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Tesla is back with a new round of Layoffs and that has us asking the Question what kind of company is Tesla And you might say Tesla is a car company And Elon Musk would tell you you're Wrong a few years ago the CEO was Telling us that Tesla was a sustainable Energy company but recently musk has Changed that narrative and is now Describing Tesla as a Robotics and AI Company and while that has investors Gobbling it up Tesla employees are Starting to feel the heat as the company Undergos a massive restructuring into Elon musk's Vision two weeks after Learning that Tesla was going to cut its Global Workforce by 10% the company made A stunning decision and gutted its Entire Global supercharging Network team And I'll tell you why that matters Because fundamentally Tesla is an Automaker the vast majority of its Revenue comes from selling EVs and the Company is the Undisputed champion of EV Sales certainly in the United States the Tesla supercharging Network that is Considered the Paragon of EV charging Has helped fuel those sales and the Charging technology has been so Successful that in the past year major Automakers including GM Ford and rivan Have adopted this technology so you Might think great the Tesla Supercharging team is clearly essential

Which brings us back to the decision to Lay them all off insiders at other Automakers were caught off guard by the Decision and has left many people asking Why what now and and who maintains and Grows the infrastructure that has helped Tesla become an EV leader


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