When Will ALTCOIN Season Start?! Watch These Cryptos!

Ever since BTC started hitting new All-time highs everyone has been Wondering when altcoin season will come So far only a few coins and tokens and a Heck of a lot of meme coins have seen Really big gains and this has led to Speculation That altcoin season may Never come because the flows into the Spot Bitcoin ETFs won't find their way Into the rest of the crypto Market however there is much more to This story so today we're going to Explain what altcoin season is why it Hasn't happened yet when it could start How to tell that it is starting and Which altcoins you need to watch Miss This and you'll miss Out now the reason why I want to begin With what altcoin season is is because There doesn't seem to be a universal Definition many believe that altcoin Season just means a period when lots of Altcoins are pumping as such You could Argue that altcoin season is already Here because well lots of altcoins have Been pumping clearly this definition Misses the mark So allow me to propose a More accurate one an altcoin season is a Prolonged period where most altcoins Significantly outperform BTC this is something that can be easily Measured by comparing an Al coins price To BTC such as for instance eth BTC if You look at the BTC pair for most old

Coins you'll see that they haven't Actually been performing very well to be Clear this doesn't mean that they Haven't pumped in feat terms it just Means that they've pumped less relative To BTC eth is the elephant in the room In this regard it continues to fall Against BTC this has been concerning for Many crypto Traders and investors Because historically BTC rallies are Followed by a rotation into altcoins in Plain English after BTC pumps Traders Will take a portion of their BTC profits And invest them into altcoins resulting In a period where most altcoins Outperform BTC historically this Capital Starts by rotating into e then into Other large capap altcoins then into Midcap altcoins and finally into small Cap alt coins it goes without saying That this rotation isn't exact but it Follows the logic that as markets keep Rallying people tend to invest in Riskier and riskier cryptos this time Around however there has been minimal Rotation into e evidenced by the weak e BTC pair I mentioned a few moments ago Not only that but it seems that these Capital flows skipped over all the other Midcaps and small caps and went straight Into speculating on micro cap meme coins Now make no mistake there are some Altcoins that have outperformed BTC with Soul being the most notable besides soul

And a few dozen micro cap meme coins However most other altcoins have Underperformed BTC including eth this Means that altcoin season arguably isn't Here yet now as I just hinted the Smaller the market cap the more risky a Crypto is this is because when a crypto Has a smaller market cap it can rally Higher and faster than cryptos with Larger market caps the catch is that it Can also crash lower and harder than Cryptos with larger market caps it's Risk versus Reward naturally the 100x gains you've Heard about and we all dream of are only Really possible with altcoins that have Smaller market caps hence why altcoin Season is such a big deal but it's Becoming clear that this crypto cycle is Different from previous ones and that Could have big implications for altcoin Returns so why are we not seeing the Same rotation we saw in previous cycles And When will altcoin season come well Before I give you the answers smash that Like button if you're enjoying the video So far and subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell so you don't Miss the next One Get in [Music] Here take a seat Sir go on so tell me about these

Anxieties you've been experiencing when Did they first manifest themselves well You know I I think they first started When I got into crypto I I started to Worry about all kinds of stuff such as Well I became anxious that I was Spending you know way too much on Exchange fees like every time I made a Trade boom more precious crypto gone and I I I I felt like I was missing out in Other ways to what are the ways well for Instance why didn't I get a a a sign up Bonus when I registered on an exchange I Mean come on they they should be Welcoming me with open arms that's a Common feeling for many people in crypto Yeah go figure and I kept getting told To buy a hardware wallet to keep my Crypto safe but you know some of those Things ain't cheap huh I what's the guy To do well you know there's a for those Concerns you mean medication no I mean Like the coin Bureau deals page it is Trade and fee discounts on top crypto Exchanges it offers sign up bonuses of Up to $60,000 and it has discounts on the best Hardware wallet too you mean I I just go To the coin Bureau deals page and I'm Cured yeah absolutely just head down Using the link down below okay I'm on my [Music] Way now let's start by acknowledging the Reason why this cycle is different and

That's the spot Bitcoin ETFs as I Mentioned in the introduction some Believe that these spot Bitcoin ETFs are Why we haven't had an ALT season that's Because it's not possible to rotate out Of the ETFs and into altcoins at least In theory in practice it is quite Possible that some spot Bitcoin ETF Investors are cashing out their gains Depositing them into a crypto exchange Like coinbase and buying altcoins the Caveat though is that most spot Bitcoin ETF investors are not retail investors In the classic sense they're experienced Institutional investors this means that Their altcoin preferences are likely to Be very different from those of the Average crypto dgen if you watched our Last salana update you'll know that There's been significant institutional Demand for soul this could explain why It's been one of the few altcoins Outperforming BTC but if if you watched Our recent crypto market update you'll Know that the crypto Market isn't just Made up of institutional investors Buying the spot Bitcoin ETFs in other Words you haven't taken anything away From the crypto Market you've just Unlocked a new main character so to Speak now the other main characters in The crypto Market are crypto whales Which have been the primary drivers of The market up until this point it's the

