so what did the silent generation Do when they dominated this the prime Savings flow they actually bought gold Gold was $40 when we went off the gold standard In 1971 that was the first time Individuals could buy gold and when the Silent generation cohort peaked gold was $600 a 15x in a decade just by single Generation buying gold the Boomers we Know bought equities what was the first Year the Boomers turned age 35 1982 that Shaded blue area is their first millenn First Boomers to the Peak size of the Cohort 1982 to 99 coincidence that was essentially the

Stock market boom and the question is You know well what about the Gen X which Was a smaller cohort as you can see in The middle period the stock market Didn't go anywhere Gen X wasn't big Enough to actually power the stock Market higher but here we think the Millennials are going to drive equities They like growth stocks so we think it's Going to Power stock market boom through 2038 Gen X liked hedge funds and you can see That's essentially peaked with Gen X but Here's what I think Millennials are Going to do now remember Millennials are Going to soon have a trillion dollars of Savings Flow bitcoin's rise in 2016 coincides With the first Millennials entering Their Prime savings Years today crypto for every billion Dollars that goes into crypto it's Turning into roughly 25 billion dollar Of price Appreciation if Millennials put 10% of Their savings flow 100 billion into Crypto that's a $2.5 trillion rise per Year and crypto is roughly a $500 Trillion market cap so we think that you May end up seeing Bitcoin by the end of The cycle as high as $10 million per Bitcoin and this is where things get Good this is managing partner at fun Strat Global Tom Lee just FYI and just

Understand that this talk is actually About half a decade old took place I Think around 2018 2019 Bitcoin has been Performing to the te exactly as Predicted but let's understand what's Next and by the way only with promo code Altcoin daily for a limited time get up To $30,000 in a deposit bonus by signing Up with the link below trade buy and Sell crypto with partner of the channel Bybit link down below and watch How This Ends okay okay so I'm going to just walk You through why crypto is an asset class Um first of all the St Louis fed Actually published a white paper and They said it looks like it's going to it Is a quite a viable asset Class and you might say well isn't Crypto Breaking All the Rules that we Know About I went to Wharton we had like the 10 commandments or evaluation Etc but I Think over the last 20 years a lot of Rules have evolved it used to be that You 92% of companies that went public Had to make money today only 20% do We've already broken that rule private Equity used to only be onethird of the Public market private Equity now is 84% Of the public market it may possibly be That in a few years private Equity is Bigger than the public market bonds used To pay income 80% of bonds in Germany Have a negative interest rate so I think

Rules have already Evolved and just to give you some Perspective in the S&P today n 8 77% of The value of the S&P is intangible it is Not if you liquidated the S&P today You'd only get 20 cents in the dollar The value of most Major Brands today is Built on Trust so here's where we come to store Value people think gold is the only Store value out there we've published a Piece uh early this month that really Looked at what's the true store value People use store value gold is one Generation store value but it's Including collectible art real estate Negative interest rate government bonds And Collectibles that's a $280 trillion Market is used today to basically Park Money excluding Financial Assets bitcoin's $200 Billion if Bitcoin ends up just being 1% Of the store value in the future it's 150,000 per coin so again from a mile Away I can see this value transfer Towards Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies so now let me jump to Why Wall Street is going to Care so there's three reasons wall Street's going to Care the first is There's a lot of money being made in the Crypto Space the biggest exchange for trading

Financial assets today is ice inter uh Intercontinental Exchange they have they Own the NYC NASDAQ and they're Global Thousands and thousands of Securities Traded they made a billion $6 last Year we estimate Coinbase could make $600 million this Year it's a cryptocurrency exchange only Has four currencies on it and it's about 3% of global Trading in 18 months coinbase may be More profitable than Ice and that is just just mind-blowing I Don't think anyone could believe that Ice the biggest Exchange in America Could make less money than coinbase and That may be the future so one there's a Lot of money to be made and and Goldman Morgan Stanley even ice understand this And I think they're gr they're building Infrastructure into gateways into Crypto the second is that the crypto Market is already large it's 500 billion Dollar today it would rank as the 20th Largest country so again I'm if you Think about the Emerging Markets analogy Crypto is already the same size as Brazil Spain Singapore Russia it's Bigger than Ireland Spain Israel Greece Turkey Vietnam Wall Street has thousands and Thousands of bankers and research Traders everybody hedge funds dedicated To these other

Countries this is going to start to Focus on Crypto and the third reason is that as a Portfolio strategy crypto is Uncorrelated Alpha now what does that Mean take a look at this if you look at Each of those lines at the top that Represents the correlation of Bitcoin to Stocks which is blue to bonds which are Red gold which is gold and hedge funds Which is light Blue crypto Bitcoin and crypto are Uncorrelated to other markets right now It is Uncorrelated that is almost a holy grail For portfolio Allocation


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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