What’s NEXT For Crypto?? CRAZY Returns & Full Potential?!

In crypto it's often said that we are Still early meaning that most coins and Tokens still have lots of Potential this my friends is an Understatement to put things into Perspective the total market cap of Stocks is $90 trillion the total market Cap of precious metals is $15 trillion And the market cap of just the US dollar Is over 20 trillion meanwhile the total Market cap of crypto is only around 1 Trillion even though some coins and Tokens could someday become serious Competitors to stocks metals or even National currencies this means that Crypto still has unprecedented potential So today we're going to tell you exactly How it will achieve this potential when This could happen and just how large the Returns could Be the first step to achieving crypto's Full potential is awareness and and Education this is simply because crypto Can't receive investment or achieve Adoption if nobody knows about it it Also can't receive investment or achieve Adoption if people don't understand how It works or why it's valuable now it's Safe to say that awareness of and Education about crypto has been lacking Most of the awareness has either come From mainstream media which is often Aligned with the financial establishment Or from misleading advertisements

Promotions and Partnerships often from Explicitly Pro crypto entities most of The education has also come from Questionable sources with most media Outlets and influencers pushing content Purely for the purpose of getting clicks Or token allocations the result is that There is a general shortage of quality Information about crypto but this does Seem to be improving that's ultimately Because more and more people are looking For Quality information about about Crypto the size of the coin Bureau is Evidence of this fact of course our Style of content isn't for everyone Which is why we encourage anyone Interested in creating quality Educational crypto content to start Doing so ASAP the sooner crypto can Establish reliable and trustworthy Sources of information the sooner that It will get the right kind of awareness And the right kind of education the Reason why it's been so hard to come by So far is because it's often more Profitable to do other kinds of crypto Content in the short term this has given Cryptocurrency a very bad reputation and It's especially tough for those who are Genuinely trying to educate others but This seems to be improving too those who Decided to take shortcuts when creating Crypto content are slowly but surely Reaping what they seed think SEC

Enforcement actions and the like some Countries such as the UK have have also Recently introduced strict regulations Around crypto promotion as concerning as Some of these regulations are they are Arguably necessary to ensure that the Next wave of crypto media outlets and Influencers are focused on crypto Content with long-term value now it's Not entirely clear when this shift will Happen but we seem to be at the Beginning stages of it by the time the Next crypto bull market begins it's Likely that the quality of crypto Awareness and education will be much Higher than it has been that will set The stage for crypto to reach its full Potential and if you want to help Increase the quality of crypto awareness And education go ahead and smash that Like button now this falls into the Second step to achieving crypto's full Potential and that's regulation this Ties into awareness and education Because Regulators need to be aware of And educated about crypto in order to Write good Regulations institutional investors also Need to be aware of and educated about These regulations now as we've seen Regulators around the world seem to be Both aware of and educated about crypto For the most part this is fortunate or Unfortunate depending on the

Jurisdiction in question it's becoming Clear that some are pushing for proc Crypto regulations While others are Pushing for anti- crypto regulations Believe it or not not but any kind of Crypto regulation will be a net benefit For the crypto market so long as it Doesn't involve an outright ban of Course this is just because investors Notably institutions will finally have Some guidance about what they can and Can't do with crypto in their country And once these investors and Institutions get involved you can bet That they're going to Lobby to improve Crypto regulations to better suit their Needs if you watched our video about Crypto Lobby groups you'll know that the Crypto industry has already been Lobbying but with well mixed results by Contrast some of you might recall that Fidelity had privately lobbied the SEC To approve a spot Bitcoin ETF back in September 2021 for context Fidelity is One of the largest asset managers in the World the fact that it was basically Arguing with an anti- crypto regulator Behind closed doors is extremely bullish In retrospect it's possible that Fidelity's lobbying is why black rock Became emboldened to file for a spot Bitcoin ETF back in June more Importantly Fidelity's past lobbying and Black Rock's present SEC filing suggests

That these lobbying efforts will only Increase this will ultimately be a net Benefit to the crypto Market the only Variable is time if you watched our Video about operation choke 2 you'll Know that the US crypto Crackdown may Not end until after the 2024 election as For other jurisdictions like the UK and The EU most of their crypto regulations Won't go into Force until later next Year also in 2024 until that time it's very unlikely That we'll see serious inflows into the Crypto Market that's because investors Won't feel comfortable investing in Coins and tokens that could be Classified as Securities and they Definitely won't feel comfortable Knowing that their feat to crypto ramps Could be cut at any time as we've seen With jurisdictions like Hong Kong and Singapore however the presence of crypto Regulations doesn't automatically result In immediate inflows even so they are a Prerequisite for these inflows to come Without regulations investors of all Kinds just won't feel comfortable Investing in crypto now this relates to The third step to achieving crypto's Full potential and that's invest M Specifically investment from Institutions and high net worth Individuals of course these entities Hold most of the world's wealth this is

