What does a TikTok ban mean for content creators? | TechCrunch

Is Tik Tok actually getting banned and If so what does that mean for creators In the industry President Biden signed a Bill requiring bite dance to sell Tik Tok which is massively influential in The Creator economy during the pandemic American usage of Tik Tok spiked which Also made opportunities for creators get Bigger than ever so you might think that A Tik Tok ban would be catastrophic for Creators but that's not the whole story Former president Trump first proposed a Tik Tok band in 2020 so creators have Always had it in the back of their minds That something like this could happen so They've been preparing for 4 years to Set up their businesses to make sure That they could survive a Tik Tok ban Even though more established creators Have been bracing for this moment newer Creators will be hit the hardest because They haven't had the time to develop Their platform outside of Tik Tok Political content creators will be Particularly hurt by the ban which is a Problem since Tik Tok is a popular news Source for genz and political creators Can't just start porting their content Over to Instagram reals because Instagram is now filtering political Content from people you don't follow and If you're trying to build a following on A new platform it's kind of a problem if People aren't able to find your content

If they're not following you already one Creator told me that she's probably Going to be talking about the Tik Tok Ban every day until something happens Which is especially crazy because it Might be a whole year before we see any Movement on this but it makes sense if a Platform that people have been spending Years building communities on can Suddenly disappear there's bound to be Consequences which begs the question


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