Which 2024 US Presidential Candidates are PRO-BITCOIN? (TRUMP vs DESANTIS)

2024 U.S presidential elections are Right around the corner is Joe Biden Better for the crypto industry or is Trump better or DeSantis or someone else You as a crypto investor need to Understand each candidate's position on Bitcoin and crypto like this video share This video with a friend here's our list Top 5 2024 U.S presidential candidates And their views on crypto you have every Right to do Bitcoin the only reason These people in Washington don't like it Is because they don't control it our Campaign will be the first presidential Campaign in history to accept Bitcoin Donations through Through the lightning Network I'm not Going to agree to a deal that protects Crypto Traders Bitcoin it just seems Like a scam Bitcoin I'm in this to Actually put the Federal Reserve back in Its place I'm a Bitcoin investor Personally every Monday morning I have a Buy of Bitcoin that comes in I own a Little more than two Bitcoin


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