What’s Next for Bitcoin & Solana? (something big is coming)

What's next for Bitcoin what's the Latest news with Solana and low cap Altcoins watch today's whole video Because with Bitcoin there are now 11 Billion in shorts waiting to be Liquidated if Bitcoin reaches 73,000 and Shorts being liquidated is bullish Meaning if Bitcoin breaks out into the Green and those shorts get liquidated we Explode higher yet if Bitcoin trades Below this Red Zone below above 50 $9,000 Longs get liquidated suppressing The price lower the leverage in the System is building as Bitcoin continues In this sideways summer what comes next For Bitcoin and what catalysts should we Look to well institutional demand for The US Bitcoin ETFs enters its fifth Straight day of negative fifth day of Outflows for us Bitcoin ETFs with $140 Million out as ofest yesterday now let's Remember this is a trailing indicator It's not a leading indicator this tells Us what's already happened also one of These days was a national holiday in the US so the ETFs were closed although then I'm not sure why this that day reads as Negative globally accumulation is Happening over $1 million of inflows Today on day one of vanx Australia Bitcoin ETF vanx first ever listing of a A spot Bitcoin ETF on Australia's stock Exchange this week could help bring a Billion dollars of assets under

Management into Aussie digital asset ETFs equivalent to around $72 billion in Us this on top of our estimates of $1 Billion from the Hong Kong markets and $1 billion for South Korea adds up to3 Billion potential dollars for the Asia-pacific region so again for every Seller there's a buyer for every weak Hand that wants to offload there's a Long-term holder potentially a diamond Hand they're offloading too and just in Dell CEO and billionaire Michael Dell Posted this picture of the Cookie Monster eating Bitcoin the picture says It all and his retweet of Michael sailor Bitcoin is digital scarcity says it all Game theory is playing out they're Starting to realize Dell adding Bitcoin On their balance sheet soon and here's Why this is significant because Michael Dell is the 14th richest man in the World and now he's talking about Bitcoin What are the chances he knows number one Through 13th also while some people may Say that Dell is no longer relevant Dell Is doing $9 billion in iida per year Doing fantastic and while Michael Dell Is still the majority owner meaning he Can still make the the decisions Dell is Sitting on $6 billion in cash now he's Posting about Bitcoin dude you're Getting a Dell also major news for Altcoins a spot Solana ETF application Has been filed in Canada 3 IQ plans a

North America's first Solana ETF and 3 IQ digital asset management is a Canadian investment firm this has huge Implications for a Solana ETF in America In the US eventually as just like with Bitcoin and ethereum it first happened In Canada and the proposed fund named Q Soul will be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and aims to track the price Movement of Solana's native crypto Soul Against the US dollar now will this get Approved time will tell but staking Yields does appear to be a part of this Meaning if you invest in the ETF uh They'll stake the Solana for you and you Can get those passive yields just by Holding this would set a major precedent As right now the US doesn't is are Appearing not to allow staking yields For the eth ETF also news for polygon And cookie 3 keep in mind as we go Through this list I am invested in these Altcoins but first cookie collaboration Announcement cookie 3 and polygon are Collaborating to inject new projects Into the cookie ecosystem together we Are integrating a crucial AI data layer To enhance datadriven decisions across Polygon based projects but why this is Pretty interesting is because polygon Wants data they don't want to guess Anymore just as a reminder what is Cookie cookie3 is an AI data layer and Marketing fi protocol that Bridges

Businesses K's and web3 users what Problem do they solve the cookie Ecosystem finds unique ways to connect Relevant audiences with the right web Three projects and rewards both through Incentivized data sharing basically when They say marketing fi they just mean That businesses want to Market they want To find the right KS they want real Users they don't want Bots what if you Had a data aggregate layer that showed You all of this the ecosystems three Platforms help marketers better Understand their users tailor marketing Campaigns and ensure marketing budgets Are sent to Quality users via Advanced AI powered analytics so again the news Today is polygon officially sees the Value they are collaborating across Polygon-based projects if you guys want To take advantage anyone is able to Stake cookie for Endless airdrops lingo Has recently been announced when the Lingo coins airdrop comes some of it Will go directly to cookie stakers and Last but not least they have started Their 60-day first movers campaign Launch 120 API in that pool for early stakers So if you're looking to farm some Airdrops definitely an option to Consider also Aether actually first Nvidia Nvidia surpasses Microsoft Becoming the world's most valuable

Company by market cap Aether is a crypto Project that has joined the Nvidia Inception program just as a reminder on What Aether is building scalable Decentralized Cloud infrastructure for Gaming and AI so d centralized cloud Storage aether's vast supply of nvidia's H100 gpus the largest in the dein Ecosystem offers Limitless scalability For our clients to drive AI Innovation a Large amount of Enterprise gpus are Actually Underutilized right so if you look at Enterprise GPU usage and founder of Aether explains how they're able to grow And how they work right so if you look At Enterprise GPU usage uh across across Data centers in the US for example They're sitting at anywhere between 18 To sorry 15 to 18% utilization on Average so almost 80% um under utilization across this Infrastructure and this is incredibly Expensive infrastructure right uh one H100 server is you know around 300,000 US dollars right depending on what spec You choose and then plugging it in to to A Data Center and paying for the the Electricity the bandwidth uh the rack Space is is again incredibly expensive So Underutilization uh within that context Is a is a really kind of um expensive Condition right with a lot of impact on

On your bottom line as as a business so What we're able to do is effectively Knock on the doors uh of companies that Have a large amount of this compute and Say hey we know that you probably have a Portion of your compute that's Underutilized how would you like to very Very simply connect that up to our Network we'll match it with a global Kind of um network of Demand right and We'll reward you instantly so one of the Many reasons I'm bullish on Decentralized cloud storage and Specifically Aether I actually did this Little breakdown uh for the people that For the subscribers of altcoin daily on Twitter I shared the number one deep in Altcoin I'm accumulating right now so it Has 20 times more gpus than the render Network it has 4 five times more T flops Compute power than aosh Network 31 times More infrastructure Capital committed Than akos and render Network combined Like I mentioned tons and tons of Infrastructure and that is why I am not Only running several nodes I'm an early Investor I just want to keep you a Breast of things I find interesting and Because Aether has the largest GPU Network and highest committed Revenue Within the deep in sector Aether hold Holds the keys to Global GPU compute Which is arguably the most valuable and Most disruptive asset compute in history

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