Why Bitcoin is Approaching a MASSIVE Bull Run! [Perfect Storm]

Today we're going to zero in on crypto Which is outperformed even some of the Most high flying parts of the market This year Perfect Storm why we are Approaching a massive crypto bull run a Unique set of factors have conveniently Converged to create the perfect storm For a massive bull run Three key elements are driving this Surge the entry of the world's largest Asset managers into the crypto realm Through a Bitcoin spot ETFs the soon Imminent drop in interest rates to Regular levels and the highly Anticipated Bitcoin having event I also Want to emphasize how stable the crypto Market is for the fact that we've had Several crisis War pandemic inflation Interest rates of 20-year highs you name It blackrock's spot Bitcoin ETF is huge For this industry the world's biggest Asset managers are entering into the Crypto Market one of the major catalysts Behind the impending Bull Run is the Entrance of renowned asset managers into The cryptocurrency space with the Introduction of a Bitcoin spot ETF Multiple institutional investors are now Able to participate in the crypto Market Seamlessly this move not only brings More credibility to digital assets but Also opens up the floodgates for Significant capital inflows in the sheer Size and reputation of these asset

Managers at an extra Aura of legitimacy To the crypto markets attracting a whole New wave of investors Federal Reserve And interest rates and the remarkable Stable crypto Market despite interest Rates reaching a 20-year maximum the Crypto Market has exhibited remarkable Resilience and stability traditionally Rising interest rates have often led to Investors flocking to more traditional Assets like bonds causing volatility in Other markets however once interest Rates drop this will traditionally lead Investors to venture into riskier asset Classes like crypto this of course will Be reflected in the price Bitcoin having Effect The Bitcoin having which occurs Approximately every four years I don't Think I need to explain the reduction in New Bitcoin Supply entering the market Has historically led to significant Price appreciation the cyclical pattern Has been a fundamental driver of Previous bull runs and the current cycle Is no exception so do you agree with This the convergence of the world's Largest asset managers entering the Crypto Market the natural drop in Interest rates and the highly Anticipated Bitcoin having creates a Compelling narrative for a massive Crypto bull run the Newfound interest From institutional investors adds

Legitimacy to digital assets while the Stability of the market amidst Rising Interest rates showcases the maturation Of the crypto space the forthcoming Bitcoin having event further reinforces The potential for substantial price Appreciation CNBC is even reporting this teaching This educating people on crypto General And the Bitcoin having and what a Catalyst this is going to be for the Cryptocurrency market it's a technical Event called the having which typically Marks the start of a bull run listen to How they start giving us an update on The crypto market and then they get into The Catalyst which is the Bitcoin having So it's definitely a pivotal moment for The crypto sector a crucial Federal Court ruling could stifle efforts by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler to Wrangle what he Calls the wild west of trading a judge In New York has cast doubt on whether The SEC has a clear path to regulate Most altcoins as Securities that ruling Largely viewed as a net win for all coin Traders who feared an imminent Crackdown From Regulators as well as for coinbase Which faces its own legal battle with The SEC the top 100 digital assets are Up 48 percent this year compared to 17 For stocks and nine percent for gold Meanwhile Bitcoin is outperforming the NASDAQ 100 as our crypto Peg stocks like

Coinbase Galaxy digital and Microstrategy but Bitcoin can't seem to Break out from the thirty thousand Dollar price level one reason being There isn't much investor interest we're Seeing some support from institutions But there's no real Catalyst to drive The price either higher or lower things That would normally affect Bitcoin such As the FED raising rates are barely Moving the needle with the market Appears to need is a return of Confidence from retail and institutional Investors that could potentially happen If an ETF that directly tracks the spot Price of Bitcoin is approved some of the Biggest names in tradfi are racing to be The first to offer one including BlackRock now if spot ETFs get the green Light they could spur a buying spree as Firms purchase Bitcoin to meet reserve Requirements we're also seeing movement On crypto legislation on Capitol Hill And crucially Frank there is a technical Event called the havening coming up next April which typically marks the start of A bull run for Bitcoin speaking about BlackRock or bitwise or van ack or Arc Wisdom Tree Galaxy Fidelity Valkyrie These are all the companies vying for The chance to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF Many might get approved everybody wants To get approved first by popular demand Here's the most updated list of dates to

Watch for the current bitcoin ETF race Greyscale is also sort of in this race Via their lawsuit against the SEC judges Should issue a ruling there within the Next month or two save this video so you Can reference back on these dates the First deadline the second deadline the Third deadline the final deadline before We get to our final crypto Bull Run Catalyst I think is a dark horse because The mainstream media is not covering it You can win rewards for making a new Account in trading on bitget make sure You make an account on bitget sponsor of Our channel for a chance to win over Five thousand dollars in prizes Completing different tasks you must be Outside the US to make an account now Big different new prize comp petition Just announced the newest competition is This complete your first trade and get a 20 bonus if your trading volume is over Ten thousand dollars you can get an Additional thirty dollar bonus you must Be within the first 50 new signups to Receive this you must be within the First 50 new sign ups to receive this Bit get is a leading spot and derivative Exchange certainly one of the best Places to trade if you don't have an Account use our link below make an Account bitget is a top five derivative Exchange in the world a top 10 spot Exchange in the world they are the

Largest and leading spot and Futures Copy trading platform they have 8 Million users in more than 100 countries They have a 300 million protection fund Second only to binance I believe they do Merkel tree proof of reserves they Partnered with Lionel Messi also big Congrats to bitget for unveiling their Rebranding initial tip to reinforce Leadership in smart crypto trading the Rebranding campaign centers around the Trade smarter philosophy emphasizing bit Gets dedication to empowering Individuals with intuitive tools for a Secure user-friendly and efficient Financial future there's a little bit More to it than that check it out Yourself congratulations bit get very Cool Rebrand hurry up create an account Link below first 1000 people who use our Link get special bonuses buy and trade Crypto at bit get exchange and then an Institutional Dark Horse that the Mainstream media doesn't really cover is Ethereum and its ecosystem and its Deflationary state look at this I'm Going to switch it as if ethereum never Transitioned to proof of merge as if it Stayed proof of work and watch right now It's deflationary watch how it changed Switch take a look this is ethereum Supply flow if it's state proof of of Work this down here is ethereum with the Merge deflationary switch back to what

It actually is amazing not to mention We're seeing a lot of consolidation from Alternative l1s into ethereum this is a Block Works Lightspeed podcast clip let Me know what you think of this has Solana lost the collectible nfts battle To ethereum Solana isn't the chain for PSPs and collectibles I think that Clearly belongs to ethereum and I think A lot of people feel more comfortable Having high valued collectibles on Ethereum as much as I want Solana to Become that chain I don't think it's Going to happen just because of the Lindy effect because of the liquidity Effect What is going to happen is Solana will Differentiate Itself by coming up with a New meta of nfts that's going to evolve Compressed enough to use and digital Assets that a million users can actually Use without the exorbitant costs of Creating an ft I'm going to disagree With both of you Solana can become a Chain for Collectibles which is Different Collectibles what is a Collectible it's a luxury good like Really you don't need it you buy it Because it's a status thing it's for you To show off now when do you buy a luxury Good it's when you have an excessive Wealth and so Solana as a chain does Well there'll be enough people who made Enough money that they will want to put

It into something native to the source Of their wealth that's basically why Ethereum nfts are 10x the floor of Salon Nfts is because people who made their Money in ethereum feel allegiance to Ethereum they feel loyalty and so they Want to give back to that Community by Buying nfts of that chain so for me the Conclusion that Solana will be a Collectibles chain is not at all Foregone


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