What is Jito? Liquid Staking Protocol on Solana

On December 7th of 2023 eligible Salon Users rejoiced as ecosystem was blessed With one of the most lucrative aird Drops of the entire year liquid staking Platform jto had announced its upcoming Airdrop the week prior and finally Released the jto token airdrop for Claiming even on the lowest airdrop tier Users received 4,941 jto tokens which at the point of This video is valued at over a whopping $14,500 even before the airdrop the Salon ecosystem has been heating up and Now airdrop farmers are swarming the Chain to hunt for similar opportunities But first what exactly is jeto jto is a Liquid staking protocol on salana Operating on a steak pool model so a Steak pool model is a collection of one Or more validator nodes when users Deposit their soul tokens with jeto They're delegating their tokens to the Steak pool in return they receive a Liquid steak pool token known as jto Stak Soul or jeto soul jto soul can be Used freely in Define protocol for Lending liquid provision and more while Rewards acre directly to the tokens Value this is similar to how users on Ethereum are able to delegate e tokens To light of Finance to receive steth While rewards acrw to the steth Token Value currently jto stake pool comprises Of 163 validator nodes with more than

6.3 million Soul tokens staked in the Pool jto selects these validators on a Set of criteria which requires the Validator to run a MAV enabled client Vote on greater than 80% of all valid Blocks during a sampling window retain a Commission rate of less than 10% MAV Commissions are giving equal weight to Regular commissions retain a delinquency Rate of less than 10% over the course of The sampling window not belong to the Validator super minority not run unsafe Consensus modifications only stake to One validator operator at a time so These requirements ensure alignment with Gto's goals which are primarily to Support highquality validators and Improve decentralization in the salana Network maximal extract ible value or me As yield aside from the yield on staking Soul tokens goo also brings an Additional source of yield to stakers This yield is drived from maximal Extractable value or meev Searchers and Is accomplished with goto's three-part Product Suite designed to enable greater Revenue for validators while eliminating Unproductive Network spam arising from Me Searchers these three components are Jto Salon validator client jeto Labs Block engine and jeto relayer so in this Structure jto does an auction in every Block whereby meev Searchers submit bids For sequences of transactions that they

Deem profitable based on the blocks Transactions the jto labs block engine Then runs a set of simulations to Determine the ideal combination of Transactions which yields the highest Rewards the final piece the jto relayer Filters and verifies transactions on a Separate server to reduce strain on Validators these transactions are Submitted back to the block engine and The validator these submitted bids from Me Searchers form the rewards for the Validators and stakers on the network as Such jto stakers and hence Jos Soul Holders receive a portion of the Proceeds from said MAV auctions further Increasing the staking yield on their Soul the jto airdrop so jto announced Plans for the launch of their governance Token JTL at the end of November and Alongside this announcement were plans For an airdrop which sought to Distribute 10% of the total Supply or 100 million jto tokens to early adopters Of the protocol validators and meev Searchers via airdrop of the 100 million Tokens allocated to the airdrop 90% were Distributed immediately with the Remaining 10% unlocked for Community Growth after token launch 80% of the 90 Million tokens were distributed to users While validators received 15% and meev Searchers the remaining 5% for Jos so Holders the airdrop tokens were to be

Distributed based on J's point system Although the point system was officially Announc announced in September of 2023 The points have been accumulating since The beginning of 2023 with each jeto Soul token earning the user one point Per day this meant that holding 100 Jos Soul over 100 days would net the user 10,000 points users were separated into 10 tiers with the lowest tier receiving 4,941 jto and the highest receiving 10 14,39 GT goto's airdrop favored heavily To smaller wallets with whales seeing a Much smaller than proportionate airdrop On the whole the move was praised by Users celebrating the larger Distribution to smaller players in the Defi space the claims are currently open On J's website and will remain open for Another 18 months until June 7th of 2025 Users simply connect their wallets to The site to check their eligibility and Claim their jto tokens jto launch was Highly anticipated and prices rallied to A fully diluted valuation rivaling Ethereum's top liquid staking protocol Lio Finance the huge valuation prompted A repricing of sana's ecosystem most Notably with fellow liquid staking Protocols marinade and Blaze seeing a 100% increase in price following the Launch as all eyes move to salana as the New center of airdrop farming activity Is spiking on the Chain again and

Speculators are expecting a defi Summer S moment again for salana similar to how The huge defi airdrops kicked off 2020s Defi summer for ethereum let us know Your thoughts about jto and also salana In the comments down below if you guys Found value in this video give it a like And also subscribe for more content Coming Soon


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