What is Y Combinator and what does the company do? YC’s Head of Public Policy answers

The original accelerator started back in Uh 2005 uh Paul Graham and and uh who Had uh successfully sold a company in The 990s and was sort of helping uh uh Uh Founders by writing essays and you Know avoiding pitfalls for uh people who Were thinking about doing technology Startups created this program he had a Call for applications uh 12 people got In moved to Cambridge Mass for the Summer of that class Reddit and twitch Uh were born and it just kept going and Growing and now basically the way it Works is if you and I had a cool idea we Could apply there's about a 1% Acceptance rate uh you give up about 10% Uh roughly Equity you get half a million Uh in funding and you you move to San Francisco now is where it's uh anchored And you for about 12 weeks and you're Just get intensive mentoring and you're Getting that kind of zero to one product Market fit


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