WATCH THESE Coins! Crypto Sectors For The Next Bull Run!!

Have you been looking for the next 100x Altcoin well this could be your once in A lifetime opportunity although the Crypto Market has been pumping since the Start of the Year almost all the price Action has come from BTC eth and a Handful of meme coins meanwhile most Altcoins have been making lower lows While it's likely that most of them Won't survive until the next Bull Run The ones that do will likely make new All-time highs 100x moves or more for Some of them so today I'm going to tell You about the different categories of Cryptocurrency that need to be on your Radar before the next bull market begins This is a video you literally cannot Afford to miss I'll start by saying that nothing in This video is financial advice it's Purely educational content that's Intended to help you with your own Crypto research also note that I'll be Giving examples of cryptocurrencies Which fall into each category and I'll Let you know which ones I hold as we go Along Now the first category to watch is the So-called Solana Killers this includes Cryptocurrencies like near protocol Aptos and sui which we recently covered Link in description This category also includes Solana Itself assuming it doesn't get

Completely wrecked by all the selling From the FTX bankruptcy estate in any Case the reason why you need to watch The Solana Killers is because it's clear That ethereum won't be killed as such There's likely going to be a lot of Focus around the alternative layer ones That are competing more directly with Solana given that it's apparently third After ethereum in adoption terms this is More significant than you think because If Solana succeeds or rather if Solana Manages to stay ahead of its competition Then Seoul could become the third crypto Project in the modern crypto portfolio After BTC and eth the same is true for The Solana Killers assuming they succeed There are a couple of caveats however The first is that if interest rates stay High then there may not be enough Speculative Capital lying around in Crypto to pump the Solana Killers or Even Solana itself the second caveat is That all these new layer Ones Will face Fierce competition from layer twos on Ethereum this ties into the second Category to watch and that's of course Layer twos on ethereum These include projects like arbitrum Optimism and metis and also includes Side chains like polygon Note that more layer twos could emerge In the coming months and it's likely They will eventually issue tokens too

Regardless the reason why you need to Watch layer twos on ethereum is because Well they're quickly becoming direct Competitors to all the alternative layer Ones for context layer twos are very Fast and very cheap and this has been The primary value proposition of all the So-called ethereum killers Not only do layer 2's provide similar Speeds and transaction costs but they Also inherit the security of the Ethereum blockchain it should come as no Surprise then that layer 2 ecosystems Have been growing despite the crypto Bear market and recently began Processing more transactions than Ethereum itself there are a couple of Caveats though The first is that the number of layer Twos on ethereum is growing fast and It's not entirely clear which ones will Come out on top the second caveat is That these layer twos will compete for Market cap amongst each other meaning That they may not pump as much as you'd Expect there's also no shortage of evm Compatible cryptocurrencies that have Acted as de facto layer 2s for ethereum These include Harmony Phantom and Arguably Avalanche all these additional Evm chains will further dilute each Other's market caps in other words the Inflows will be split between all of Them

This begs the question of which crypto Category has less competition with Similar potential the answer is Decentralized storage this includes Cryptocurrencies like filecoin rweave And Akash Network it also includes some Of the Solana Killers since they've Developed their own on-chain Storage Solutions you'll have to dyor on that One Now the reason why you need to watch Decentralized storage cryptos is because All the Unchained data created by the Dapps on layer ones and layer twos will Need to be stored somewhere from what I've seen many layer ones and layer twos Are storing on-chain data on centralized Clouds reducing decentralization it's Possible if not likely that most of These layer ones and layer 2s will Leverage decentralized storage cryptos In lieu of these centralized clouds to Ensure their overall decentralization Yes decentralized storage is more Expensive but being sued by Regulators Because you're not decentralized is even More expensive now the caveats are that Layer ones and layer 2s could develop Their own decentralized Storage Solutions like some of these Solana Killers there's also the fact that many Of these decentralized storage cryptos Are brand new and not nearly as battle Tested as other kinds of

Cryptocurrencies even so it's clear yet That the demand for data storage in Crypto is only going to increase and the Fact that meta partnered with our weave For nft storage suggests there's demand From non-crypto entities as well pity That meta ditched nfts entirely though But the point still stands Pro tip you Can keep track of the demand for some of These decentralized storage cryptos Using life peers web 3 index The fourth crypto category to watch is Like the third in terms of competition Versus potential and that's Decentralized ID now this category Includes cryptocurrencies like Civic Kilt protocol and claros it also Includes polygon which happens to be Developing its own decentralized ID Again these lists are not exhaustive by The way now the reason why you need to Watch decentralized ID kryptos is Because they are required to unlock the Next generation of crypto use cases These include centralized borrowing and Lending crypto payments and novel Governance structures that will Hopefully replace all the corrupt Politicians And speaking of governments Decentralized ID could also become a Regulatory requirement to interact with Most decentralized applications I must Admit that this is a bit terrifying but

