What’s Next for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

What's next for crypto what's next for Btc's Price Bitcoin is holding above 26 000 today is remarkable as equities take A hit what's next for btc's price Because understand that both the 200 Week and the 200-day moving averages Converge above the current BTC price This means heavy resistance above 27 000 Bitcoin so is Bitcoin about to break out Or break down well in the options Markets opinion twenty four thousand Dollar bitcoin price level puts and Thirty five thousand dollar call options Have the largest open interest 24 and 35 Are their most likely scenarios but long Term it is so obvious that this space is Only growing here's a snippet from Yesterday's World digital mining Summit On how a minor is making fifty six Thousand dollars today per Bitcoin mind Bitcoin is the world's great greatest Commodity what are your thoughts on how Essential it is that miners shift to Renewables after the having I mean I think the example in urquhart Is a good example of how attractive Renewables is for a Bitcoin miner the Kind of the symbiotic relationship Between energy markets and a Bitcoin Miner so our we've got a project located In the airport market and by Running our mining operations flexibly Where we can sell back the power during Times of high power prices when other

Users need the power we can actually Bring down our all-in net power price so For the month of August we actually had A negative power price of eight cents So in essence we were paid about 28 000 Of Bitcoin to take power we then Generated 28 000 of Bitcoin for that Bitcoin mind so a profit margin of fifty Six thousand dollars of Bitcoin so that Shows the attractiveness of renewable Energy where we're benefiting as a Bitcoin minor and have resilience in our Economic model but we're also providing That benefit to this grid helping Stabilize it because of the volatile Nature of Renewables and remember Traders tend to affect the market short Term but fundamentals like hash power Like usage of the network tends to Affect the price of an asset long term And speaking of that coinbase has Recently held talks to buy FTX Europe as Reported by Fortune The Firm considered FTX Europe which went on sale after its Parent company declared bankruptcy last Fall due to its high profitability Derivatives business and growing Customer base will we see Brian Armstrong buy this and thus make a Coinbase Europe this makes sense to me They just want to use the licenses I Imagine they will change the name to Coinbase Europe or something and again What this means to me this could be a

Huge European on-ramp of new customers New exposure to crypto although I guess The acquisition talks have sort of Reached a standstill and actually never Reached a late stage and as prices are Falling ask yourself what are the Signals what are the big players doing Google Cloud pushes deeper into Blockchain Data adding 11 networks Including polygon Google's cloud Computing business has stored historical Data on bitcoin since 2018 this was a Huge sign of support for the Bitcoin Network back in the bear Market all Those years ago and now Google has just Shown that same sign to 11 more cryptos Google's cloud computing business is Expanding including polygon optimism Polka dot to its big Quarry program for Public data sets they also have ethereum Litecoin Dogecoin and bigquery is Google's serverless and cost-effective Enterprise data warehouse designed for Practitioners of various coding skills So this stores data to make developers Lives so much easier a key Advantage According to Google cloud is that users Might be able to retrieve historical Data from an off-chain provider faster Than quarrying the blockchain directly In a direct quote from a rep at Google Cloud he says over the past 18 months We've been investing in this space we've Continued to hire we've continued to

Grow not only our business development And our go-to Market teams but also our Product and Engineering capabilities We're really beginning to show that We're not just fly by night and we're Not just here when the time is going Well so they're saying we're not just Here in a bull market we believe in this Space we believe in these blockchains Even in the bear other blockchains Recently added to Big Quarry include Avalanche arbitrum Kronos ethereum's go Early testnet Phantom Opera near and Tron also so Google Cloud said it will Improve the Bitcoin bigquery data set by Adding support for the ordinals project AKA nfts on the Bitcoin Network now so Many of you watched our video yesterday On Gary Gensler and the SEC well in a New motion both binance and CEO CZ seek A dismissal of the SEC lawsuit citing Regulatory overreach so this was a joint Filing and in the 60-page petition the Legal Reps for both binance and CZ Accused the SEC of failing to provide Clear guidelines for the crypto sector Before initiating the lawsuit against The crypto exchange as a result they Argued that the SEC was attempting to Retroactively impose its regulatory Authority over the crypto industry Meaning you charged us before you made The rules in a direct quote from the Filing it reads in attempting to claim

Regulatory power over the industry the SEC distorts the text of the Securities Laws the SEC also seeks to enlarge its Jurisdiction globally to include Transactions on foreign cryptocurrency Platforms denying Supreme Court Precedent holding the agency's Regulatory Authority ends at the U.S Border two very reasonable claims the Petition further stated that the SEC Pursues these novel theories Retroactively seeking to impose Liability for sale of crypto assets that Occurred as far back as July 2017 before It actually provided any public guidance Concerning digital assets as the SEC Lacks authority to do this binance Holdings Limited and CZ seek to dismiss The complaint now my opinion is binance Versus the SEC as well as coinbase Versus the SEC Binance has near unlimited money Compared to a government agency coinbase Has so much money compared to the SEC a Government agency but because I would Just assume they're going to drag this Out into Oblivion as they should they're Trying to win I don't think we have to Wait until Gary Gensler as the head of The SEC changes his opinion on crypto I Think we just have to outweigh Gary Until he retires or until somebody new Is appointed now let's talk about Algorand let's talk again about polygon

LimeWire continues its web 3 Journey With Creator Studio on polygon so as the File sharing Network LimeWire was once Used to spread pirated music back in the Early 2000s they're now a web 3 company And they're used to give musical artists More ownership in their music if slash When it's used the Studio's first use Case is image generation allowing users To create new images or enhance existing Images via various artificial Intelligence models and then later this Year users will be able to use a library Of Melodies beats and songs to create AI Generated music and again the goal is to Benefit the original creators everything Created in the studio will be minted on The polygon blockchain the platform Splits earnings between the uploading Artists of the original content and the Creator of the newly AI generated Content now this is one of the cryptos I'm invested in if you like polygon in General you like this and also huge Announcement from algorand at token 2049 In Singapore one of the most popular Programming languages in the world with A line by line debugging is the future Of building on blockchain and it's Coming to algrand in Q4 so with Advocate 2.0 we're bringing pure python Development to algorithm and what this Is going to allow you to do I'd like to Do is to build applications for

Algorithms layer 1 in real python Without concession So this is not going to be a weird Syntactic variant on python actual Python and you'll even be able to do Line-by-line debugging and so this Brings a huge change in terms of the Inclusivity Frog around so everyone from Kids and University who are learning Prototyping in Python for the first time All the way to of course the Hot Topic At the moment the ml AI guys who all Build in in Frameworks around python Everyone will have the knowledge to Deploy contracts on algorithm and so This is a significant change in how easy It's going to be to build and how Inclusive algorand is be sure to join us In October at Bitcoin Amsterdam use code Altcoin daily for 10 off your ticket Link down below and click subscribe you Do not want to miss a daily video


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