WEF Davos 2024: Here’s What The Elites Are Planning For You!

Last week the world's Elite and other So-called stakeholders gathered in the Normally sleepy Swiss town of Davos to Plan the future without input from us Plebs at the world economic forums now Infamous annual conference in contrast To previous years however everyone was Finally paying attention to what these Powerful people were saying multiple Clips from the conference have since Gone viral as a result and for good Reason so today we're going to give you A summary of some of the most important Things that were said at this year's Davos conference or rather the ones that The public were allowed to hear yes this Is a video you cannot Miss as with all Davos conferences this One began with opening remarks from the World economic Forum or we's president Borger Brenda and its founder and Executive chairman klous schwar For context klouse founded the we in Order that so-called stakeholders could Meet to plan the future of the world Something he once revealed in an Interview anyways borar started by Saying that there were over 3,000 Attendees at this year's Davos Conference which was roughly the same as Last year's he acknowledged that the Event is taking place amid a complex Geopolitical backdrop and stressed that Global cooperation is require ired to

Address truly Global issues following a Lot of predictable buzzwords borus stood Down and clous stood up he said that the Purpose of the W's various programs is To drive Global transformation and Acknowledged that this transformation Will be disruptive to the average person I don't remember voting for these Programs by the way do you anyway on That note klouse underscored the fact That the risks are are quote centered on The individual and National level in Other words the interests of individuals And countries are causing issues for the Ws programs he said this is a problem Because quote we are responsible for Advancing the world news flash when he Says we he doesn't mean you and me he Means the stakeholders at the we now Klouse went on to note that the theme of This year's Davos conference was Rebuilding trust specifically rebuilding The average person's trust in the Institutions the we controls and Influences in case you missed the memo Trust in institutions has fallen off a Cliff globally since the 2020 pandemic So this naturally begs the question of How the we plans to rebuild trust well Clouse's answer was that it requires Quote trusteeship which means caring for The greater good put differently setting Aside your individual interests and Goals in the name of some collective

Goal likely one set by the we klouse Then thanked the Swiss Army and the Swiss police for protecting the Elites From the plebs at Davos and invited Swiss president Viola am Herd on stage She spent most of her time talking about The United Nations or un calling for the Organization to not only be strengthened But also reformed now if you watched our Video about who controls the world You'll know that it actually seems to be The UN you'll also know that the W has Partnered with the UN to ensure that the Latter's sustainable development goals Or sdgs are met in every country by 2030 Hence why you see that date everywhere More on that in a moment now via went on To say that fake news is the biggest Threat to the we and said that Digitizing everything can help rebuild Trust because it means that the W can Control the flow of information believe It or not but she acknowledged that many People watching are not fans of the W And you know what she said to that she Said it's because of plain old populism It has absolutely nothing to do with the Fact that the Elites at Davos are Explicitly planning Global policies that Disenfranchise the average person nope It's populism and she called on Corporations to stop it not only that But she insisted that the we is not at The mercy of these trends that these

Trends must nevertheless be stopped and That's what everyone at the W is here to Do translation we must retake control of The narrative before more people wake up And realize what's going on here and Speaking of which if you're enjoying the Video so far be sure to smash that like Button to give it a boost and take a Second to share it so that the word gets Out hold up a second there guy sorry to Interrupt folks but I just wanted to Very quickly tell you about the coin Bureau deals page now this is the place Where we have put together some of the Very best deals and Promos in all of Crypto so you can think things like Exchange signup bonuses trading fee Discounts and money off of Hardware Wallets and much much more besides so if You want to check that out coin.com Deals is the place to go or you can just Use the link in the description of this Video down below thanks very much and Now back to you guy now as you can Imagine there were a lot of speeches and Panel discussions at Davos too many for Us to summarize here for what it's worth We went through what we believe were Some of the most important ones Including many that were not reported on Or even really noticed by many observers One of these was a press conference Panel where Kathy Lee the head of the W's center for the fourth Industrial