A consequence of having currencies whose Supply is manipulated by people in power More about that in the description I Digress now like all investors Institutions and high net worth Individuals ultimately want to maximize Their returns as it so happens bitcoin's BTC is estimated to be the best Performing asset of all time from an Initial price of 9 cents to an all-time Highs of over $69,000 BTC has pulled a 760,000 x return like all assets with Such high returns btc's returns are Likely to diminish over time but it is Still likely to outperform most other Assets for the forcable future this Fundamentally depends on how much BTC Will see in terms of of inflows now this Is impossible to predict but there is One Benchmark to keep in mind BTC is Considered by many investors including Black Rock to be digital gold as a Result it's generally believed that Btc's market cap will someday be similar To that of gold now Gold's market cap Currently sits at around $13 trillion Btc's market cap is currently sitting at Around half a trillion dollars so a a Bit of quick maths will tell you that BTC catching up to Gold would mean a 26x Increase in its price this would Translate to a BTC price of around 670k what's interesting is that btc's

Peak price of 69k put its market cap at Around $1.3 trillion which is Coincidentally around 10% of Gold's Total market cap now I'm pointing this Out because some longtime BTC holders Such as the wink ofos twins have stated That they will only take profits when Btc's market cap gets close to that of Golds what's fascinating is that BTC was Rejected when it was around 10% of Gold's market cap a key price level Pointed out in a report by Bank of America in 2021 in any case this assumes That BTC is analogous to digital gold Some have argued that BTC has additional Value since Bitcoin is technically the Most secure Network in the world this Makes it the ideal base for other Ecosystems including payments which can Be supported by the likes of the Lightning Network and speaking of Payment networks smart contract Cryptocurrencies are generally believed To be the ones that will capture this Market share this means that they could Someday displace payment processes and Other Financial intermediaries now the Total market cap of these companies is Over $2 trillion given that the market Cap of ethereum's eth is currently Around 200 billion matching analogous Companies would mean a 10x increase in Price this would translate to an eth Price of over 15K but this likewise

Assumes that ethereum is just a payments Network it is obviously much more than That as such one could argue that Ethereum is still near the beginning of Its adoption curve and this pertains to The fourth step to achieving crypto's Full potential and that's adoption now For reference it's estimated that less Than 5% of the world currently holds Crypto this implies that should more People choose to hold crypto its price Should have a great deal of upside Potential but of course holding crypto Is not the same as using crypto the Former effectively constitutes Investment whereas the latter is actual Adoption onchain data for the largest Cryptos suggests there aren't more than A few million daily users a mere Fraction of the world's population Therefore potential gains are even Larger than one would expect by merely Extrapolating hodlers now for those Unfamiliar there are ultimately three Reasons why people adopt crypto the First is for profit the second is for Fun which is very much intertwined with The first reason and the third reason is Out of necessity and it's this third Reason that has resulted in in most of The actual crypto adoption if you Watched our recent video about what's Going on in Nigeria you'll know that up To half the country uses crypto on a

Daily basis you'll also know that this Is essentially because the government Can't be trusted this phenomenon is not Unique to Nigeria it's a trend that's Been accelerating around the world when You remember that most central banks are Currently in the process of rolling out Central Bank digital currencies or cbdcs It suddenly becomes easy to imagine a World where the average person starts Looking for alternatives to a digital Currency controlled by institutions they Don't trust the demand for such Alternatives may not be high for most Citizens but it is already increasing Among some governments it's well known That the so-called Global South is Looking to move away from the US dollar And there have been some reports that Suggest that crypto could be a part of Their ES plan for instance Iran recently Gave the green light to companies in the Country to use crypto for international Trade Russia is reportedly considering Doing the same and is even considering Mining its own crypto North Korea on the Other hand has been using its ill-gotten Crypto gains to fund its military and Nuclear programs now before you freak Out take a second to consider that the First entities to adopt crypto weren't All that appetizing either back in the Day most Bitcoin adoption was related to Criminal activity at the individual

Level think buying all sorts of naughty Things on Silk Road it appears that We're seeing the same crypto adoption Process repeat but on a national scale And just like the adoption process at The individual level the adoption Process at the national level will Eventually involve Nations and National Activities that are much more appetizing This could happen much sooner sooner Than you think because central banks Will be allowed to hold crypto starting In 2025 at that point using crypto for Things like International Trade will Become more accessible to the average Country at the same time the tendency to Weaponize Fiat currencies will be Increasing this will increase the demand For credibly neutral currencies and Decentralized cryptos like BTC could Play a key role now this ultim Ely Depends on the progress of the fifth Step to achieving crypto's full Potential and that's Innovation Particularly around user experience and Privacy logically it's going to be hard For individuals and institutions to Adopt crypto in any meaningful way if They must fumble with Hardware wallets All day long that's why crypto wallets Are a niche that you need to watch there Have been significant developments on This front the most significant of which

