What’s Next For SUI?? Price Prediction & Updates!

Over the last few years everyone has Been wondering which crypto project or Protocol will be the first to achieve True Mass adoption that is adoption by People who aren't even that interested In crypto sui appears to be uniquely Positioned to take this title that's Because it hasn't just been focusing on Optimizing the software it's one of the Few crypto projects that's looking to Optimize the hardware as well today We're going to give you a quick overview Of sui bring you up to speed about some Of its most important updates analyze Sui's price action and tell you where This project is headed next stay Tuned before we proceed there is a Disclaimer you must heed if you're Looking for financial advice don't look At me education and entertainment are The only things I have to offer thee Many of us here at the coin Bureau also Hold suie including me but we will not Let this affect our objectivity okay With that said sui was founded by Evan Chen Sam blacksher Adan ABI Oden Costas Chakas and George Denis all used to work At Facebook now meta on its digital Currency project DM formerly known as Libra they founded sui in late 2021 a Few months before DM officially shut Down sui was built by a us software Company called miston labs and its Ongoing development is coordinated by

The sui Foundation a nonprofit based in The Cayman Islands Sui raised almost $400 million across Various icos and iOS in 2021 2022 and 2023 with FTX being one of the largest Investors note that sui or rather mist And Labs bought back the sui coins that Were sold to FTX in April last year the Good news is that this eliminated the Risk that the FTX bankruptcy estate Would dump these coins on the market the Bad news is that it cost miston Labs Almost $100 million a quarter of its Runway in any case sui's main net went Live in May last year sui uses a Delegated proof of stake blockchain That's capable of processing up to 297,000 transactions per second it's Important to note though that this Figure is based on a test conducted Prior to su's launch in April last year It's unclear what su's current tps's for What it's worth a recent report by coin Gecko found that sui had been processing An average of 854 transactions per Second second only to salana at over 1,000 TPS the difference of course is That sui has not experienced any outages Or congestion issues whereas salana has Regardless speed comes with trade-offs And in sui's case that's Decentralization the sui blockchain has Just 106 validators according to suis Scan this might have something to do

With the fact that becoming a validator Requires a minimum of 30 million suie Coins that is over $30 million at the Time of shooting nope me neither Thankfully though delegation is possible With no minimum stake staking rewards Are currently around 3.3% per year for Validators and delegators Misbehaving validators risk having a Portion of their Stakes slashed though It's not clear if this applies to Delegators too staked sui can also be Easily liquid staked and this is thanks To su's novel architecture in contrast To other smart contract compatible layer Ones sui's technology is oriented around Objects not accounts sui also uses a Newer programming language called move Which was created by Sam these two Features make the SOI blockchain very Scalable and flexible and by the way if You're enjoying the video so far be sure To karate chop that like button to let Us know and subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell so you don't Miss our next Video so ma'am where exactly were you on The night of the murder I was right here Detective all night long you got anyone Who can back that up you mean an alibi Yeah that's the one no I was all on my My lonesome and what exactly were you Doing all on your lonesome if you don't Mind me asking well keep it under your

Hat detective but I was looking through The coin Bureau deals page what's a coin Bureau deals page when it's at home it's Only the place where you'll find the Best discounts and Promos in all of Crypto what do you mean I mean trading Fee discounts of up to 60% and sign up Bonuses of up to $60,000 on some of the Best exchanges holy smokes they got Discounts on Hardware wallets too by any Chance they sure do detective like you Wouldn't believe well that sure sounds Kind of swell lady but just you give me One good reason why I should believe a Single word you say you don't have to Take my word for a detective take a look At the link down below and see for Yourself she wasn't kidding those deals Really were something else turns out That crypto ain't such a bad place after All you just got to know your way Around now in addition to staking sui is Used to pay P for fees and for Governance notably the fees pay for both Computation and storage the fees paid For storage can be reclaimed by Destroying the data being stored such as An nft for example the storage fees also Use a novel mechanism that's outside the Scope of this video we'll leave links in The description though if you want to Learn more now sui has a maximum supply Of 10 billion which is distributed as Follows 20% to early contributors 14% to

Investors 10% to M and Labs 6% to the Community and 50% to the community Reserve which includes staking rewards Note that some sources suggest slightly Different allocations anyways as you can See sui's vesting schedule is quite Aggressive with a sizable Cliff that Occurred earlier this month it's worth Pointing out that the sui allocated to Investors will finish vesting in the Middle of 2020 6 it's not clear when the Other vesting schedules will end but They all go past 2030 now since it's Inception sui has seen considerable Adoption with almost 15 million wallets Created 900,000 daily active users and Over $700 billion locked in its defi Protocols the caveat though is that all These adoption metrics seem to have Peaked and appear to be rolling over We'll come back to that later though now It's been about a year since we last Covered sui and it's safe to say that a Lot has happened since then shortly After that video went live a critical Bug was discovered for all move-based Blockchains including sui fortunately The bug was fixed unfortunately it was Related to the move language but again We'll come back to that later now the Sui fud continued in June when the sui Foundation allegedly sold a portion of Its locked suie staking rewards on Binance obviously this was a big deal

