WHALE ALERT: $1 Billion Bitcoin REVEALED! PEPE is OVER!? (Crypto News)

There is so much going on in crypto in Today's video I'm going to clue you in To what the mainstream media will not Tell you smash up that like button Comment your favorite altcoins in the Comments section below and let's jump Right into it PayPal has disclosed one Billion dollars worth of crypto on their Balance sheet they hold four tokens Primarily this increase in customer Crypto assets comes as PayPal UPS its Crypto offering PayPal disclosed nearly 1 billion in cryptocurrencies on its Balance sheet in a 10q filing with the SEC the company indicates it holds over 900 Million worth of customer assets in Bitcoin ethereum Bitcoin cash Litecoin On its balance sheet a 10q filing is a Quarterly financial performance report Mandated by the SEC to disclose Financial information what's interesting To me is the amount of customer crypto Assets they hold breaching the 1 billion Mark a site to see from the end of last Year the company reported an increase of 339 million in crypto assets we maintain The internal record keeping of our Customers crypto assets including the Amount and type of crypto asset owned by Each customer PayPal said in its 10q Reminder PayPal is slowly adding crypto Features while once there was nothing While once they were not into it slowly Over time they're adding more features

For crypto holders the payment provider Has introduced numerous crypto features To its customers in the past few years It enabled customer transfers to a Third-party wallet and exchanges July 2022 it also recently rolled out crypto Transfers on venmo the mobile payment Service app this allows customers to Move Holdings to external wallets while Also letting users transfer cryptos to Others through the app this is not the Last we hear about PayPal and crypto and I wonder what other tokens they'll be Adding next Pepe a meme coin with a Meteoric rise into the spotlight like What ship did in 2022 like what Doge did In 2021 what Pepe did in 2023 either a Dip or a fall from grace crypto whale Loses 500 000 plus speculating on peppy Meme coin is it Pepe Pepe Peppa Following its Friday launch on binance The Pepe meme coin dropped 38 after Three days resulting in steep losses for Speculators now of course the community Says this is a by the dip situation on The other hand the binance team noted After they listed it Pepe has no token Utility or value support mechanism also There are signs of certain insiders or Team members were able to buy seven Percent of the total token Supply Minutes after the token generation event Meme coins usually have no real utility And operate on the virality of the meme

Itself those who are early investors and Sellers could see large profits while Those mistiming these sales could result In a huge loss so papad the meme coin Launched on April 5th 18th has Experienced a significant price drop Recently it got pumped to high heaven With the excitement over the binance Listing now losing 38 percent of its Value in just a few days what do you Think altcoin daily audience what do you Think about this this is a crypto Project I need to turn you on to Leandro Lopez Shake me up didn't give me the drip the Clothes Leandro Lopez is the ultimate Combination of luxury fashion and crypto Earn money while you walk these guys are An altcoin daily partner this is a Luxury brand whose brand is much larger Than just crypto but they're diving into Crypto this is really exciting many many Celebrities who you've heard of are Already wearing Leandro Lopez Floyd Mayweather one of the best lines in the World They have always treated me with open Arms Always been nice And the shoes that they made for me the Custom shoes is a one-on-one Diamond shoes So when you see these shoes hanging up In a frame at one of my beautiful homes

Thanks to my partners right here my name Is I want to say thank you support the Brand support them and support me Takashi69 what's your man Big Stone Shout out to Leandro Lopez for the drip you know that says Trey way Man got my drip right if you check out Their Instagram you will see hundreds of Celebrities wearing their luxury shoes And apparel so this fashion brand is Making a big push into crypto with their Mining shoe you discover the Revolutionary way you can start earning Money while walking you can pre-order This shoe right now these are not shoes That they buy off of the secondary Market or somebody else designs them These are shoes that they design they Produce these themselves these look Really good it has a built-in mining Chip with acceleration and pressure Sensors our intuitive mining chip Measures speed distance pressure to Ensure that your coins are collected Safely and securely the mining chip Consumes only a fraction of power and Can be easily recharged on the included Charging mat their shoe is connected to The Lopez app through a seamless Connection via Bluetooth our Lopez app Allows you to connect your shoe for Mining the Lopez app is the gateway to The metaverse meet your friends Customize your character collect coins