Revolution announced that the we is Building an a I that will align and Enforce the un's aforementioned SGS the Panelists revealed that they want to use It to address crises too FYI the SGS Include things like the creation of Digital IDs smart cities and Central Bank digital currencies all objectively Dystopian technologies that we've Explained at length in previous videos We'll leave a link to a few of those in The description if you haven't seen them Already as a cherry on top one of the Panelists insisted that AI should be Ring fenced that is restricted for use By only a few and only in the name of The we's version of the greater good for Reference the we famously predicted that We will all own nothing and be happy by 2030 that is their greater good anyhow Another we press conference that seems To have flown under the radar was the Announcement by borer himself that the We is working to quote transform global Trade it's honestly not entirely clear What's meant by this of course there was Lots of discussion about AI Supply Chains the one thing that did catch oura Though was a comment by enoi aono aala The director of the World Trade Organization or WTO she revealed that There are also efforts to reform the WTO you'll recall that the we is also Pushing to reform the UN at least

According to the Swiss president Unfortunately it's not entirely clear What these reforms entail fortunately Though the panelists revealed that there Will be a big announcement about it in Abu Dhabi in late February so keep your Eyes and ears peeled but back to those Dystopian Technologies now if you watched our Video about the financial system that Central banks are trying to create You'll know they all want assets to be Tokenized on centrally controlled Blockchains this could be the way in Which you really do own nothing and are Happy anyway speculation aside there was A panel discussion about tokenization at The W which featured a few prominent Voices from the crypto industry now to Be clear the kind of tokenization that The crypto industry is pushing for is Not the same as the one the we is Pushing for it's decentralized not Centralized the caveat is that there are Some institutions within the crypto Industry that are not so subtly trying To introduce systems that are no less Dystopian if you watched our video about Usdc issue a circle you'll know that it Appears to fall into this category the Company seems to have close connections To the W that's why it's surprising that Circle CEO Jeremy aair pushed back on The idea of same risk same regulation a

Principle that's being used to regulate Crypto and aligns with the we it Highlights something we've mentioned Before there seem to be tensions between Powerful Financial entities from our Perspective this is why Regulators like The SEC have been so nonsensical in Their rul making behind the scenes there Seems to be a battle of influence Between entities aligned with mega Banks And entities aligned with asset managers It's possible that there are similar Tensions happening at the W we actually Found more circum substantial evidence Of this but we'll come back to that Later for now though we need to address A big feature from this year's Davos Conference and that's all the viral Content that emerged from it as it turns Out most of these clips came from Speeches made by key figures this is not Surprising given that mainstage events Are the only ones the W puts on YouTube Now the most popular Clips came from the Speech given by Javier mle the recently Elected president of Argentina for those Unfamiliar Javier is a Libertarian in Practice this means he wants to minimize The government's influence on the Economy and is even trying to close the Country's central bank now if you Actually watch the speech from start to Finish though you'll notice something Odd for starters klouse was the one to

Introduce Javier and he was very excited To do so subsequent reports by Major Mainstream media Outlets suggest that The we Elites actually enjoyed Javier's Speech this could be a sign that it Wasn't taken seriously or that there's More to this speech than meets the eye We'll let you be the judge of that Whatever the case Javier's speech was Still legit he warned that the Western World is abandoning freedom for Collectivism I.E socialism he went into Detail about how capitalism has lifted 95% of the world out of poverty since The 1800s he even asked quote does Anyone voluntarily pay taxes Javier also Said a few intense things about certain Social issues which we weren't repeat Here for obvious reasons in our opinion Though the best part of Javier's speech Was towards the end where he explained Exactly how it is that Western countries Are becoming socialist he admitted that The textbook definition of socialism is Where the government controls the Economy and said that this isn't obvious At first glance upon closer inspection However he said that you'll realize this Control is indirect and is being done Primarily by regulations and central Banks namely by controlling the flow of Credit this is more accurate than you Think because access to credit is Becoming increasingly politicized and

