Whatever happened to the Apple Vision Pro? | TechCrunch Minute

The Apple Vision Pro was released in February of this year and seems like the Hype is already all but over so today We're asking what happened to The Vision Pro now after seven or eight years of R&D Apple's Vision Pro headset finally Hit shelves early this year the Immediate headlines were wow this is Very expensive and huh those digital Personas are extremely uncanny and dang This Hardware is impressive now Tech Wrench's own Brian heater gave an In-depth review of the device after Wearing it for pretty much two days Straight and the gist of his review was That the screens are indeed very very Impressive but that wearing the headset In your day-to-day activities is far From convenient now Apple earlier this Month announced an update to spatial Personas which makes people look a Little bit less like talking thumbs and With those new spatial personas you can Actually talk to other Vision Pro users In space and play games together you Know if you have a friend who also Happens to have a Vision Pro so we've Now had the Vision Pro in the public for Two months where are we at there have Been some reports of people returning Their headsets citing headaches and Stimulation sickness and actually even Black eyes and when you're paying 3500 Or up to $4,000 if you need your

Prescription included you probably Expect that this thing is going to fit Like a dream so there's still some work To be done there now aside from the Steep price tag and some physical Discomfort it does seem like the use Case for the average person in the world Of VR and AR just isn't there yet yet That said Brian heer also told us he's Thinking of this product as a pro Focus Device so something Apple Di hards and Real Tech enthusiasts are going to Incorporate into their daily lives but Will likely not appeal to the average User for some time we're probably going To see businesses adopt this technology First because the working applications Are the best experiences right now That's probably why it seems like the Hype has died down the early adopters Have adopted early and now it's up to Developers to build the killer apps that Make the hardware worth its cost and Present day annoyances for the average Person what is clear about the launch of The Vision Pro is that it is a bit more Than a test case of a launch of a new Consumer category but it's also at the Same time not an iPhone or iPad launch But again were we really expecting that No it's the Vision Pro so it's not Really aimed at consumers a cheaper Version will probably come in time and If by that point developers have written

Up a great library of apps and games and Tools and services then we could really Start cooking for now Apple has built a Gorgeous and impressive face computer That doesn't seem to quite fit our needs Today and that explains why we're not Talking about it that much this actually Sounds a bit like how VR and AR have Gone for a while now so it's up to Apple To prove that it still has its old magic And drop a version that is cheaper and More accessible while still being killer Hardware then we might see the out in The world on mass I mean hell I'd buy One if they were cheaper just for the Sake of having fun wouldn't you I'll see You tomorrow


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