What is an Initial DEX Offering? [ IDO Explained With Animations ]

What is an initial Dex offering an Initial Dex offering or Ido is a new and Exciting type of decentralized and Permissionless crowdfunding platform Which is opening up a new way of Fundraising in the crypto space if a Project is launching an Ido it means the Project is launching a coin or token via A decentralized liquidity exchange this Is a type of crypto asset exchange that Depends on liquidity pools where Traders Can swap tokens including crypto coins And stable coins idos are the successor Of other crypto fundraising models Including initial coin offerings or icos And initial exchange offerings or ieos Idos have some benefits that may make Them more attractive than icos and ieos Immediate liquidity immediate trading And lower costs for listing when raising Funds for a project through an ieo or Ico projects are first required to pay Exchange fees and wait for a project to Receive approval by The Exchange before It's listed but with idos projects don't Have to pay high fees and don't require Anyone's permission as it's a completely Decentralized offering additionally Instead of waiting for an exchange to Approve a project vocal community Members are the ones who vet projects And tokens which opens the door for Small projects and massive Collaborations compared to ieos and icos

Which involve an initial waiting period Idos provide immediate access to Liquidity and trading but that doesn't Come without risk because anybody can Launch an Ido and immediate access to Liquidity and trading many scam coins Have been created through initial Dex Offerings so be careful and as always do Your own research


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