If the decentralized ID is truly Decentralized then the possibility of This devolving into a dystopian fever Dream is very low Some would say that any decentralized IDs that rely on government-issued IDs Are still centralized but well that's a Topic for all another time Now as with all the other crypto Categories mentioned there are a couple Of caveats the first is that governments Could just as easily demand that Everyone in crypto uses their Government-issued digital IDs if you Watched our video about digital ID You'll know that most countries will Have them by 2025. The second caveat is that the demand for Decentralized ID cryptos could be very Low due to their similarity to crypto Projects like ethereum name service or Ens domains which can serve similar Functions it's even possible that Everyone will use the soul bound nfts Proposed by vitalik buteran more about Those in the description anyways the Fifth crypto category to watch is Decentralized finance or D5 this Includes borrowing and lending protocols Like Ave decentralized exchanges like Uni Swap and liquid staking protocols Like Lido Finance it also includes Decentralized stable coins like Abracadabra's magic internet money or

MIM yes that is a real cryptocurrency Now the reason why you need to watch D5 Cryptos is because they are working to Replace the institutions which offer Services in the traditional Financial System As regulation continues to improve D5 Protocols could easily rival megabanks Like JP Morgan and even asset managers Like BlackRock we're talking potentially Trillions of dollars here more Importantly Defy is the only thing in Crypto besides Bitcoin and ethereum that Generates lots of fee Revenue the Governance tokens of these D5 protocols Will likely capture some of this value In the future imagine how much potential A token belonging to a truly Decentralized stablecoin could have but There are of course a couple of caveats The first is that defy faces the largest Regulatory risks this is simply because It's actively trying to replace the Megabanks and asset managers the second Caveat is that defy also faces the Largest risk of hacks and exploits this Is simply because it's a Honeypot unlike Any other just ask the North Koreans From where I'm standing Defy is a very High risk very high reward crypto Category It's also one of the few with actual Fundamentals in the way of fees at the Same time it has lots of speculation

This means that Defy is one of the only Crypto categories that will do well Regardless of interest rates assuming There is another crypto bull market of Course the sixth crypto category to Watch relates to the fifth and that's Interoperability this includes Cryptocurrencies like flux axelr and Oracles like chain link It also includes app-specific chain Ecosystems like Cosmos note that I hold Cosmos's atom as part of my crypto Portfolio now the reason why you need to Watch interoperability cryptos is Because it's very unlikely that a single Layer 1 or layer 2 can sustain a Dap at Scale it's also very unlikely that every Dap will stay on a single chain this Means that both users and developers Will need easy ways to move assets Between chains now the reason why I Include Oracles in this category is Because they essentially provide Interoperability with the outside world This is required for most crypto use Cases especially those that involve Pricing data On that note I should remind you that There are many other oracles besides Chain link again dyor As you might have guessed there are a Couple of caveats The first is that the demand for Interoperability ultimately depends on

Crypto adoption there may not be enough Crypto adoption to create demand for Interoperability during the next crypto Bull market but it certainly looks that Way The second caveat is that Interoperability is likely to be a Zero-sum game as in all Industries there Will eventually be one or maybe two Interoperability standards in the crypto Industry it doesn't look like this Standard will be established during the Next crypto bull market but it could so Choose very carefully The seventh crypto category to watch is Decentralized social media this includes Crypto projects like the lens protocol Decentralized social and video protocols Like Theta note that most decentralized Social media protocols will Leverage The Solana Killers the layer twos and the Decentralized storage cryptos now the Reason why you need to watch Decentralized social media cryptos is Because governments around the world are Explicitly trying to censor the internet If you watched our video about all the Upcoming online censorship laws you'll Know that many countries are introducing These very soon as quality information Becomes more difficult to find on Centralized social media platforms more And more people will switch to using Decentralized Alternatives even without

