Which Cryptos Will PUMP?! Watch These 4 Narratives NOW!!

Which coins are going to pump and which Will dump well one of the biggest Factors here is whether these coins Exist within a strong narrative you see Narrative is the North Star that cryptos Follow on their Journey To The Moon so In this video I'm going to give you our Update on the hottest narratives to Watch for Q3 as well as mention a few Projects to keep your eyes on be sure to Watch the whole way Through firstly despite having a Background in financial advisory nothing That I say today can be considered Investment advice in any way it's purely Educational content meant to inform and Not sway your opinion okay also uh we Here at coin Bureau May hold some of the Coins or tokens mentioned but they will Be clearly pointed out to you full Disclosure it's very important now Before diveing into the narratives I Think it's important to break down why They've been chosen you see the word Narrative it's quite a broad one and Encompasses many things is a particular Technology a narrative or daps on a Particular layer one or layer twos on a Layer one or what about out ones Themselves what about infra narratives Like modularity parallelized EVMS Perhaps the point is that there are a Lot of potential narratives out there But if we want to try and hone in on

Those that have the most potential for Price appreciation we have to focus on Those that are compelling and easy Enough for retail to understand I mean Sure in the long run these other Narratives are important as they will Power the tech for the new crypto Ecosystem but in the next Bull cycle The Narrative that are likely to resonate With retail are the ones which are easy To understand and that they can relate To and if you're wondering when that Next alt season will come around well Check out my video from that last Week okay with that out of the way let's Dive in with the first narrative oh and I should point out that these are in no Particular order the first narrative is Deepen now a quick bit of terminology Rund down deepen is an acronym that Stands for decentralized physical Infrastructure networks it's basically Blockchainbased management For Real World facilities and data we're talking About computing power storage wireless Networks mapping etc etc you can see an Example of the broader deepen sector With this map over here from the folks At MSI deepen uses token mechanisms with Built-in rewards to help incentivize People to uphold the network it's Important to make the distinction Between this and most other crypto use Cases and that's because it's one of the

Actual use cases that deals with Physical networks that are used on a Daily basis this is as opposed to Financial applications or payments the Primary use case most people attach to a Blockchain now why is deepen AB bullish Narrative well because far more people Need internet connectivity than they do To conduct onchain swaps for example They have much more of a need for Computing power and storage than they do For Dex lending this is why deepen Better fits into that retail pitch which I mentioned earlier it's not that of Course but the fact that the current Infrastructure landscape just isn't fit For purpose I mean most people have no Idea how centralized our physical Networks are this means that they are Not only susceptible to going down but Also General Network censorship deepen Is a narrative that actually really Could challenge the dominance of the Likes of Amazon Google Nvidia or mobile Network providers for example the reason For this is because deepen can benefit From a broader flywheel effect it's Basically the concept that token rewards Incentivize people to supply something To a network I mean think computing Power Storage Mobile Hotspots Etc these Are called the supply side then as we Get more coverage it attracts more Product Builders devs and end users this

Generates Fe which attract more service Providers and of course these usage Stats creates a relationship between Network usage and price which thereby of Course encourages more on the supply Side a massui report on deepen from Earlier this year postulated that the Flywheel effect could add $10 trillion To Global GDP in the next 10 years and a Further 100 trillion in the decade after That pretty Punchy but what's even Punchier than that is that they estimate The deepen sector to have a market value Of 3.5 trillion by 2028 now I happen to Think that this is a bit too optimistic Given that the current crypto market cap Is only about 2.5 trillion but even if It's just half of that growth in four Years it's a massive move up this isn't All just Theory though there has been a Large expansion on the supply side of The deepen ecosystem as well well the Deepen sector added over 600,000 nodes Last year on the demand side Decentralized compute projects like aach Have seen record growth in CPU leases Helio mobile has seen subscriber growth Outpace projections there is also a Great deal of investment flowing into Deepen for example massari said that There was over 1 billion dollars raised By some of the largest deepen projects At the beginning of the year this is one Of the most well-funded sectors in

Crypto and finally deepen has definitely Captured the excitement not only of Crypto Publications but also the broader Public here are the crypto reports that Mention deepen as a sector to watch and Here are the Google analytics search Trends of course this is just scratching The surface of the deepen sector and its Potential we recently did a complete Deepen video where we actually Summarized that misari report I'll leave A link to it down in the description for You guys in terms of projects to watch In the space well we already mentioned Two of them but other exciting ones are Hive mapper which is decentralized Mapping Benso which is decentralized Compute and World mobile which is Another decentralized mobile play However another project to keep a Lookout for on the deepen infras side is Peak Network which is a purpose-built Deepen layer one the coin Bureau Actually invested in it and just did an AMA with the team over there that's in Our Discord server which is also linked To down below as with any new technology There are still challenges we need to Solidly get that flywheel running with Non-native web 2 users engaging on the Demand side similarly the time Horizon To build applications is significantly Longer than for mere consumer apps for Example and the biggest why Wild Card