Rotation out of BTC into altcoins by Crypto Wales that's caused previous Altcoin cycles and Retail investors that Have caused altcoins to hit their Blowoff tops logically then the absence Of an ALT season is not due to the spot Bitcoin ETFs but due to crypto Wales and Retail investors as we mentioned in that Market update video we believe that Crypto Wales haven't been rotating into Altcoins because there are no retail Investors around to buy them case in Point there are dozens of Statistics to Suggest that retail investors are still Waking up to the crypto rally these Include the retail trading volume on Crypto exchanges the popularity of Crypto exchange apps searches for crypto Related terms and even the views on this Channel these metrics are still far Below the levels that would suggest that New retail investors are entering the Crypto Market on mass and the key word Here is new Retail investors there are millions of Retail investors from past Cycles who Are still around or coming back sooner But we're missing all the newcomers this Is extremely important to point out Because for altcoins to really pump we Need what my friend Ben Cowan refers to As the marginal buyer put simply we need New people for our altcoin bags to pump Probably because most of us have already

Allocated as much as we can to our Favorite coins and tokens in the absence Of these new people there's not that Much for us to do except speculate on Meme coins and it's quite possible that The mcoin pumps we've seen have been Coordinated by the crypto Wales they Probably know that the only retail Investors around right now are Experienced enough to use dexes so now That we've assessed why altcoin season Isn't here yet The Logical follow-up Question is when will come the short Answer is that it will come once there Are enough retail investors paying Attention for crypto Wales to start Rotating out of BTC and into altcoins That these retail investors will then Fomo into the long answer however is a Bit more complicated and it requires Going back in time to the previous cycle Of course when most of us imagine the Next altcoin season it looks similar to What we saw in the previous cycle the is That what we saw in the previous cycle Was pretty different too we locked Billions of people in their homes Because of a global pandemic and gave a Few hundred million of them some extra Spending money when you combine these Two factors you get rampant speculation In stocks and crypto today the backdrop Couldn't be more different in almost Every country interest rates are the

Highest they've been in decades in most Countries The Unofficial inflation rate Is in the double digits some countries Are in recession with many others close To it most importantly however the Average person is reportedly taking on Record levels of debt in order to get by To be blunt it's literally the opposite Of the conditions we had during the Previous alt season now the Silver Lining to this is that the longer these Conditions continue the more likely it Is that governments and central banks Will intervene with similar kinds of Stimulus Never mind the possibility of an Existential Shock what this means is there should Come a point where we get a similar Backdrop to the one we had during the Pandemic in terms of fiscal and monetary Stimulus now exactly when is Up For Debate but it will probably require what I noted a few moments ago some Existential shock that justifies Stimulus it's safe to say that crypto And most other assets would crash in the Event of such a shock additional banking Crises not withstanding assuming history Repeats the shock would be followed by a Few weeks of suppressed price action and Then an explosion to the upside as the Stimulus hits the markets on that note If you watched our more recent crypto

Market update you'll know that BTC lags Liquidity aka the amount of money in the Markets by about 6 weeks this means that It would take roughly 6 weeks for BTC And altcoins to start rallying after we Experience a shock and a stimulative Response but again this assumes that a Shock will come the worst case scenario For altcoins would actually be if the Current conditions continue interest Rates remain high inflation keeps Rising Recessions keep coming and Retail debt Keeps piling up if this happens the next Alt season may not be as big as most of Us expect moreover it's easy to forget That the structure of the crypto Market Has changed since the last cycle and not Just because of the spot Bitcoin ETFs Regulations in the US UK and elsewhere Have made it harder for retail investors To access the offshore exchanges where The most speculative altcoins can be Found and in the case of the EU it's Going to be very interesting to see how Much its upcoming stablecoin regulations Will change the crypto Market in case You missed the memo USD stable coins Will effectively be and in the EU by the End of the year this could likewise Limit altcoin availability for retail Investors so with all that in mind we Can address the question of how to tell When altcoin season is starting the Short answer is to watch all the

Indicators I mentioned earlier this Means retail trading volume crypto Exchange app popularity Google searches And yes the views on channels like this One when you start to see all of these Indicator is rising then chances are alt Season is about to begin believe it or Not but you could make the case for this Today Search terms for things like buy Crypto are starting to creep up for the First time in years but are still far From their previous highs the thing is That it's hard to say whether this is The beginning of a new alt season or one Of the few speculative waves we tend to See leading up to it one way to figure This out is to look at how crypto Projects are marketing themselves and Particularly if they're making big Announcements not surprisingly it Appears that most crypto projects tend To make their biggest announcements when More people are paying attention we've Even seen a few instances of crypto Projects delaying big updates and Announcements when there wasn't enough Interest from retail investors obviously Lots of crypto projects have been making Big announcements lately and this is Another indicator That altcoin season Could be starting however there have Only been a few instances where these Announcements actually translated into Speculative buying indicating a

