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The secret to being successful in crypto Is to invest based on narratives during The last crypto bll Market the biggest Narratives were defi followed by nfts And then the metaverse the cryptos in These categories saw the most explosive Growth some went up by over 500x so this Begs the question of not only what the Biggest narratives will be during the Next crypto bull market but also when These narratives will explode after all You don't want to be too Early or too late we're too late that's Why today we're going to tell you what The biggest crypto narratives could be When they could become popular and which Crypto projects you need to watch this Is a video you cannot Miss I'll start by saying that nothing In this video is financial advice it's Purely educational content that's meant To help you on your crypto Quest I'll Also note that that I and the coin Bureau team hold a few of the cryptos That will be mentioned in today's video I'll be sure to point them out as we go Along and if you want to know what our Crypto portfolios look like as well as Which coins and tokens we're watching Then become a member of the coin Bureau Club in addition to seeing our Portfolios you'll also get exclusive Altcoin insights weekly altcoin reviews And the ability to vote on which

Altcoins we cover if you want to get This unparalleled altcoin Alpha at our Current exclusive introductory price Then become a member by using the link In the description now with all that Said there are two more things I must Note the first is that nobody here at The coin Bureau has the power to predict The future at least not to my knowledge This means that there's no guarantee That the narratives we cover in this Video will be the biggest which should Be obvious the second thing to note is Less obvious and that's that the order In which these narratives explode Depends heavily on crypto regulation now Of course we also can't predict how Crypto regulation will evolve but Regulations that were recently passed or Proposed have likely taken a few Narratives off the table as I mentioned In the introduction and as many of you Will recall decentralized Finance or Defi was the first narrative to explode When the crypto bull market began back In 201 20 defi tokens saw truly Explosive gains with Y finance's Wi-Fi Token literally being worth more than BTC at one point if you've been keeping Up with our coverage of crypto Regulations however you'll know that They have one thing in common they Basically want to stop defi what this Means is that Defi and other crypto

Narratives that involve lots of defi Elements will probably not be the Biggest ones this time around again this Ultimately depends on what crypto Regulations look like but from our Perspective it's clear that the biggest Crypto narratives will be those that do Not involve excessive defi Integrations That's simply because these narratives Will have fewer regulatory hurdles and See more adoption as a result if you've Been keeping up with our coverage of Crypto regulations you'll know that the Crypto Tech with the least regulatory Scrutiny appears to be Nfts as such it's safe to assume assume That the narratives which primarily Leverage nfts will be the biggest this Is the assumption that we're making with Today's list and by the way if you're Enjoying the video so far be sure to Smash that like button to give it a Boost now without further Ado let's dig In so the first crypto narrative that's Likely to explode is decentralized Social media or Doo this is due to a combination of Three things increasing censorship on Centralized social media media the Potential failure of popular social Media platforms and the issues with Monetization in a higher interest rate Environment if you watched our video About online censorship you'll know that

Governments around the world Simultaneously passed laws to censor Social media in the aftermath of the Pandemic these laws are starting to go Into effect namely the European Union's Deceptively titled Digital Services act Or DSA The result is that it's becoming more Difficult to have open and free Discussions on the largest social media Platforms naturally this has created an Opportunity for social media platforms Such as X that are focused on Free Speech however the Defiance of these Platforms could result in their ultimate Failure in X's case it recently started Losing advertisers and will reportedly Lose a lot of money as a result now in Theory this isn't a problem because Elon Musk is the richest man in the world in Practice however elon's wealth depends On his stakes in other companies namely Tesla whose value could fluctuate for Instance we could experience a severe Recession next year which would result In the value of Tesla stock Falling by a Huge percentage the result could be that Elon is forced to sell X or else face The liquidation of the Tesla shares he Borrowed against to by X when it was Still known as Twitter on that note the Economic slowdown we're supposedly Seeing has caused a decline in ad Revenue across the board in Google's

Case this has motivated the tech giant To start blocking ad blockers on YouTube And increasing the frequency of ads to Try and increase its ad Revenue now at First glance it seems unlikely that the Average person would switch to using a Decentralized social media platform Because of censorship and ads upon Closer inspection however you realize That decentralized social media adoption Is already growing fast particularly for Decentralized streaming to put things Into perspective Odyssey had or rather Has over 5 million monthly users and Counting making it the most popular Decentralized social media protocol by a Wide margin now for context Odyssey is Powered by Library a crypto project Which was sued by the SEC And was subsequently shut down odyssey's Assets were recently sold at auction and We've been trying to figure out if it Was acquired by another crypto project If it was then you can bet that the Crypto project in question will see Explosive growth by the way if you Happen to know who won that auction we Would love to know too so please drop a Comment below anyways besides Decentralized streaming there's also Been an uptick in interest in Decentralized Twitter clones one of the Most popular in crypto has been fa which Is built on polygon and note that a few

