Why artists are upset with Adobe’s new terms of service | TechCrunch Minute

Customers of Adobe Photoshop are Furious About its new terms of service artists Got an unpleasant surprise when they Open Photoshop this week as they were Shown a pop-up window asking them to Agree to new terms among the changes Adobe now says it has the rights to Access customers content through quote Automated or manual methods why does Adobe need to do this there's Speculation that the company is Generating thumbnail images for cloud Storage or it's scanning for child Sexual abuse material these would all be Reasonable explanations but the company Isn't saying also says that if you're Using its software you're giving the Company the right to reproduce license Or even create derivative works from Your content now it's true that when we Use cloud services we are giving up a Certain amount of privacy it's also true That social networks for example can Take similar rights when you post photos To Facebook you're essentially giving Facebook the right to use those photos But we're not talking about your Personal Facebook or Instagram photos Photoshop is used by many many Professional artists for their Livelihoods they might also be working On sensitive or confidential material For example the designer W schneid Posted that if you're under an NDA quote

It is time to cancel Adobe delete all The apps and programs Adobe cannot be Trusted similarly the movie director Duncan Jones wrote quote we're working On a bloody movie here and no you don't Suddenly have the right to any of the Work we are doing on it because we pay You to use Photoshop there's also the Question of whether Adobe might use this Content to train generative AI now Different artists may have different Opinions about this but it's probably Safe to say that many of them do not Want their work being used to train a Potential replacement we've seen this in A number of creative Fields like with Last year's actors and writer strikes Interestingly this controversial update Appears to date back several months to February 17th it's just that the popup Window didn't show up until now which is A reminder of the many crazy changes a Company might make under the guise of Updating its terms of service terms that Many people simply won't read and this Popup is extra obnoxious because Customers say they cannot use the Software until they accept the new terms In fact they can't even speak to Customer service or uninstall the app Until that's right they click accept now If you're feeling cynical you might Think that adobe doesn't need to do Anything here the artist might complain

And then continue to use Photoshop That's possible but it's also possible That enough creative professionals might Get mad that they start looking a lot Closer at Alternatives they might also Apply enough pressure that adobe walks Some of these changes back I'll see you Monday


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