Variable of them all is of course the Web 2 behemoths themselves don't think That the current market leaders are Going to sit idly by as web 3 Competitors eat into their market share They're going to fight it just like Their Trad five compatriots have done With traditional crypto okay so that's Deepen on to the next narrative though And this is one that you have to take Note of but before you do if you're Liking this video then give this for Like to give it a boost you may as well Also want to subscribe and turn on Notifications as well it'll be well Worth your well I promise anyways back To the vid the next narrative to look Into is gamey now this is a narrative That has been around for quite some time It was hot in the previous cycle and I Remember how bullish everyone was about It this was at about the same time that Traditional games were looking to Include nfts and the reception was shall We say Frosty indeed during the previous cycle Some of the top games like axi Infinity Etc were about as interesting to play as Watching paint Dry actually that's a bit of an unfair Comparison watching paint dry isn't that Boring so it's safe to say that there is A spotty record for the gamef five space However things have changed quite a lot

Since the last cycle and there have been A number of high budget games that have Launched or are about to launch games That have taken years to develop games That Gamers would actually want to play Not only that but the infrastructure Being built around web3 gaming has been Growing ever since you can see over here The growth of new gaming networks over The last 3 years this is despite the Depths of the previous bare Market it's Not just crypto native startups but Established gaming companies are also Barreling headlong into web 3 gaming for Example coin Geo recently reported that 29 of the world's 40 biggest gaming Companies are investing in web 3 gaming A research report by game seven Published towards the end of last year Revealed that since 2018 there has been Over $15 billion that has been invested In web 3 gaming so why is there still All this bullishness for gamef fire well That's because it's another narrative That has a decent chance of onboarding Millions into web 3 we've all seen the Stats 3.3 billion Gamers worldwide $176 Billion in gaming revenues per year That's projected to a reach 54 billion In 2030 beyond all this there is the Fact that the average demographic of Gamers should line up with those who are More likely to adopt crypto there is Also the compelling case of owning an

In-game asset that exists out of of the Centralized wall Gardens these games Usually exist in but perhaps the biggest Reason as to why game fire has a chance At Redemption this cycle is because of The sophistication of these games just Look at the game play for shrapnel for Example a third person shooter you Wouldn't think that it had web three Components there are more examples of Course here is the game play for Off the Grid a battle royale third person Shooter it's one of the most anticipated Launches by gonzilla games a large Established gaming company coin Bureau Actually invested and are looking Forward to the launch in a couple of Months but gamey is much broader than Just gaming titles you can gain exposure To the sector by investing in Infrastructure as well part of the Reason that I'm so bullish on Avalanche And have it in my personal portfolio is Because their subnets are becoming the Go-to networks for web 3 games to launch On both shrapnel and Off the Grid are Going to be using Avalanche subnets by The way you could also say the same Thing about gaming Focus layer twos with Immutable for example their passporting Feature has seen over 1 million signups So far and arbitrum DOW just voted to Approve a $215 million gaming ecosystem Fund a move which could supercharge game

Deployment on the layer 2 some of the Coin Bureau team members hold these Token to in their personal Portfolios if you want to see what else They hold then why don't you check out The coin Bureau Club down below so it's Quite clear that gamei is going to be One to watch this cycle but are their Challenges well there always are in this Case Gamers themselves still remain some Of the biggest Skeptics I don't know if you have spoken To any hardcore Gamers yourself but they Are incredibly protective when it comes To their gaming titles quite simply Don't fck with their games therefore I Think the best chance for broader Adoption is not for established gaming Titles to integrate crypto but for the Newer games to make the case for gamers To play it it would also help of course If there were web to gaming streamers Who are on board and helped to play These games quite simply if a web 3 game Is going to take off it has has to be a Game that is exciting to play in and of Itself with the token economy being Ancillary to it then the final challenge For game fight more broadly is Scalability while we have limited Adoption right now the games may appear To be performing well but when you have Hundreds of thousands of Gamers logging On and interacting with a decentralized