Members of the coin Bureau team hold Polygon's Matic as part of their Personal portfolios now the second Crypto narrative that's likely to Explode is gamey and some would argue That it's exploding already case in Point most of the most popular daps are Related to blockchain games at least According to DAP radar These gaming daps also have millions of Monthly active users the apparent Popularity of blockchain games is not Surprising when you realize that the Traditional gaming industry is facing Issues that are analogous to those faced By centralized social media for starters Modern video games are apparently not as Well liked by Gamers as older video Games this is due to a combination of Things including surprisingly bad Graphics poor plot lines unnecessary Politici ization and generally bad Gameplay I'll note that nobody at the Coin Bureau is a hardcore gamer again at Least to my knowledge this is just what We've gathered from our research and There seems to be something to it that's Because the video game industry saw its First year of losses in a decade in 2022 since that time there have been Thousands of layoffs from the largest Developers now this could be due to the Pandemic boom becoming a bust or Developers neglecting their core

Audience whatever the reason the gaming Industry is losing money as with tech Giants like Google this could Incentivize them to find other ways to Earn Revenue funnily enough Assassin's Creed players reportedly experienced Intrusive popup ads during gameplay this Was supposedly a technical error even so It revealed that the gaming industry Might be trying to force ads on player The same way YouTube is trying to do With its viewers now whereas the average YouTube viewer will probably put up with This we suspect that the average gamer Will not appreciate having their Gameplay interrupted because of popups The result will be either that the Gaming industry will have to start Integrating gamef five features to make Up for lost revenue or that Gamers will Start to look for adree Alternatives it Will likely be a combination of both and It's possible that this is WHY Blockchain games have seen so much Adoption already and if it's true that Gaming developers are neglecting their Core audiences then blockchain games Could see even greater adoption that's Because cryptotech like nfts will make It possible for gamers to have a say in How the game should be designed rather Than ESG obsessed asset managers like Black Rock there's just one catch though And that's that these blockchain games

Cannot involve excessive Financialization if they do then they'll Likely face regulatory scrutiny the same Way axi Infiniti did in the Philippines The possibility of this scrutiny is Probably why there haven't been more Gamefire Integrations and speaking of Which there's a bigger obstacle to gamef Fire adoption than regulation and that's Scalability AKA speed as we saw with axi Infinity there are very few blockchains That can reliably handle millions of Concurrent users in axis's case they had To create their own custombuilt layer Too called Ronin this suggests that you Should focus Less on specific blockchain Games and more on the layer one and Layer 2 blockchains that power them from What we've seen Avalanche is emerging as A popular destination for this Niche due To its subnet architecture note that Some of us hold avac in our portfolios And you can learn more about Avalanche Using the Link in the Description Okay the third crypto Narrative that's likely to explode is AI And some would argue that it's already Exploded however we would argue that the Real explosion has yet to occur that's Because the AI hype we've seen in crypto And stocks has been exactly that hype Not much has changed at least not yet The consensus seems to be that it will Take at least a couple of years for all

These Innovative AI companies to launch Their products and probably a few more For the average person to adopt them Between now and then the hype-driven AI Bubble could burst be it due to Regulations or otherwise if and when That happens then it will be the perfect Buying opportunity for air related Crypto projects and there's a very high Chance that they will do very well when The AI narrative returns this is simply Because there currently isn't a way for Regular retail investors like us to make Money from AI Innovation sure we can buy Shares in companies like Nvidia and Microsoft but these companies are Already worth trillions of dollars this Means that they won't grow much in Percentage terms the only place where You can find real gains from investing In AI currently is private equity which Is limited to high net worth investors If this continues to be the case then Investing in AI crypto to could be the Only way for us plebs to make a real Profit from AI this is all but Guaranteed if AI giants like Nvidia and Microsoft start gatekeeping their Hardware and software that's because it Means it will be difficult for new AI Companies to emerge this is where Crypto's public and permissionless Nature could give it an edge believe it Or not but some crypto projects make it