Controlled an easy example here is the ESG investment ideology which has its Roots in the un's sdgs if you watched Our summary of the 2022 d conference You'll know that Mega Banks and asset Managers literally said they will not Provide credit to businesses that do not Comply with ESG that is terrifying but Back to Javier speech now you'd be Forgiven for thinking that this was the Highlight of the conference if we're Talking in terms of view count however It appears that the highlight of the Conference was in fact another set of Dissenting comments made on a panel Discussion which didn't get posted to The W's YouTube channel this was the Panel discussion about what to expect From a republican Administration Assuming that the Republican Party wins The 2024 elections in the United States The fact that the we even allowed a Panel like this suggests they believe There's a real chance of this happening Now the panelist in question was Kevin Roberts the president of the Heritage Foundation a conservative us Think Tank He said that the next Republican Administration must reject every policy That's been proposed by the we and free The average citizen from the grip of the Ws technocrats notably Kevin said that The biggest geopolitical threat to the Us-led world order and to Freedom is

China he said that it's shocking that This is never discussed at Davos as it So happens China reportedly had its Biggest Presence at Davos in years and This reportedly put pressure on the US To respond in kind this ties into Another Davos speech that however didn't Get nearly as many clicks and that was The speech by Chinese Premier Leong Which happened right after the opening Remarks by the way FYI premere is the Second highest position that you can Hold in the Chinese Communist Party Klouse introduced Lee by saying that He's quote no stranger to the we and and That it was nice to meet him at the W's Summer Event in 2023 which was titled Quote annual meeting of the new Champions we're sure this event had Nothing to do with the W's direct Influence on governments anyway sarcasm Aside when Lee took to the stage he Spent quite a bit of time talking about The sdgs particularly those related to The environment and energy now this is To be expected given that China controls Most renewable energy Supply chains a Fact that's also never discussed at Davos or by the mainstream media for That matter not a conspiracy theory look It up we'll leave a link in the Description Lee went on to insist that China is worthy of trust open for Business and is growing fast without

Stimulus that last comment is Particularly important because it Underlines the fact that China is Refusing to stimulate despite its weak Economic growth something that Wall Street doesn't seem to like now after Lee was finished klouse asked him a few Questions some of which were about AI Lee said that AI seems kind of overhyped A sentiment that very few other Attendees seem to share the one Sentiment that Lee and the other Attendees did share however is that AI Must be controlled in the name of safety Where have we heard that one Before now this relates to another Davos Event that didn't get many clicks and That was the interview with US Secretary Of State Anthony blinkin although Anthony is technically fifth in command By order of presidential succession he's Been a key player in US geopolitics Being the one on the ground Anthony's Comment about new technologies being Potentially leveraged by hostile States Seems to have been the only significant One everything else was talking points Around the Middle East and Eastern Europe and I'm sure you can all guess What they related related to Specifically he also touched on Taiwan a Couple of times now the only other Comment worth noting was about AI which Anthony said could be used to accelerate

The sdgs which he admitted have been Lagging behind schedule he went as far As to say that AI can solve everything From energy shortages to environmental Issues and said that NOS need to be Involved in these initiatives basically Your standard we talking points when it Comes to these we talking points however There's no bigger advocate for them than EU president Ursula vond Delan whose Davos speech garnered a moderate amount Of Interest this probably has something To do with the fact that it was filled With enough gaslighting to keep Europe Warm through the winter ursila started By citing the W's recent Global risks Report which noted disinformation Misinformation and polarization as the Biggest risks by now you'll know that Dis information and misinformation are Just words for information that the Elites don't want us to know a truly Orwellian term naturally she said that These risks transcend borders so Global Cooperation is required she essentially Put up the eu's Digital Services act as A template for how to address these Risks and if you watched our video about Online censorship around the world You'll know it contains some truly crazy Provisions for instance the ability for The EU to control social media Algorithms in the event of a crisis or Even just the possibility of a crisis

