What Is OpBNB? A Guide to OpBNB’s Ecosystem

Opnb is a new layer 2 scaling solution For BMB chain its design is based on Optimism's op stack bedrock codebase With modifications to optimize it for The use cases of BNB so like other Roll-Ups op BNB handles transactions Offchain to produce Network ingestion on The base B&B smart chain this could be Due to heightened network activity During Peak periods or popular Decentralized applications or daps Processing large numbers of transactions B&B chain as estimated that this could Cause gas fees to rise to over 6,800 BNB Or $3 million and result in slower Transactions ultimately lowering the User experience so transaction data is Posted back to the layer one blockchain In a compressed format this enables opnb To achieve much higher transaction Speeds of up to 4,000 TPS while having Significantly lower fees under 0.1 per transaction to make it more Affordable for normal users some key Optimization made by opnb include more Efficient data caching avoiding Redundant transaction execution and Asynchronous transaction batching Together these improvements make opnb Well suited for applications like gaming That require high throughput and low Latency as a evm compatible rollup Closely integrated with B&B chain op BNB Grants developers portability to build

Daps using existing tooling it also Makes B&B chains native assets like BNB Available for defi protocol tools Deploying on opnb so how does opnb work Well opnb utilizes the optimistic rollup Architecture executing transactions off Chain and posting transaction data back To the B&B smart chain L1 as call data This avoids having to run all Transactions directly on the base layer It uses a shared pool cache to improve Data retrieval times op BNB also Optimizes block production by storing The results of the first transaction Execution pass in cash avoiding Redundant re-execution additionally opnb Employs asynchronous transaction Batching this allows the Batcher to Submit batches without waiting for Confirmation thus removing a bottleneck A monitoring system watches for chain Reorganizations and triggers Resubmission if needed together these Technical optimizations enable opnb to Reach up to 4,000 TPS while keeping fees Low at around 05 per transaction the Project has also contributed upgrades Back to optimism's base op stack Codebase to improve performance however It's unclear if op BNB will join Optimism's super chain ecosystem the Opnb Ecosystem although the op BNB total Value locked saw a exponential increase

In recent weeks to reach $16.31 million The opnb ecosystem is still fledging However there are already a number of Decentralized applications building on Opnb across different verticals let's Talk about them first of all we have on Opnb kylo X kylo X is a decentralized Exchange for Perpetual or per Derivatives trading since launching in October of 2023 the perex saw over $1.5 Billion in cumulative trading volume and It currently offers 17 trading pairs Kylo X emphasizes risk management and Capital efficiency and it's audited by Secure 3 and anilla it received an Investment from binance Labs after Becoming a finalist in the most valuable Builder or MVB program next we have Kubis swap so this is a DEX branded as a Defi Hub it creates tools for users to Leverage defi opportunities and when it Comes to the features of QB swap there Is token swaps liquidity Bridges pools For yield farming nft minting lottery so Users can win qby through a lottery System there's also initial Farm Offerings this is a new token launch Model pioneered by QB Swap and the Platform's native token is Kuby so users Can earn Kuby through yield farming or Win it in the lottery and then stake it In the bathtub to earn more tokens now Now let's talk about gamey there is Planet hairs so Planet hairs is a

Metaverse ecosystem with the hairs verse A web 3 game as its main product harvers Is a virtual world featuring a Independent token economy virtual asset Allocation and a diversified storyline The platform provides players with a Rich and engaging new experience through RPG gameplay mixed reality and mocab Body sensing operations the ultimate Goal is to integrate the real world with The virtual world through mixed reality And moap devices Next is x- winner so x- winner is a Decentralized gambling platform which Aims to redefine the status quo of the Gambling industry by addressing the Shortcomings of traditional gambling Platforms it promises transparent and Fair gambling thanks to the chain link Vrf players have full control over their Money with funds securely tucked in Their wallets until a bet is placed Facilitated seamlessly via Smart Contracts so x- winner shifts away from The conventional first deposit bonuses And reimagines the reward system Motivating users to earn by engaging in Games on the platform next let's talk About nfts on op BNB first of all we Have Haven Market this is a Decentralized Marketplace for nfts so it Offers a platform for users to trade Nfts with a focus on providing a Seamless and engaging experience there's

Also trading so users can engage in Active trading in Haven market and earn Rewards for their efforts there's also Nft minting so users can mint The Haven Nft join the Vibrant Community and Unlock a exclusive perks along the way There's also social trading so users can Obtain an nft on the combo Network and Use it for trading on the Haven market Then there's social tasks so users can Obtain nfts by completing social tasks Next let's talk about rwas on op BNB There is Eck tuck so Eck tuck is a Blockchain project aiming to reduce Carbon emissions by promoting Environmentally friendly modes of Transportation like Eck tucks the Project has an ambitious goal of leading The way towards a global shift to Electric vehicle transportation its Primary objective is eliminating carbon Emissions by advocating for a more Eco-friendly Eck tuck compared to Traditional tuck tucks the Eck tuck is Supposed to be a more sustainable and Eco-friendly option and it relies on Electric charging stations instead of Regular gasoline for transportation the Tuck token is supposed to give users a Stake in the network of electric Charging stations next AI on opnb there Is chain gbt and this is a versa and AI Driven SAS platform designed for crypto Use cases so it uses a Transformer based

Language model at its core which Leverages deep learning to analyze large Amounts of data and predict patterns and Trends chain gpt's AI model is capable Of performing a wide range of tasks Including sentiment analysis price Prediction Market Trend analysis risk Assessment and More


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