Because these coins were supposed to be Locked the sui Foundation denied the Allegations but evidence of the selling Was visible on chain as many people Pointed out though staking vesting Allocations and selling the staking Rewards seems to be standard for proof Of stake blockchains particularly those With lots of VC funding you'll know this If you watched our video about Aptos Versus salana Whatever the case the fud was quickly Overshadowed by the fomo when former PayPal employees launched a crossborder Payments crypto project on sui sui also Signed a multi-year deal with Red Bull Racing the sui team mentioned in Interviews that it will be a very Involved partnership so well watch out The sentiment in July was mixed with a Crypto project called Deep book Announcing the launch of an order book Dex on suie and the sui Foundation Revealing that a crypto project called Movex had been the one selling locked Suie coins back in June this Simultaneously confirmed that vesting Sui isn't truly Locked anyhow in August sui announced That coming chat a decentralized social Media project had added signals Encryption to its messages this is Significant as decentralized social Media AKA Doo or social fi will likely

Be a big narrative during the this Crypto bull market remember sui was Formerly a Facebook project on that note Sui announced the launch of ZK login in September as the name suggests ZK login Makes it possible to log to daps using Your Google twitch or Facebook account Without revealing your private key this Milestone is significant as it makes it Exponentially easier to onboard users to Sui daps then in October sui announced That had reclaimed 117 million soie Coins from market makers and that it Would use these funds to incentivize Building within its ecosystem the timing Of this news was significant as the sui Foundation was accused of manipulating Sui's Supply by South Korean Regulators Shortly after what's alarming is that The accusations were identical to those Made by crypto sleuths a few months Previously the sui Foundation was Allegedly selling staking rewards from Its locked suie Holdings the foundation Once again denied the allegations but is Reportedly under investigation by Authorities the foundation has said it's Cooperating and it is possible that it Was another crypto project gone Rogue Anywh who luckily sentiment around sui Started improving earlier this year in January sui hit over 6,000 transactions Per second as inscriptions came to its Blockchain if you're unfamiliar with

Inscriptions ordinals or BRC 20s then be Sure to check out our video about those Using the link in the description now The fomo continued with suie partnering With stalk to create an oracle this is Where things get really interesting if You watched our recent salana update You'll know that pith feeds data Directly into salana but indirectly into Other blockchains this puts sana's Competitors at an unfair disadvantage It seems that sui is hyper aware of this And it looks like the purpose of their Partnership with stalk is to create an Oracle that's even faster than pith this Underscores the fact that sui is Positioning itself to be a salana killer As it otherwise wouldn't go out of its Way to establish its own Oracle Infrastructure speaking of which sui Also became one of the top 10 biggest Blockchains by total value locked at the End of January it's not entirely clear Where all this tvl came from but cross Chain data from Bridges like Wormhole Suggest that lots of money has been Flowing from ethereum to sui interesting Now in February sui launched its Ambassador program for those unfamiliar Ambassador programs often involve paying Individuals such as influencers to Promote a crypto project for anyone Wondering the coin Bureau is not an Ambassador for sui nor any other project

For that matter Now in March Ono Finance launched its Yield bearing stable coin usdy on sui This foreshadows more real world assets On sui which is another big crypto bull Market narrative soend the top lending Protocol on salana also launched on sui As suland highlighting sui's competition With salana the bar for this competition Was raised again when Mist Labs Announced a new protocol called pilot Fish which will make it Poss possible For suie to scale with the number of Machines used this means the more Computers you add the faster sui becomes For context this is something salana is Also aiming to do as a cherry on top the Cloud division of chines Tech Giant Tensent launched an RPC service for the Sui blockchain for reference rpcs are Required to interact with blockchain Nodes what's fascinating is that sui Seems to have an increasingly close Relationship with entities in Asia Especially those close to China case in Point a subsidiary of bite dance the Parent company of Tik Tok partnered with Sui for gamey and social fi in April Binance's FD USD stablecoin also Launched on sui making it the third Chain to host the Hong Kong based Stablecoin outside of ethereum and BNB Chain more importantly sui announced That it would be launching a handheld