Is the gradual merging between hardware And software it might sound silly but a Crypto phone like salana Saga could be The solution to crypto wallet UI and ux And it's not just wallets either a lot Of innovation is happening at the Blockchain level if you watched our Recent ethereum update you'll know that Its EIP 4337 upgrade from earlier this Year will make it possible for any phone To have crypto phone type properties Mainly Hardware wallet level security You'll also know that it will make it Possible possible to create daps with no Gas fees or rather daps where the user Doesn't have to pay the gas fee Constantly checking and accounting for Transaction fees is another huge hurdle To crypto adoption and it's one that Many crypto projects are attempting to Overcome this is going to require Entirely new approaches such as charging Crypto users monthly subscription fees To use a blockchain rather than charging Them for every individual transaction of Course some of these approaches will Require entirely new types of Hardware Like more interactive Hardware wallets And if you don't already have a hardware Wallet then the link in the description Will give you a discount on some of the Best ones out there moving on now crypto Privacy is another Niche you need to Watch it goes without saying that

Privacy in crypto has been a touchy Subject on the one hand crypto's Transparency is a huge advantage on the Other hand some degree of privacy isqu Required for Financial Freedom and it's Demanded by high net worth individuals On the everpresent thirdd hand of Government there's a desire to exploit Crypto's transparency to track every Transaction and to label any attempts at Crypto privacy as inherently encouraging Criminality for the crypto industry this Presents a very difficult problem of Balancing transparency with privacy zero Knowledge proofs have emerged as one Potential solution into this problem but They come with all sorts of other Problems the primary one is ensuring That these zero knowledge Technologies Don't have secret back doors thankfully This is an issue that can probably be Addressed somehow regardless the problem Of balancing transparency with privacy Is closely related to the problem of Identity which is another Niche you need To watch it's clear that countries are Pushing for digital ID and apparently ly Global Regulators want to see these Digital IDs integrated with Cryptocurrency the good news is that the Crypto industry has been working on its Own supposedly decentralized digital ID Solutions the bad news is that these Digital ID Solutions are just as

Centralized as the ones from governments What's needed is a truly decentralized Digital ID we have yet to see any significant Development on that front for what it's Worth though the Innovations around Wallets and privacy continue at a rapid Pace and should be in place by the time The next crypto bull market comes around This will further facilitate crypto Investment and adoption at both the Individual and institutional levels There is just one thing that crypto will Need then so the final step to achieving Crypto's full potential is full Decentralization make no mistake without Decentral ization everything that I just Mentioned is off the table that's Because if crypto is centralized then it Can be controlled and if it can be Controlled it'll end up like the Existing systems we have news flash but The entire purpose of crypto is to Replace the existing systems we have With something better starting with our Monetary and financial systems naturally The technology that underlies crypto is Extremely powerful the only way it won't Fall into the wrong hands is if it's Truly Decentralized if you watched our video About decentralization you'll know that It doesn't just mean having lots of Validators or miners it means having a

Decentralized developer base a Decentralized coin or token distribution A decentralized infrastructure layer and Of course a decentralized blockchain Ultimately this also means having a Truly decentralized internet luckily the Internet is decentralized to some degree And and it will likely become more Decentralized as peer-to-peer internet Crypto projects like helium see more Investment and adoption and this Adoption will likely be necessary due to Internet censorship anyway speculation Aside the fact of the matter is that Most cryptocurrencies are currently not Decentralized enough to evade control it Stands to reason then that these Cryptocurrencies will not be the ones That make it in other words if you hold Centralized cryptos you're not early You're late very late that said this Depends on whether the centralized Cryptos you currently hold can become Decentralized to figure this out you Just have to ask one question is this Crypto capable of building its own Infrastructure and ecosystem without Relying on a single set of individuals Or institutions you'll quickly find that The answer for most cryptos is no but That's not entirely their fault from our Perspective one of the primary reasons Why so many cryptos are so centralized Is because of funding early investors in

Crypto projects want to see returns and Often try to control the project to that End this creates incentives for crypto Projects to cut corners on Decentralization to ensure that their Investors are quickly rewarded as we've Seen these socalled VC coins have seen The most aggressive pump and dump cycles And most of them probably won't last Past the next crypto cycle the Silver Lining to this situation is that it puts The solution to crypto centralization Problem on full display the crypto Industry needs to find a way to fund Crypto projects in a more decentralized Manner now this can theoretically be Done using Dows but the thing is that Most Dows are also quite Centralized luckily there's a solution To Dow centralization too and that's to Create new kinds of governance Structures this will be easier to do With new Innovations like truly Decentralized digital IDs which I'll Reiterate are badly needed the way that Things are looking this could be a story For a future cycle even without these Innovations though the next crypto cycle Looks promising if you're watching this Video shortly after it's been posted you Are perfectly position to take advantage Of the opportunities that are coming all You need to do is pay attention and not Feel rushed after all you're still

Early and that's all for today's video Folks if you found it insightful let me Know by Smashing that like button if you Want to make sure you keep getting these Insights subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell if you want To help others get some insight share This video with them if it's appropriate Of course if you're looking to get a Crypto Hardware wallet at a discount or Save on trading fees while getting up to $40,000 of airdrops and incentives the Coin Bureau deals page is where you Should head to it's got the resources You need to maximize your crypto gains And minimize your crypto pains link is Down in the description thank you all For watching and I'll see you next time So till then my crypto [Music] Friends


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