Wendy O: “BTC 401k’s Aren’t Good For Crypto”

You see a lot of the Bitcoin maximalists And they're super excited about it they Think it's absolutely amazing and They're like Yay this is good with mass Adoption this is not how you get Mass Adoption like Mass adoption of Bitcoin Is boots on the ground it's going Teaching people what Bitcoin is and how To use it Etc and putting your money Into a Bitcoin 401K it's kind of defeats The entire purpose because you're not Going to be able to own it like God Forbid there's a catastrophe or there's Some sort of issue in America where we Have to flee and a lot of people tend to Forget we haven't had any outside forces Actually invade America and I don't even Know how long and I don't think Americans are equipped to flee or to Know what that feels like there's so Many other places in the world where People are getting invaded and they're Dealing where they have to evacuate Their homes and run and that's one of The use cases of Bitcoin is being able To pick up with your wealth and leave And just run and you can memorize your Private seed phrase or any of those Types of things if that makes sense for You but it does sound like they are Definitely going to taint the market Kind of makes sense that we're not Seeing any type of positive action from The SEC or anything like that all they

Seem to do is want to litigate and go After people and it's just not okay


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