Done using a network of de facto Ministries of Truth in EU countries Incredibly ursila acknowledged the fact That Europe is struggling on the energy Front and that European businesses Aren't happy about this including a few With Representatives at Davos she said There's a silver lining though and That's that Europe has become less Reliant on Russia this is arguably Incorrect however because Europe Reportedly continues to import record Levels of Russian oil and gas via third Countries namely India and China which Are selling these resources at a huge Markup some of you may have seen that The US also recently stopped exports of Liquid natural gas or LNG and don't even Get me started about how the Middle East Conflict could mess up Europe's energy Supply Ursula concluded by saying that Europe will keep employing the Successful strategies it's been using Since the pandemic now we understood This as meaning that the EU will Continue to give large amounts of money To its member countries when they comply With its increasingly totalitarian rules Like a wannabe IMF following Ursula's Speech klouse asked her a single Question last year you talked about Drisking not decoupling what has the Progress there being like well Ursula Immediately began speaking about China

Tacitly admitting that Europe is Extremely reliant on China this reminded Us of another ironic headline the EU is Reportedly trying to stop China from Exporting cheap EVS to the continent This is ironic given that the EU is Obsessed with going green so logically Going green would surely mean embracing These gpvs not rejecting them All this pertains to a speech given by The final boss un Secretary General Antonio gues if you watched our summary Of last year's Davos conference you'll Know Antonio had an absolute meltdown Over the geopolitical divide and how It's slowing down the implementation of The un's dystopian sdgs this time Antonio was a lot calmer and more Collected and the message was slightly Different perhaps we're mistaken but it Appeared that Antonio was not so subtly Slamming the US he criticized the fact That the country continues to produce Dirty energy and urged its transition to Clean energy and I'll remind you that China controls that supply chain Moreover Antonio called for peace in the Middle East and Eastern Europe a radical Idea these days make no mistake though The main reason Antonio wants peace is So that all countries involved can get On with the sdg Like the Swiss president Antonio also Wants reforms to Global governance to

Give his exact words quote rebuilding Trust requires deep reforms to Global Governance then came the Q&A this time With Borger and this is where Antonio's Allegiances were put on full display he Explained that the global system we have Today was put in place by the global North after the second world war however The global South is rising and this Means we need a new global system what's Strange is Antonio said that a Fragmented world is fine so long as There's quote Global governance then Antonio said something that could be Interpreted as justifying Russia's Invasion of Ukraine noting that the ways That borders are drawn aren't always Right but should be respected this was In response to a question from Borger About the ongoing war in Ukraine while He also noted that Antonio had traveled Both to keev and Moscow Borg appeared Visibly nervous when Antonio made that Comment about borders and it fits into Something we mentioned in our video About the UN put simply it looks like The US and China are fighting for Control of the UN in that aforementioned Video we speculated that the un's Interests would start to align more with The global South in the coming years as A result in retrospect though it looks Like this process could already be in Place as we mentioned in that video this

Could be a double-edged sword while it Means that us-led initiatives like the Sdgs would fall by the wayside a Chinese-led un could usher in even more Dystopian initiatives after all China Isn't exactly known for its commitment To freedom and Autonomy and this brings us to what we Believe were the three most important Discussions at this year's Davos Conference all three were related to Something that's going to be front and Center for the rest of the year and That's freedom of speech or rather the Lack thereof ahead of many major National elections in case you haven't Noticed governments around the world Have been justifying their online Censorship in the name of safety Protecting the vulnerable lo and behold One of the panel discussions at the we Was titled quote protecting the Vulnerable online what was said was Nothing short of insane as expected the Moderator began by citing the we's Global risks report which you'll recall Had misinformation and disinformation at The top of the list the moderator said These risks will grow because of AI and That the only solution to protecting the Vulnerable is international regulations Now if you thought that this just Applied to protect Children online like The description of the event says you'd

