Whenever you talk with investors, you learn more about your business

That Well you know I I think that whenever You talk with investors Um you learn more about your business And There was a there's actually a window of Time where we hadn't raised money for Four years and we actually kind of got Out of practice of telling our story and I remember when we started and actually When we started getting ready for the IPO process Like there's a there's a organizational Meeting where you bring kind of all the Bankers and lawyers and accountants and Everyone in the room and you present What your business is and at the end you Know the everyone was like that was Really great except from our team and we Were like that sucked because we just Had lost that that practice and I think That you know a lot of Founders complain About Like how difficult it is to raise money Um I I and and I I have sympathy and Empathy for that and it is hard but but Why it's hard is because you've got to Find a way to tell your story really Clearly and that will make you a better Company and so the IPO process is just Like that on steroids where you are Meeting with people who have never heard About you who have no idea you know that What what a reverse proxy or you know

What what the OSI model of the internet I mean all this stuff they're not that And yet you still have to be able to Communicate what it is that you do and Um and and I think that that was that Was really that was really good the Other piece that was really powerful was Even internally at the company We'd not done a great job of saying like Here's here's the vision here's how it All fits together and we sort of talked About it here and there we hadn't Communicated it and so we um and so we We took the S1 which is basically a Marketing document and um and we handed It out to as soon as we were allowed to By the SEC we headed out to all of our Employees bookmarked on the part that Was the business section and what's been Really amazing since then is we've just Been able to go faster because it you Know it was it was this time that really Everyone got got organized behind Um and so I think if you can do that Right uh you know I I if you ever have The opportunity to work at a company That goes public I I highly recommend it It was a it was just an incredible Experience so


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