Widespread censorship the hype Speculation and financial incentives Should be enough to drive serious Adoption there are just two caveats the First is that the adoption of Decentralized social media fundamentally Depends on how easy it is to use the Crypto user experience has been Improving but it's nowhere close to Perfect The second caveat is that decentralized Social media could face regulations Similar to Define that said Decentralized social media could be the Killer use case that attracts the most People into crypto take a second to Consider that massive communities have Formed around all the different nft Collections that went mainstream for now They congregate on Twitter in the future It could be do so the eighth crypto Category is similar to the seventh and That's blockchain gaming this includes Crypto projects like axi Infinity Gala Games and metaverse worlds like Decentraland logically most blockchain Gaming cryptos will also leverage these Solana Killers the layer twos and Decentralized Storage Now the reason why you need to watch Blockchain gaming is because it's Another one of the killer use cases that Could take crypto mainstream in contrast To diesel the incumbents are itching to

Adopt blockchain gaming to make extra Money video game sales recently fell for The first time in years blockchain Gaming also focuses on the only Non-financial reason why people adopt Crypto and that's just for fun for Reference the other two reasons why People adopt crypto are because of Speculation or out of necessity Obviously speculation is cyclical and There aren't many people that need Crypto Well for now as for the caveats The first is that there don't seem to be Any crypto blockchains that are Currently capable of supporting millions Of concurrent users the second caveat is That the regulations around blockchain Gaming are unclear and could again Result in similar scrutiny to that of Defy and D so still if I were to bet how The next billion users are onboarded Into crypto blockchain gaming is where I'd put my chips however I'd personally Stick to the Solana Killers layer twos And other categories that will provide Infrastructure for these blockchain Games the returns could possibly be Lower but that's how I roll portfolio Deep in the red Jokes Aside the ninth crypto category to Watch is a bit of a wild card and that's Wallets Now these include multi-chain wallets Like metamask Phantom and even Avalanche

Core it also includes interoperable Multi-chain wallets like the Thor wallet Which leverages Thor chain for Native Cross-chain transactions more about Thor Chain in the description Now the reason why you need to pay Attention to crypto wallets is because Some of them are reportedly planning on Issuing their own governance tokens for Example consensus CEO Joseph Lubin Hinted back in November 2021 that Metamask would eventually be issuing its Own governance token using these wallets Means you could have a chance of getting Some free crypto Depending on the economics of these Wallet tokens they could have comparable Potential to defy protocols newsflash Everything in crypto requires a wallet Crypto wallets could someday earn Trillions in transaction fees however There are of course a couple of caveats The first is that there's no guarantee That crypto wallets without tokens will Issue tokens in the future the second is That there are many crypto wallets out There and some of them do have tokens This could result in the market cap Competition we see with evm chains The third caveat is that there could be Consolidation among crypto wallets much Like the interoperability standards this Effect can be seen already with Hardware Wallets where Ledger and trezor reign

Supreme note that you can get a discount On Hardware wallets using the link in The description So the final crypto category to watch is Another wild card and that's privacy This includes crypto projects like Oasis Network Aztec Network and secret Network It also includes proper privacy coins Like Monero but it goes without saying That privacy coins have seen the highest Level of regulatory scrutiny so why are We bullish on crypto privacy well the Answer is easy institutional investors Want Financial privacy in cryptocurrency More than anyone else this is certainly True of central banks which will be Allowed to accumulate crypto starting From January 2025 more about that using The link in the description Now it's guaranteed that these Institutional investors will want the Highest level of crypto privacy possible However that demand for crypto privacy Won't come until the institutions are Fully involved and that won't happen Until countries have finished passing Reasonable crypto regulations Now the caveats with this category are Predictable the first is that crypto Regulations will continue to crack down On privacy for the foreseeable future This Crackdown could continue during the Crypto bull market The second caveat is that most of the

Privacy Solutions in cryptocurrency Aren't all that good the only exceptions Are proper privacy coins which means That they will be the primary targets For the foreseeable future However if they can survive the Crackdown a bullish future awaits them When better regulations come around Never forget that grayscale failed to Create a Monero trust in January 2021. In sum there will initially be very Harsh anti-privacy crypto regulations Once the institutions are involved However they will likely Lobby for Better regulations related to crypto Privacy it's possible that this will Happen during or even before the next Crypto bull run as a privacy fan I Certainly hope so And that is all for today's video folks If you found it informative let me know By Smashing that like button if you want To make sure you don't miss the next one Subscribe to the channel and ping that Notification Bell Also consider sharing this video with Your crypto friends before the next Bull Run in the interim you can check out the Coin Bureau deals page to make the most Of the current market conditions Whatever they may be I've got dozens of Discounts on crypto hardware and Thousands of dollars of trading Incentives on the top crypto exchanges

The link will of course be down in the Description thank you all for watching And I'll see you next time [Music]


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