What’s REALLY Happening In The Crypto Market.. in March!! (Up or Down?)

We now are going to have a couple Inflation prints coming up over the Course of the next couple weeks that are Going to be important billionaire Investor Brad gershner just had a really Interesting take about this economy in 2023 now Brad is an American Tech Investor he is a hedge fund manager and Owner of the very successful multimeter Capital with over 17.9 billion dollars In assets under management so when Brad Gerstner talks smart investors usually Listen now while this was an almost two Hour conversation on the all-in podcast I want to share with you just 90 seconds Of Brad speaking about the economy Interest rates inflation rates and the Future of these markets today we now are Going to have a couple inflation prints Coming up over the course of the next Couple weeks that are going to be Important My hunch is you know everybody has Tilted again on you know what we saw in The last couple prints my suspicion if You look at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs the consensus view is that we're Still heading in the direction of four Percent faster than I think people Emotionally think so I would say there's Maximum uncertainty in the world the Fear that inflation is uncapped the way Larry Summers was articulate in November And December is less today than it was

But what's emerged is this idea that We're going to have higher rates for Longer and we're going to have higher Inflation for longer now the the Question I'd throw back at you Is the market abhors uncertainty the Market's done totally fine during Periods where we had three percent Inflation and five and a half percent Rates right when when the internet boom That was you know 2000 to 2005 rates Were a hell of a lot higher than the Rates are today so I don't think that Higher rates and higher inflation means That we can't you know invest in Venture-backed companies that have huge Secular growth the world doesn't end but What I do think it means is like if There's massive uncertainty in the world If allocators of capital don't know Whether rates are going to double again Whether inflation is going to double Again then everything just shuts down And that's really bad for the economy I Don't see that happening right now but I Do think that the prince over the course Of the next eight weeks are going to be Important So Brad said a few different things in That clip number one yes inflation is Still really really high it is a lot Stickier it's not going down as fast as Most experts thought it would number two Speaking about the federal fund's

Interest rate while originally the Market was projecting maybe just one More 25 base Point increase judging from These latest CPI numbers the market is Now projecting they'll probably get not Just one but probably a few more and Then finally and this is what it all Comes down to the issue for investors Isn't really are we high are we low the Issue is that uncertainty the Market's Done totally fine during periods where We had three percent inflation and five And a half percent rates if there's Massive uncertainty in the world if Allocators of capital don't know now the Next inflation data the next CPI report Isn't until March 14th with the next fed Meeting happening then on March 22nd 21st 22nd a governing principle I think I probably said it too many times but I'll say it again rates are going to be Higher than we like and they'll stay Here longer than we want and so I still Kind of maintain that we're probably Going to have a five and a half percent Fed funds rate Which means that I don't know maybe Credit Suisse will offer me seven and a Half percent soon on three month T bills But we're going to have higher rates and I do think Brad's right though in the Sense that as long as we know that then That's it and we can forecast it into The future without it changing too much

It'll be okay so this is an ongoing Story the minute I get more information I will make a video I will keep you Informed but breaking news coming out of The SEC binance us is operating an Unregistered Securities Exchange says SEC officials the officials spoke during A voyager digital bankruptcy hearing so As we know binance us is attempting to Buy Voyager digital's Assets in their Bankruptcy but that's being blocked Because in a direct quote from the SEC Staff the staff believes based solely on The fact and circumstances currently Known to the staff that the offering and Sale of vgx tokens has the attributes of A Securities transaction meaning they Believe Voyager tokens are securities But number two the staff also believes That binance us is operating an Unregistered security Securities Exchange in the U.S so that's a huge Revelation because if the SEC staff Believes that binance US is an Unregistered Securities Exchange that Basically means that every Exchange in The US is probably the same the official Noted that the SEC staff's views don't Necessarily reflect the views of the Five Commissioners at the head of the Agency so this isn't an official ruling From the SEC they have to wait on the Five Commissioners to make their ruling But typically an enforcement action by

The SEC is started by the staff but Needs a majority of Commissioners to Vote in favor to then proceed upon Hearing this news binance us did Issue An official statement they said it is Regrettable that an SEC staff member Would make allegations that binance U.S And platforms alike ours are operating As an unregistered exchange without Specifying the assets listed on our Exchange that the SEC considers to be Securities which is totally fair binance Is saying tell us which cryptocurrencies Are the unregistered Securities we want To comply tell us so then we can then Have some clarity they continued by Saying we along with others in our Industry remain committed to Constructive dialogue with regulators And supporting a comprehensive Regulatory framework drafted and passed By Congress to ensure Innovation Continues in the United States yes so They're also saying by the way SEC you Don't make laws congress makes the laws You're just the enforcer we don't want Regulation by enforcement but we will Listen to a comprehensive regulatory Framework drafted and passed by Congress And before we talk about tether I do Have some good news to share with you Galaxy digital tips Bitcoin nft Market To hit 4.5 billion by 2025 meaning Galaxy digital is bullish on bitcoin

Ordinals Bitcoin nfts and although we Did do an interview explaining to you What are Bitcoin nfts what are Bitcoin Ordinal nfts as a quick reminder Bitcoin Nfts or ordinals have attracted Significant attention since the ordinal Protocol launched in late January Enabling users to inscribe data such as Images PDFs videos and audio onto Individual satoshi's the smallest unit Of a Bitcoin and in a direct quote from Galaxy digital's research report they Said while there are notable differences Between inscriptions and nfts it's fair To say that a native on-chain ecosystem For nfts has emerged on Bitcoin in a way That was never possible before and it's Used has been exploding so here was that Page from the research report there was The bear case the base case and the bull Case and even if Bitcoin nfts just stay A niche sort of trend they still think a 1.5 billion dollar market cap for the Full thing and obviously a whole lot More if it becomes as popular as Ethereum nfts or even more popular if You like Bitcoin you do not need to own A Bitcoin ordinal but feel free to join Us at bitcoin2023 in Miami use code Altcoin daily for 10 off your ticket Ticket prices do increase in about five Days so link down below check it out and Then finally many of you have been Asking about tether stablecoin issuer

Tether used bank accounts opened with Falsified documents in the past According to the Wall Street Journal so The Wall Street Journal reported Friday That tether used bank accounts in the Names of Executives in very of various Companies slightly tweaking those Companies names to maintain its access To to the Global Financial system back In 2018. so this was over four years ago It did already happen according to the Wall Street Journal of course tether's Chief technology officer refutes these Claims the chief technology officer of Tether tweeted on Friday afternoon that The Wall Street Journal reports Contained a ton of misinformation and Inaccuracies without giving specifics But as an investor in crypto I wanted You to be aware of what's Happening that Is the video my name is Austin see you Tomorrow


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