Be dead wrong a few minutes later Morris Levy the chairman of publicist group a French advertising agency said that Everyone on the Internet is vulnerable Even those who just use email he seemed To take issue with the fact that the US Constitution would prevent EU style Online regulations from being Implemented globally I'll remind you That these involve giving EU governments The power to control what you see on Online in the event of a crisis or even Just the possibility of a crisis Indefinitely now here is where things Get interesting Morris said he once Spoke about his online censorship Obsessions with the leaders of the G8 Countries back then Angela Merkel was Still the chancellor of Germany and she Said she was scared of implementing These kind of rules because the Population could Revolt more accurately She was scared that 5% of the population Would Revolt why is Significant well it's estimated that you Only need around 3.5% of the population To topple a dictator this is presumably Why Angela was scared about just 5% of The population pushing back against her Government's policies let's remember That one shall we now if you thought all That was insane consider this Julie Grant who heads the Australian Government's e safety department

Revealed that she's in the process of Putting together a quote Global Online safety Regulators Network Which will seek to impose EU style Online censorship regulations around the World meanwhile Morris bragged about Pressuring advertisers to pull funding From social media companies such as X That refuse to fall in line with these Censorship laws Helena lauron the head Of a UK organization obsessed with Online safety lamented the fact that Only 60% of countries have such laws Before the clock ran out Helena managed To drop a bombshell and that's that the We doesn't seem to be keen on talking About the more than $1 trillion dollar That are lost to online scams every year Maurice also squeezed in another Dystopian soundbite he wants everyone Online to be a safe box did you hear Anything about actually protecting Vulnerable people online in all of this Nope neither did we now this ties in Into the second censorship related panel Discussion which was titled quote where Is freedom of expression going the short Answer is that it's not going to a place Any of us want it to go to the worst Part of all is that the elites are Gaslighting us into thinking that we're The ones at fault here this was the Impression that we got from watching the Initial speech by tyan Hassan the

Director of Human Rights Watch she Effectively said that the censorship of Content that many people find obscene is A slippery slope towards outright Censorship which to be fair could be Argued under some circumstances she also Slammed Salvadoran president najib Bui For imprisoning so many people even Though the measure has resulted in the Lowest murder rate in the country for Over 30 years as per mainstream media Reports now don't get us wrong naib has His faults but lowering crime by locking Up criminals isn't one of them then came The panel discussion where belarussian Politician sviatlana Sanaya said that People in her country can't say how they Truly feel without getting in trouble With the government what's fascinating Is that the description of the we's Video about the discussion notes svat Lana as being the president elect of Belarus implying she's about to become President this is fascinating given that Belus will be having elections at the End of Fe the does the we know something We Don't whatever the case the most Eye-opening part of this discussion was An audience question about Sri Lanka's Online safety bill as with all other Online safety bills the true purpose of This bill is to censor all opposition Tyana tacitly admitted this to be true

But didn't acknowledge it's happening Everywhere Sri Lanka's Online safety Bill became law a few days later for Anyone wondering it's also worth Remembering remembering that Sri Lanka Once had the highest ESG score of any Country before it collapsed meaning it Was the most sdg compliant it looks like The we is looking to build back better As the elites like to say this relates To the third panel discussion about free Speech and that was quote protecting Democracy against bots and plots it goes Without saying that Bots and plots are Not good for democracy but neither is is Using these as an excuse to crack down On legitimate descent as we've seen in The past once again the moderator began By saying that misinformation and Disinformation are the greatest risks According to the W and that they will be Amplified by AI Alexander given of the Center for democracy and Technology Wasted no time explaining that trusted Information must be promoted and that's Not all she wants all us politicians to Have their websites hosted by the Government when they're campaigning she Added that the 2016 election taught big Tech how to intervene when there's Misinformation and disinformation online We'll leave an article about that in the Description next up was Yan lipavsky the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs who

