Why Business Owners Adapt #bitcoin in Cuba

A growing number of private bars and Restaurants in Cuba accept Bitcoin I Asked the owners why they choose to Accept Bitcoin why do you accept Bitcoin Here we're sorry I said dude I said Another way to asset money with the Problem that we have in Cuba yeah the Economic problems that we have with a Lot of different currency you are Accepting Bitcoin because you are Dealing with a private coin the Government hasn't access to the Transactions you do it and you have the Freedom to do whatever you want with That is So I was speaking to my friend here and He talked to me about the law of Cuba There's no law that prohibits you from Accepting crypto that means the Government doesn't interfere into it for Example you are a four-year-old you come To Cuba and with Beacon you can you Don't need to bring cash it's a lot Safer it's an opportunity to connect to The world and to have a currency that Actually means something to people in Any part of the world


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