Continuing shortage of retail investors So once you start to see lots of crypto Projects making big announcements and Their coins or tokens pumping a lot in Response that's when you'll know that Retail investors have started arriving And when you start to see these big Altcoin announcements on the mainstream News it's probably close to the top Funnily enough a few of these big Altcoin announc an ments have also been Showcased by some mainstream media Outlets and I'm sure some of you have Experienced other top signals such as Friends and family asking you about What's going on in crypto or Worse how To buy memecoins even in these cases Though if people aren't putting their Money where their mouth is then it Doesn't count if mainstream reporting of Altcoin news isn't causing a significant Pump and your friends and family aren't Aping in then it's not exactly an ALT Season remember that many of them have Altcoin bags too another way to know That an ALT season is about to happen is To assess whether these indicators are Flashing at a time that an altcoin Season would be likely to occur from a Cycle perspective this is admittedly Tricky to assess because the spot Bitcoin ETFs seem to have warped the Cycle a bit for context crypto follows a 4-year cycle this means that we should

Be in the early 2020 phase of the Previous crypto cycle when prices were Starting to creep up and experienced a Flash crash because of an existential Shock before going higher however it's Possible that we're on an accelerated Schedule specifically we could be closer To the late 2020 stage of the crypto Market cycle and not just because of the Spot Bitcoin ETFs by this point there Are millions of people who have been Through two crypto Cycles 2017 and 2021 They know how the story goes and they Know what comes next the Practical Effect of this is that we won't be Waiting a year for altcoin season to Start as was the case in 2020 instead it Could just be a few months but again This assumes that we're on an Accelerated schedule crypto could still Be on the same schedule which just means That well we're all early to alt season So this brings me to the big question And that's which altcoins you need to Watch this season I'll start by saying That if we are indeed all early to alt Season then it's probably the perfect Time to start accumulating that said This is not Financial advice and it's Quite possible that it's the worst time To start accumulating so with that Disclaimer out of the way the altcoins You need to watch this season are those That will be the most accessible to

Retail investors this ties into to what I mentioned earlier and that the Structure of the crypto Market it looks Like most retail investing will happen On onshore exchanges like for instance Coinbase if this ends up being the case Then it may be prudent to focus on Altcoins that are listed on coinbase This relates to another thing I Mentioned earlier and that's market cap The smaller the market cap the bigger The risk but the bigger the reward and Picking a crypto with a low price tag Could help too that's because most Retail investors believe that a low Price tag means that a coin or token Could pump more when it's actually the Market cap that really matters so by Combining a low price tag with a low Market cap you end up with some solid Fundamentals or as some influencers like To say pumpamentals But being listed on coinbase and having A low price tag and market cap is not All the ideal altcoin needs to have it Also needs to fit into a bullish Narrative and have a use case that the Average retail investor can understand And ape into you can refer to our video About bull market narratives for help There now if you want to be extra sure That the crypto you picked is the right One you need to research its tokenomics That means how many coins or tokens

Could come into the market in the future Because the last thing you want is to Buy a promising altcoin only to get Dumped on by the team and their VC Backers and if you prefer coins and Tokens that are less volatile but still Likely to do well then you should Consider picking a large altcoin to be Exact you need to pick a smart contract Cryptocurrency that most of the Promising tokens are trading on hint we Mentioned a few of these cryptos earlier In the video and finally you need to Realize that if you do get into a Promising altcoin at a good time then You may be better off holding it for the Longer term as many members of the coin Bureau team can attest they would have Just as much money today if they had Just held their altcoin bags through the Bare market after all crypto is Fundamentally creating new systems be They Financial or otherwise While most Of these systems and the projects within Them will go to zero some of them will Stick around the ones that do could be Worth trillions of dollars someday just How BT C is worth north of a trillion Today speaking of which it's important To remember that BTC has the longest and Most proven track record of any coin or Token this makes it the safest crypto to Hold on a relative basis although it's Likely that others will someday have the

Same Safe Haven status it's impossible To know for sure which ones so if you Prefer not to take the risk of holding On to an altcoin and seeing if it will Stand the test of time consider Allocating to the original crypto that Could someday become the world's Reserve Currency it sounds crazy until you Realize that central banks will start Accumulating BTC in 2025 and you can Find out more about that in the Description and that is all for today's Video folks so if you found it helpful Smash that like button to let us know if You want to make sure you keep getting Helpful crypto content subscribe to the Channel and ping that notification Bell And if you want to help others Understand what's going on with alt Season why not share this video with Them as always thank you for watching And I'll see you all in the next one This is Guy bidding you [Music] Goodbye


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