What is Mimblewimble – Privacy Feature

Mweb is actually one of the few times Litecoin has done something that is Different from Bitcoin so a few years Ago I realized that we needed to do Something about privacy and fungibility On Litecoin fungibility is one of the Key features of good sound money that is Missing from Bitcoin and Litecoin it's Actually one of the only big thing that Is missing from Bitcoin being like the Perfect form of money if it's previously Been sent to you like a dark night Marketplace the receiver of the coins That you send them like deny your Transaction or close your account or do Whatever because they don't like where The coin's been so what we decided to do Is to implement mimblewimble as an Extension block which is kind of like a Side chain to Litecoin it makes it so That when you send coins the recipient And the sender will see exactly how many Coins are sent if you got paid in Litecoin you may not want everyone else To know how much you got paid so this Kind of protects your financial privacy And I think it's very important for Money


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