Gaming device in 2025 now the significance of this cannot Be Understated besides the fact that it's a Day facto response to sana's Saga phone It also suggests that the battle for Crypto adoption could well happen via Hardware not software consider that sui Published a blog post focused on Decentralized physical infrastructure AKA deepin showcasing crypto projects That sound eerily similar to helium Which is on Salan Funnily enough sui lend that lending Protocol originally from salana also Launched an incentive program on sui Ironically enough the sui Foundation had To come out and make a statement about The massive vesting cliff in May Something salana once had to deal with Too the Silver Lining is that sui Announced that it would soon be Introducing an upgrade to reduce its Block time to 390 milliseconds 10 Milliseconds faster than Sal Now all of these updates developments And Partnerships have had a predictable Effect on sui's price action it Basically crashed all of last year Because of all the fud before rallying Up to new highs this year because of all The fomo it is since cooled off as Interest in altcoins seems to have Dwindled as with every crypto su's past

Present and future price action Fundamentally depends on two simple Things supply and demand in case it Wasn't clear enough sui has had some Serious Supply growth its supply has Increased by more than 4 x over the last Year most of it coming online earlier This month given that sui's sale prices Were between three and 10 cents a suie Price of around $1 means that early Investors are up between 30 and 10x Respectively it's likely that some of Them are taking profits on their Unlocked SOI and it's possible that There also selling the staking rewards From their locked suie again this is Standard practice for most proof of State cryptos particularly those backed By large VCS believe it or not but it Doesn't really matter so long as the Demand outweighs the supply but again The supply side of the equation is Pretty crazy in su's case here is some Quick back of theand maths sui's supply Has increased by around 1.8 billion Coins since last May Assuming an average price of around 50 Cents which is a conservative estimate Then sui has experienced up to $900 Million of cell pressure this is a lot Of cell pressure even when you break it Up over a 12-month period as I hinted Earlier the demand side of the equation Doesn't seem to be as strong and also

Seems to be weakening for starters we Have the total value locked in sui's Defi protocols which seems to have Peaked according to defi LL To be fair this can be partially Explained by the decline in su's price What's not so easy to explain however is The number of active accounts according To Su scan the number of active accounts Is rolling over Falling by almost 50% Since miday what's strange is that this Activity is inconsistent with sui's tvl Which was Rising fast despite minimal Onchain activity this can be clearly Seen when you look at the total number Of transactions on sui transactions had Been almost completely flat since last August and only started spiking earlier This month the spike was temporary and Seems to resemble the spike we saw last July it's not clear though what caused These spikes what is clear is that many Of these onchain metrics suggest demand Is not trending in the right direction And This spells trouble for sui's price In sui's defense the same Trends can be Seen with almost every other crypto as I Mentioned a few moments ago altcoin Interest isn't very high at the moment This means that in the short term sui's Price is likely to continue trending Lower along with its demand side metrics Even if the supply side pressures ease In the long term however Su could

Actually have serious potential and That's just because it meets the Criteria of a crypto that retail could Ape into it has a low price tag which Gives the illusion of large gains has a Lower market cap than most large cap Cryptos which means that it takes less Money to move its price and is Accessible as it's listed on all major Exchanges su's only drawback is its Tokenomics but that was the case for Soul in the last cycle to refresh your Memory Soul had an enormous festing Cliff which should have tanked its price In the short term it had next to no Effect in the long term I.E over the Course of the bull market soul went from $5 to $250 a 50x why because sana's narrative was That it was an ethereum killer this is Part of why we're so bullish on salana Killers and why we think sui Aptos and Other salana Killers could surprise to The upside the same way that Soul did During the last cycle this is precisely Why many of us hold sui as part of our Personal crypto portfolios if Su Performs half as well as Soul did well It's a 25x and by the way if you want to Maximize your gains regardless of which Way SOI goes the coin Bureau deals page Is where you need to go it's got trading Fee discounts of up to 60% and sign up

Bonuses of up to $6,000 on the best crypto exchanges link Below you are welcome now whether sui Can pull a 25x or more fundamentally Depends on its upcoming Milestones sui Published a developer road map to the Sui forums in January most Milestones Are technical related to stuff like Improving the move language one of the Few that isn't though is a native cross Chain Bridge planned for the end of the Year realizing just how directly sui has Been competing with salana the launch of A native cross Chain Bridge is likely a Response to sana's Wormhole bridge if This is indeed the case then it Foreshadows a possible token and or Airdrop for sui's upcoming As well as for its aforementioned Oracle Stalk take note now aside from the Milestones I've mentioned already like The gaming console and the scalability Upgrades sui has Milestones related to Gaming finance and commerce these are The three pillars of sui strategy but Its Founders have been very careful About mentioning specific Milestones This is presumably because it would risk Sui being labeled as a security by the SEC oddly enough sui is one of the few Layer ones that hasn't been singled out For this treatment the result is that Sui's Founders have focused on broader Milestones such as making sui as

