Why Creso Wallet is BETTER Than MetaMask | Best DeFi Crypto Wallet 2024

What is the best crypto defi wallet in 2024 I'm talking better than coinbase Wallet better than trust wallet more Functionality than metamask today let's Do a sponsored review of creso wallet Which is seedless gasless Fearless all Because of the technology of ERC 4337 and this is a major upgrade Compared to the wallet options we have Today because EIP 4337 short for Ethereum improvement proposal 4337 was first introduced in 2021 by Vitalic butran and other prominent Developers vitalic then reaffirmed in 2024 this year that ERC 4337 is still The way to go and essentially what this Allows is account abstraction so watch Today's whole video I'll show you this Wallet but as some investors are Speculating the metam mass killer is Here creso has all the looks of a crypto Project that will slay metamask on its Way to a billion dollar plus market cap And Beyond not that metamask has a token Creso does but here's the Smoking Gun Vitalic said that ERC 4337 Tech is the Future of crypto wallets because what Are the biggest barriers to entry in Crypto today number one most people Don't want to self- custody with private Keys or just keeping track of your seed Phrase I wouldn't trust you know a Grandma or a relative or even a friend To understand you need to keep track of

This seed phrase that's important Navigating gas fees eth gas fees are Ridiculous and the use of solely eth for Transactions is silly meaning you need a Little bit of eth in your wallet to be Able to transact that's gas so if I just Have usdc for example I can't do Anything I'll also have to import the Eth as well for gas but is there a Better way and number three fear of Losing access meaning if you lose the Private keys you're done you've lost the Wallet this stops a lot of new people From jumping into crypto from the start No option for two- Factor Authentification and account recovery to Prevent getting hacked or wallet drained The timing here for creso is perfect Account abstraction solves all these Barriers meaning that with ceso it has Seedless login you can create and log Into your wallet seamlessly with your Google Twitter or Apple account no seed For a to memorize this will be huge to Onboard new people also gasless Transactions use any token to manage gas Fees meaning any token in your wallet Would count pay the gas with that token And also relish the ease as an app or a Friend takes care of the gas if they Choose turning every transaction into a Smooth sale meaning if a specific dap Wanted to choose to take care of all Their users gas fees let's say for the

First week or the first month any Anybody that uses their dap they could Much more functionality and social Recovery so we already know that with Familiar logins like email Google and Apple you can secure your wallet the Smart way but social recovery add more Guardians amplify security and recover With social backup whenever your account Gets lost meaning a lot of things but Number one you could assign Guardians For example maybe you want to assign Guardians to your grandma's wallet your Grand AMA is in full charge of logging In logging out she owns it but if let's Say she loses access to our account Maybe each three of the grandkids are Guardians and if they come together with Parts of the login that's a trusted way You could feel better with your grandma Using crypto and of course boost Security with 2fa enable two- Factor Authentification and add an extra Security layer to your creso wallet Ensuring no assets are withdrawn without Verification from another device this One is pretty self-explanatory obviously TFA is much more secure and for all Those reasons that's why creso is Clearly better the other ones don't even Have gasless transactions or account Recovery creso also has rev share so That's where their token comes in a key Reason I think creso is an absolute

Altcoin gem Revenue sharing metamask is Currently bringing in millions in Revenue every month what do you get in Return as a loyal user nada zilch [Music] That In then biometric face map so only I Could Access and then save if you choose in The Cloud pretty easy [Music] Layout we can choose to send some tokens To a Friend as you can see UI ux looks Good many different altcoins to choose Different networks and if you want just The Legacy wallet the traditional Metamask like wallet that everybody's Used to you can have that option or the Smarter wallet with the better Options this is pretty cool they have a Discover page with Marketplace games Defi or just news top Nfts and top Gainers swapp and Bridge good I like That that's basic stuff a wallet would Need and these features uh actually you Know I'll put some links down below so You can check all this out for Yourself you can add a photo all this Stuff can be customized in the settings Especially for your added security you Can choose what's best for you and join

The advanced Q for creso wallet reserve Your spot and be amongst the first to Experience secure effortless trading With creso link down below again the Beta went live in q1 of this year They've also just joined Visa's Developer program with access to visa Apis and tools they're closer to the Integration of Visa payment capab Abilities into the creso wallet platform They've also got a grant from Google Cloud the grant awarded from Google Marks a pivotal moment in our journey Towards future development with Google Cloud support we gain access to Invaluable resources expertise in Cutting Edge Tech propelling us towards New heights of innovation and looking at Their road map May 1st going to be a big Month with main version 1.0 launch nft Integration Community rev sharing as Well as mobile app IOS and Android etc Etc give me your thoughts down below and Like always see you tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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