Was treated with relative disrespect by The moderator and the panel this might Have something to do with the fact that He revealed that Russia has been funding Radical left-wing groups not just Radical right-wing groups I'll quickly Note that there have been numerous Reports of Russia funding radical Environmental groups too something that Fits hand in glove with China's control Of renewable energy Supply Chains It's Almost like the two countries are Working together to trick the US and its Allies into becoming reliant on them Wouldn't that be wild Matthew Prince the Co-founder and CEO of cloud Flair also Caused a stir when he said that it won't Be possible for the government to Regulate ai's outputs Yan was very Dissatisfied with this statement and Insisted that the government must have This control gives you an idea of what's Happening in czechia amazingly Alexandra Chimed in to defend Matthew by saying That giving the government this kind of Power is overkill and could lead to a Technological dystopia this is probably Why Alexandra was looking angrily at M Zubin Irani an Indian foreign minister Who arrived late to the panel that's Because smriti bragged about everything In India being digitized and closely Monitored and controlled by the Government including voting social media

Activity and soon AI content she said It's the best kind of democracy the Moderator asked if there were enough Checks and balances samr said it's fine Now to wrap things up I want to to Summarize one more important panel Discussion that relates to what we Believe was the real theme of this Year's Davos conference ensuring that The outcomes of all the elections around The world in 2024 align with the we's Goals which are partially rooted in the Un's sdgs this might sound silly but it Seems that the attendees at this year's Davos conference had one thing in common They were all mortified at the Possibility that Donald Trump could Become US president again later this Year that's because they know he would Defund the we the UN and all these other Organizations case in point Trump was Front and center during the final panel Discussion about the global economic Outlook all the panelists agreed that a Trump presidency would create Significant uncertainty in the markets Due to the political and geopolitical Implications it would have they don't Want it to happen but that's not the Panel discussion we're going to Summarize here though you should watch It it's also insane and reveals that There are significant tensions within The EU and other such organizations no

The panel discussion we're going to Summarize was titled quote 4.2 billion People at The Ballot Box now clips from This panel discussion have likewise gone Viral but these viral Clips only scratch The surface of what was said One of the panelists was author Rachel Botsman and she made two very astute Observations the first was that trust in Institutions is at a record low since The pandemic as we said earlier the Second was that this trust hasn't Disappeared it's just been Redirected rather than trusting Centralized institutions of power people Are putting their trust in decentralized Structures we would go as far as to say That the growing adoption of crypto is a Part of this trust Trend Rachel has Rightly identified to Rachel's credit She admitted that this change in trust Is going to make it extremely difficult For governments to control information That's an understatement the more that Governments try to control information The less that people will trust them Something the elites don't seem to Understand another panelist meanwhile Was Alexander Soros the chair of the Controversial open Society foundation And the grandson of the even more Controversial billionaire George Soros Clips of Alexander have gone viral too Which is annoying because he didn't

Really say anything of substance he's Not a very good speaker on the other Hand Grandpa George has a history of Being a very effective investor and Influencer and not in the silly social Media way just recently it was reported That George is investing millions of Dollars into Community groups across Texas to try and flip the state blue During the 2024 election Food For Thought now a third panelist Mark Leonard the director of the European Council on Foreign Relations seemed to Sum up the sentiment of almost every Davos panel discussion we watched the 20124 US election will have a global Impact and the quote technocratic Imperative is being stopped by populism Let me repeat that the technocratic Imperative that is the will of the we And its allies is being stopped by Populism that is the will of the people Who support candidates the we Hates now this is in fact a convenient Statement because it includes the Solution we've all been looking for this Year vote for people who oppose the we Regardless of their political leanings To be clear this is not an endorsement Of any political candidate or party it's An endorsement of the freedom that's Slowly being taken away from us by Unelected and unaccountable individuals And institutions like the we and its

Stakeholders if we play our cards right This year we may just be able to wrestle Ourselves out of their hands let's hope We can before it's too Late okay that's all for today's video So if you found it informative smash That like button to let us know if you Want to stay informed subscribe to the Channel and ping that notification Bell If you want to help inform others take a Second to share this video with them if You happen to be into crypto then be Sure to check out the coin Bureau deals Page it's got trading fee discounts of Up to 60% and sign up bonuses of up to $50,000 on the best crypto exchanges and Discounts on the best hardware wallets Too the link is in the description if You made it this far thank you so much For watching and I'll see you in the Next one this is Guy signing [Music] Off


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