Accessible as possible through the likes Of ZK login one of the few specific Milestones in sui strategy was revealed By Adan in a recent presentation he Specified that sui sees gamei as a sort Of Trojan horse for the mass adoption of Defi which sui believes will be best Done via hard Ware hence the gaming Console it's a truly thought-provoking Approach Costas also revealed dozens of Milestones in a recent presentation Including offline peer-to-peer Transactions NFC technology likely for Payments interacting with sui via text Message and launching a decentralized Only fans he even talked about Tokenizing the environment as in actual Animals you can find out why that's Terrifying using the link in the Description I digress now Sam also Revealed some details about su's work on The Move programming language in an Interview he noted that move is so new That the sui team has had to work Closely with the likes of Alibaba to Facilitate sui Integrations recall that An exploit was discovered in move last Year and this brings me to the Challenges that sui faces its first Challenge is Transparency when we told our community That we would be covering suie everyone Asked us to investigate what's been Going on with sui's tokenomics although

Sui has published this information it's Incomplete and insufficient that's Because it seems sui hasn't published The initial allocation of the sui coin Anywhere only the vesting schedule the Wallets belonging to the sui Foundation Also aren't noted on any of sui's Largest explorers it goes without saying That recent events suggest that this Should be done as soon soon as possible Never mind that you must scroll all the Way to the bottom of su's website to Find the vesting schedule it's not even In the documentation it should be noted There along with Foundation wallet Addresses similarly there continues to Be very little information about the sui Foundation the sui team once said they Would give more information about the Foundation structure and its operations Well we couldn't find any new Information about it This opacity has further undermined Confidence in the project this ties in To sui's Second Challenge and that's Technology as we've seen with salana and Even ethereum post merge new Technologies tend to have technical Issues in sui's case it's not only Dealing with new technologies but also a New programming language that has Already been shown to have one Vulnerability while sui itself has not Had any technical issues yet the risk of

Such an issue does seem to be high and This risk will only continue to increase As sui continues building out its Blockchain and ecosystem if sui Experiences an outage in the short term Confidence in it which is already Somewhat low could fall through the Floor similarly the high demands of the Sui blockchain appear to be doing damage To its Decentralization last year sui had 2,000 Full nodes today it has fewer than 500 FYI full nodes store sui's full Transaction history the number of full Nodes is likely falling because su's Blockchain is getting too big if this Trend continues there will only be a Handful of full nodes effectively making Sui a centralized server news flash this Is why Bitcoin ogs pushed back against Increasing bitcoin's block size Once Upon a Time and this relates to sui's Third Challenge and that's competition Sui faces intense competition from both Salana and Aptos and possibly SE in Theory sui has the upper hand as it Seems to be technologically Superior as We've seen however in practice Technology isn't the only Factor when it Comes to winning the controversies Around sui's tokenomics are just the tip Of the iceberg it seems that sui is Aligning itself with what's Cally Referred to as the offshore crypto

Industry by contrast salana appears to Be closely aligned with the onshore Crypto industry now if we're correct That sui is aligning with offshore Interests then this means it could face Hurdles onshore I.E in the United States And this could be happening already South Korea is closely aligned with the US and sui probably isn't the only Crypto project selling locked staking Rewards on Korean exchanges I'll remind You that sui is under investigation by Authorities there now with all all that Said sui's challenges pale in comparison With its potential if you step back it's Easy to see one of the most advanced Cryptocurrencies you can find on the Market today one of the few that's Focused on mass adoption and possibly The only one that has a serious chance Of getting it this cycle from our Perspective sui's upcoming gaming Console is its secret weapon when it Launches in 2025 there's a chance it Will see more sales than other pieces of Crypto Hardware to date it would not be Surprising at all if sui announced other Hardware devices in the interim that Address its other pillars for all its Faults sui is literally changing the Crypto game almost exactly like salana Did during the last cycle it's raising The bar for everything including Controversies around tokenomics

Apparently even though sui May struggle In the short term we believe it could Well outperform its peers in the long Term Let's just hope it addresses those Challenges in Time okay that is all for today's video So if you found it informative reduce That like button to Mere fragments in Order to let us know if you want to stay Informed about crypto projects be sure To subscribe to the channel and ping That notification Bell and if you want To inform others about suie then be sure To share this video with them like the Generous person that you are as always Thank you for watching and I'll see you In the next one so until then then Crypto friends


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