Network any lags or delays will drive Them up the wall it reminds me of back Back in my gamer days when um many a Broken computers would attest to the Fact that I would not tolerate lagging At all that's why it's really important That games have the right infrastructure To deploy and build on okay so that's Gamey and time for another new narrative Or should I say a reborn one real world Assets or rwa is also All the Rage these Days but what most people tend to forget Is that they are a Reincarnation of Security tokens from the 2017 cycle but We'll get onto that in a bit firstly What are they well quite simply they are Tokenized assets that exist in the real World it's the process of bringing these Assets on chain there are many different Assets that can be tokenized everything From property to bonds Equity to Commodities credit to Art I mean the List goes on and there is a compelling Case for rwas that's because the process Of tokenization on a blockchain leads to Ease of transfer and storage it's also Much easier to fractionalize assets than It would be in trafi this adds more Liquidity to the fractionalized shares But perhaps the biggest Advantage is That the blockchain provides an Immutable record of ownership now this May not sound as important to you right Now but it's crucial in times when

Central ized records can be scrubed it Reminds me of a story that I was told a Few years ago by someone who was Actually forced to flee Iraq because of The Civil War that ensued after the US Invasion they left all their land of Course when they fled however during the War all the centralized land Registries Were destroyed and the government Cronies took over the land fast forward To when the war ended and they wanted to Go back to the country of course they Couldn't get the land back because well There was no record of ownership Bringing this back to RW this is the Reason why onchain verification of Ownership is so important now the rwa Space has seen an explosion in the past Year I mean you can take a look at the Total value locked that has been locked Up in rwa protocols for example it's not Just random crypto projects launching Novel rwa tokenization protocols but Massive behemoths are thundering in as Well I'm sure you will have seen the News about black Rock's Biddle fund Which is growing at a blistering Pace by The end of April it already captured at Least 30% of the 1.3 billion tokenized Treasury market they aren't the only Ones of course there is also Franklin Templeton which has a tokenized money Market fund with ticker Benji now Treasury tokenization is the fastest

Growing rwa token type and that's just Because they are the biggest asset class In the world but there are a whole host Of other Financial assets that will Benefit from tokenization According to a Report by BCG they estimate the Tokenization of global illiquid assets To be a $16 trillion Opportunity by 2030 They also estimate that by the same year The tokenized market will contribute 10% 10% to Global GDP in addition to this City group released a report that has The following I popping stats real Estate tokenization will reach 1.5 Trillion by 2030 sovereign debt to reach 1.9 trillion and tokenized repo Securities lending and margin collateral To reach 1 trillion quite simply the Tradire Giants are bullish AF on this Opportunity but how do we benefit from It are there any projects to focus on Well it's not as straightforward you see Generally large Trad fires look into Either use large public blockchains Think ethereum for example or issue Tokenized assets on their own Proprietary chains and wall Gardens JP Morgan has done the latter with its Onyx Tokenization platform and speaking of Which they joined up with wisdom tree to Trial a proof of concept for tokenized Funds on an Avalanche subnet another Reason why I'm bullish on Avalanche so Quite simply the best plays that we see

For the rwa narrative are either well as Established l1s where the tokenization Will take place or large infrastructure Providers which facilitate the Tokenization there are a number of Platforms that are trying to do this but The one with perhaps the most traction Is Ono Finance there are already several Onchain funds that have been launched Over there with a focus on US debt Ono Does have a governance token which you Can of course huddle but do note that The only use case for it right now is is Voting in the Dow but it's naturally a Beta play on the Ono Finance growth and The broader rwa narrative okay so rwas Are a compelling narrative but what are The challenges well for one lack of Standardization is a problem these are Regulated assets and as such each Jurisdiction should have different Policies and procedures these Differences restrict the creation of a Universal framework for tokenized Rwas it's also quite a leap of faith to Get many retail users comfortable Holding a token of an asset compared to Holding the physical record of ownership I mean sure we all know that in reality The latter is less secure than the Former but they don't I also happen to Think that some assets are better suited To tokenization than others I somehow Don't think that most investors who buy