Possible for regular people to access The gatekeep hard Hardware they need to Run AI Models these include a cach network Which we recently reviewed for coin Bureau club members at the same time There are many crypto projects that have Been innovating on the software side of The AI equation when you combine this Open-source Innovation with Decentralized AI Hardware what you get Are the building blocks for powerful Crypto AIS that could compete with the AIS from Google and Co the catch in this Case is that if crypto AI was to take Off then the incumbents would likely Lobby Regulators to ensure that it's Impossible to create decentralized AI Tech take a second to consider that They're already lobbying to make it more Difficult for their centralized Competitors to create AI Tech the Silver Lining is that crypto AI remains Completely off the radar in other words There aren't many fundamentals in terms Of products or adoption and nobody Really knows if crypto can even create These models but hey nobody knew that Bitcoin would become de facto digital Gold and yet here we are this ties into The fourth crypto narrative that's Likely to explode and that's Infrastructure namely decentralize Storage cryptos and crypto oracles which

Publish external data to the blockchain News flash but infrastructure cryptos Will be required for all the other Crypto narratives to explode Decentralized social social media is Probably going to require lots of data Storage decentralized gaming is probably Going to require lots of data feeds and Crypto AI is definitely going to require Lots of decentralized computing which is Technically different from decentralized Storage by the way this data storage the Data feeds and the Computing will all Need to be decentralized because that's The only way that these narratives will Be able to operate without issues be They regulatory or technical it's easy To forget that one centralized cloud Provider already banned crypto from its Platform last summer it's also easy to Forget that meta was storing nfts on Arweave proving that decentralized Infrastructure can be just as good as Its centralized counterpart and if we See more discrimination at the Infrastructure level like app stores Refusing to list certain apps for Example then decentralized Alternatives Will be adopted besides D weave cryptos To watch include Next Generation oracles Like pith which could play a role in Gamey video encoding protocols like live Pier which could play a role in Doo and Data indexing protocols like the graph

Which could play a role in AI I will Note that this list is not Exhaustive now depending on how much Adoption the three previous narratives Experience there will be more than Enough demand for these cryptos and Their competitors whether whether this Demand translates into a pump in price Depends on the tokenomics which you Should research before aping into any of These cryptos and if you don't know how To do that we've got a video in the Description that can help now to wrap Things up I want to talk about two more Crypto narratives that could explode two Narratives that could be even bigger Than the previous four combined these Are crypto payments and tokenized real World assets or RWS the latter of which Has seen a lot of hype lately the reason Why we've combined these two and left Them for last is because they face a lot Of regulatory hurdles particularly Rwas for crypto payments the biggest Hurdles relate to stablecoin regulations Which are still very much up in the air In many jurisdictions particularly the United States a bill that would make Stable coin payments possible is Currently making its way through Congress but due to the the partisanship That plagues Congress is unlikely to be Passed until after the next Election the passing of this bill likely

Depends on Republicans getting a Majority in the House and Senate in 2024 Which may not happen conversely in the EU the markets in crypto assets or Micah Regulation technically open the door to Stablecoins being used for payments if You watched our videos about Micah However you'll know that these crypto Payments will be limited to Euro stable Coins which aren't exactly popular to Say the least still there is a case to Be made that we could see enough Regulatory Clarity for crypto payments To become a narrative if this happens Then the coins and tokens belonging to High performance blockchains that are Primed for payments such as salana and Various layer twos on ethereum could see Big gains note that some of us hold Soul As part of our personal crypto Portfolios and this relates to the Regulations around rwas which seem to be A lot further away now some would say That this is debatable given that stable Coins are technically rwas there are Already tokenized fat currencies and Commodities however others would say That these aren't the rwas that the Narrative is truly about the rwas that Most seem to have in mind involve Tokenizing assets like real estate Stocks and bonds if this is indeed the Case then tokenizing these assets on Public blockchains is a long way away

More importantly large institutions and High net worth individuals would Probably not be comfortable showcasing Their rwa Holdings on public blockchains This means that they will either stick To using private and permissioned Blockchains or use public blockchains That offer compliant privacy and come to Think of it the transparency of crypto Blockchains could very well be the Biggest hurdle for institutionally Focused narratives like Rwas this is a big part of why we're Also bullish on crypto privacy though It's possible that this Niche won't see Significant gains until the next cycle And you can learn more about the other Crypto niches we're bullish on using the Link in the Description and that's about all for Today's video folks so if you found it Informative smash that like button to Let us know if you want to stay informed Be sure to subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell if you want To help inform others then take a second To share this video with them and I'll Remind you that you can become a member Of the coin Bureau club and get Unparalleled altcoin Alpha using the Link in the description as well we've Been discussing these crypto narratives And the cryptos in them in our members Discord channel so be sure to join

Before you miss out on the monster rally Thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one this is guy Over and [Music] Out


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