While running on the map you will Receive daily challenges to boost your Shoe so the gamification is key in this What are you waiting for where does the Money come from how is this sustainable Each time a shoe is purchased a portion Of the sale is put into a pool the same Pool that rewards users with their token For walking so their tokenomics are Different from others their tokenomics Are actually pretty special buy the shoe Download the app start walking start Earning you can pre-order this shoe now I think it's going to be huge step into The future with Leandro Lopes and the Lopez token links below Sam bankman Freed update Sam bankman freed wants 10 Charges dropped not guilty on all counts SPF is looking to drop 10 of his 13 Criminal charges due to a classic rush To judgment the official court document Detailing why charges should be dropped Read Mr bankman freed had not defrauded Anyone nor intended to defraud anyone as You recall bankman freed has pleaded not Guilty on all counts prosecutors have Until May 29 to respond and the hearing For dismissal will be June 15th I don't Know I think he might be guilty on at Least some of them there is some Interesting Innovations happening with Bitcoin before we talk about BRC 20s Let's talk about Bitcoin ordinals Something which we have talked about

Plenty of times now the interesting Thing is finance the biggest Exchange in The world I guess there's demand binance To bring Bitcoin nfts to its Marketplace Through ordinal support to the crypto Heavyweight is the latest Contender to Step into the ordinal's ring the leading Cryptocurrency exchange by trading Volume binance announced today that it Will support Journal inscriptions on its Nft Marketplace later this month dipping Its toes into the Buzzy Bitcoin based Market now binance's nft Marketplace Expanded its roster of supported Networks in March when it added certain Nft collections from polygon to its Platform offered alongside nfts on Ethereum and BNB chain binance is head Of product kamat call support for Bitcoin crypto's largest token by market Cap a notable addition quote Bitcoin is The OG of crypto he said we believe Things are just getting started from Here and can't wait to see what the Future holds in this space now this is Also something interesting which is Really new for Bitcoin like ethereum has Its erc20 token standard to create Altcoins Bitcoin through the Taproot Integration the same thing that made Ordinals popular for the masses or Available possible for the masses now You can make tokens on Bitcoin in a Similar way BRC 20 tokens have surpassed

1B billion market cap as wallet Providers prepare integration the growth In brc20 tokens comes just two months After the creation of the Bitcoin token Fungibility protocol which made this Possible on May 9th the total market cap Of brc20 Bitcoin tokens surpassed 1 Billion some of the most notable Deployed tokens include already nulls Vmpx Pepe and meme with price variances Between 11 to negative 55 percent within The past days by the dip according to Analysts and multi-chain wallet bitkeep The brc20 token standard is a novel form Of fungible token that employs ordinals And inscriptions to create and manage Token contracts token minting and token Transfers which are stored on the Bitcoin based chain ordinals is a Numbering system that assigns a unique Number to each Satoshi or one Whatever Of a Bitcoin enabling its tracking and Transfer meanwhile the inscription Process adds a layer of data to each Satoshi allowing users to create unique Digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain So there's the brc20 token standard There are ordinals and there are Inscriptions the brc20 token standard Was developed by Twitter user Domo on March 8th currently there are over 14 000 brc20 tokens deployed on bitcoin Compared to an estimated 400 million Tokens on ethereum despite its traction

Bitkeep researchers wrote brc20 creator Has openly stated that the standard is Worthless and that users should not Waste money Mass minting this fun Experiment what are your thoughts on Brc20 tokens or ordinals hopefully we See you at bitcoinmiami if you're going To bitcoin Miami check out an event We're participating in web3 is a joke a Comedy show in Bitcoin Miami and if you Want to win two tickets head on over to Our Twitter and participate in this like Retweet follow comment your favorite Comedian and that's all it takes to win Two free tickets to this night of Comedy During Bitcoin Miami hope to see you There


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