You know real estate for example would Be keen on holding a token it is a Different story though when it comes to Treasuries stocks and bonds finally Let's not forget that we have been here Before I mean as mentioned earlier the Security token Buzz of 2017 was one that Fizzled out and many issuance platforms Came and went in order for rwa to not Suffer the same fate this cycle they Need that well Real World Adoption Moving on though it's time for the final Narrative drum roll Please and that's meme coins now hear me Out hear me out I know that there are Many of you that will recoil at the Thought that Meme coins are mentioned as A promising narrative indeed we pushed a Poll last week asking people's opinions On me coins and most thought that they Were net negative for the space whether You believe that or not and I've seen Good arguments on either side we cannot Just deny their existence and broader Phenomenon they are by far the most Profitable Narrative of this year with The top 10 meme coin tokens up over 1,300% in q1 for context our wa which we Just mentioned that comes in at a Distant second at 286 c. so instead of Turning our noses up at these meme coins We should rather try and understand why There is this craze and whether we can Benefit from it well for one thing memes

Are incredibly easy to understand in Fact they are perhaps the easiest Narrative of all it's a meme that's it You either buy it or you sell it if the Meme gains traction price tends to go up One could also argue that some of these Meme coins are the only way that retail Non accredited investors can get access To the gains that are usually only seen By VCS and their inner crowd due to the SEC restricting retail participation in Icos meme coins are one of the few Options for them to try and gain a hand At early stage launches but it's not Just retail that is diving into the meme Quin meta institutional investors are Also feeling the fomo and are aping in As well according to a recent report by Bit their allocations surged from 204 Million in March to 209 93 million in April I have heard from a number of People in private conversations of funds Trying to hone their mcoin trading game Market makers are also getting involved And are looking to support liquidity for Mem quins as they seek broader exchange Listings it's it's pretty crazy when you Think about it now we should be under No Illusion here meme coins have no utility They are not about building they're About The Vibes they are player versus Player and the objective is to exit at a Price higher than you bought it someone Else will be hitting that bid it reminds

Me of a quote from one of my favorite Movies Margin Call about the great Financial crisis where John told told Sam Rogers we are selling to willing Buyers at the current fair market Price That's what mcoin trading is it's also Worth noting that many meme coins will Go to zero not all of course some have Stood the test of time and have become Blue Chip memes themselves shba enu Pepe And of course the OG itself Dogecoin Speaking of which if you watched Jess's Interview with Arthur Hayes and R pal Both think that a Dogecoin ETF isn't Outside the realm of possibility this is A theory that I've seen been playing out On Twitter as well heck even Jim Kramer Ask Gary Gensler on CNBC why we don't Have a ETFs for the likes of Bonk or Doge pretty wild times Man and for those of you wondering yes We at the coin Bureau have also doubled In some meme coins we've invested in Foxy the primary culture coin on the Linear layer 2 this was actually one of The most interesting meme launches for Us this cycle as this was a Reincarnation of that long awaited Metamask airdrop it was was a wide Airdrop and there are a lot of plans at Play to make it a broader mascot for the Linear Ecosystem some other members of the coin Buau team have also invested in meme

Coins and if you are a coin buau Club Subscriber you'll know exactly what they Are again Link in the description oh and Warning some of them are Next Level Degenerate one thing I will say about Mem coins though is that the latest way Of celeb meme coins are nothing but a Cash grab I would be extremely cautious Before investing in any of these you're Likely to lose your money sooner or Later I would also strongly advise Against you attempting to engage in any Sort of price manipulation or pump Coordination of these Assets in fact Just to be on the safe side I wouldn't Even issue any if I were you just Because they are m coins doesn't mean That the SEC and the FEDS aren't taking Notice so if you want to invest in meme Coins have a strategy one with a solidly Defined entry and exit plan know the Risks and adjust accordingly and if you Want more of an overview on trading meme Coins then you know where to go to get That good stuff down in the links Below okay that's it for our top Narratives for Q3 now I need to caveat That this isn't an exhaustive list For example the AI narrative is also a Really strong retail driven one but many Of the deepen projects mentioned earlier Are well positioned to capture that hype I mean decentralized cloud computing Will be a massive beneficiary of the

Insatable demand for AI computing power For example there are also other Narratives which I am personally bullish On in the infr sprace for example Modularity and move VM as well as Bitcoin layer 2os but as mentioned in The beginning they are less interesting For the retail crowd in an out season Finally there are narratives that could See a Resurgence if regulations become More favorable this includes many of the Defi protocols on ethereum for example If this were to come at a time when the Ethereum ETFs launched and brought about A flood of capital well that's even Better so be sure to keep that on your Narrative watch list perhaps one for Q4 Now I would absolutely love to get your Feedback so which narratives are you Bullish on are there any coins or tokens That we should have on our watch list Let me know down in those comments below And if you found this video helpful then Help me to help you hit that like button Tap the Subscribe and ding the Bell as Well you don't want to miss a single Coin bureo video until next time crypto Cats over and out A [Music]


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