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Nothing has ever been a bubble that then Has outperformed itself and so I fully Expect in this cycle and you have this Happening thing happening in April which Is great technically for Bitcoin I Expect alltime highs in the next 12 Months breaking news vanak CEO says Bitcoin will break new all-time highs in The next 12 months vanak is one of the Largest financial institutions on the Planet the smartest people in the room Are listening to the vanx CEO when he Gets on TV and says this for 2024 in Particular and some have been scratching Their head a little bit at the behavior Of Bitcoin and gold because they're Saying are they are they trading off the Real rates are they what is it that they Are trading off of and what tells you That you think they're if this is your Your gut that that Bitcoin itself will Outperform well it's it's the macro Right so you just um the stores of value That don't generate interest which is Why the investors like Warren Buffett Don't don't like them at all but they Behave really Rel in relation to Interest rates like you said that's the Big cycle and interest rates are headed Down um directionally speaking so the Macro behind Bitcoin and gold are are Are very strong by the way they they Kind of do perform similarly they both Peaked in 2021 they've both been

Rallying this year um obviously Bitcoin Way more than gold for for different uh But now that bitcoin's grown up and I Promise I'll move on to other topics but You know if you look at Gold's Performance in the 2010s it was okay That was all obviously the low interest Rate era if you think we're going back To kind of low rates has Bitcoin already Made the big gains and now kind of Treading Water no because it's also it's Growing up like I said it's like a child That's growing up and so so I you know You can argue about it being a bubble And what I say is no bubble so it Bubbled in 2017 but then it hit all-time Highs in 2021 so nothing is ever been a Bubble that then has outperformed itself And so I fully expect in this cycle and You have this happening thing happening In April which is great technically for Bitcoin I expect all-time highs in the Next 12 months so you guys are amongst Those who have filed to have the first Or one of many spot Bitcoin ETFs how do You think they're going to approve it Literally one at a time firm by firm or Is it going to be kind of a batch all at Once your ticker I have to say to your Credit is H odl yeah we're very happy With the ticker which we announced last Week but um know I I very very much Expect it'll be all one day okay because That's what happened with the ethereum

Futures so because the you know decided To sort of put everything on hold on Crypto just depending on paperwork Effectively someone could have an unfair And advantage and they've said from a Policy perspective no let everyone start At the same time you are completely Unprepared for the pump that traditional Finance marketing will bring to the Bitcoin base remember every single prior Pump has had trafi screeching that Bitcoin is worthless speculative garbage Every single prior pump had most of the World's money managers as headwinds this Time they will be Tailwinds you are not Ready even more interesting in vanc just Recently put their reputation on the Line and published 15 crypto predictions For 2024 here they are you tell me which One of these you agree with which one of These you disagree with either way it's Amazing that Vanek is saying this Prediction number one the US recession Will finally arrive but so will the First spot Bitcoin ETFs over 2.4 billion May flow into these ETFs in q1 2024 to Support bitcoin's price prediction Number two the fourth Bitcoin having in 2024 will see minimal Market disruption And a POS having rise in bitcoin's price With significant gains for some lowcost Miners prediction number three Bitcoin Will make a new all-time high in Q4 of 2024 potentially spurred by political

Events and Regulatory shifts following a US presidential election prediction Number four ethereum won't flip Bitcoin In 2024 but will still outperform major Tech stocks ethereum's market share will Be challenged by other smart contract Platforms prediction number five host EIP 4844 this is Proto Dan sharding Post This implementation ethereum layer 2s Will capture the majority of evm Compatible total value locked and Trading volume prediction number six nft Activity will rebound to all-time high With ethereum leading and Bitcoin Gaining traction VI the ordinals Protocol Shifting the eth to bitcoin nft Issuance ratio to 3:1 3 eth to1 Bitcoin By the end of 2024 prediction number Seven binance will lose the number one Position for spot trading with Competitors like okx bybit coinbase and Bitg contending for leadership Coinbase's Futures market May exceed 1 Billion daily volume as regulated index Inclusion becomes key prediction number Eight stable coin market cap will reach A new all-time high above 200 billion Usdc will reverse market share losses Indicating a shift towards more Institutional adoption particularly Especially on emerging layer 2 change Chains prediction number nine dexes will Hit all-time highs in spot trading Market share driven by fast blockchains

Like salana and wallets enabling Automated transactions promoting onchain Trading and self- custody prediction 10 Remittances will boost blockchain use With Bitcoin staking on the lightning Network offering yield opportunities Through new userfriendly staking tools Prediction 11 a Breakout blockchain game May surpass 1 million daily players Immutable X is poised to climb market Cap ranks with key releases and the Immutable passport streamlining wallet Usage and enabling a wider blockchain Adoption also they've named a mutable X Will be they say a top 25 blockchain Prediction 12 salana is projected to Become a top three blockchain by market Cap tvl and users potentially surpassing Chain links TVs with its pyth Oracle as Defi tvl surges and ETF interest grows Interesting salana top three and ETF Interest growing around salana very Interesting prediction number 13 we're Getting into more lower caps dpin Networks especially HIV mapper and Helium will increase adoption with Hive Mapper mapping significant distances and Helium's 5G Network expanding rapidly Offering costeffective alternatives to Traditional infrastructures prediction Number 14 new accounting standards will Boost corporate crypto Holdings coinbase Will report layer 2 revenues as base Protocol Grows by 2025 a major finan

Fincial entity May launch a quasi public Blockchain with public chain Connectivity and then finally prediction Number 15 kyc compliant defi apps led by Unis swap will likely surpass non kyc Ones attracting institutional volume and Enhancing protocol fees which may boost Unis swp's token value which vanic Predictions did you agree with which did You disagree with I want to remind you That very similar to black rock vanac is Known for launching ETFs and they are One of the main contenders to launch a Spot Bitcoin ETF with black rock and the 11 plus others very soon and it's really Interesting to hear the CEO of Vanek Tell his story why they got into crypto Listen when did you get into Bitcoin Because this is a really big thing for You and for the fund for the firm and Everything yeah 2017 so we were the First like ET established ETF player to File for a Bitcoin related ETF personal Interest or what drove it it was me but You know listen gold you know my dad Started the firm um with the first gold Fund in the United States and so store Of value investing is our in our DNA and I said oh man what's this Bitcoin thing And I knew about it you know and I said Well you got to do the Deep dive so I Listen to the podcast read the white Paper and I said no this is going to be An accompaniment of gold and um you know

When I try to talk to people who are so Doubtful about Bitcoin I said listen That was in 2017 it was $33,000 of Bitcoin it's 10x from now it's just why Are you surprised like you know remember China like part of large parts of China Were completely undeveloped and Unindustrialized 30 years ago but things Change right and so I think Bitcoin is The obvious asset that is growing up in Front of our eyes I guess the two and I I watch it and I I concede that it Actually has behaved remarkably like Gold and some kind of store of value Proxy I can't quite put my finger on why But you do think well there could always Be some new thing that comes along Bitcoin itself was Innovative there Could be some new version of this down The road that takes people people's Interest and number two the Jamie Diamond critique that it's all there's So much nefarious stuff associated with It that there's still a regulatory risk That you know stymies it there's a lot Of political risk around it absolutely But what I say as far as something else Coming along there's 50 million users of Bitcoin so it's got Network effects um I Think that's impossible for me to Imagine some other what I call it Internet store of value that going to Get LeapFrog Bitcoin um you know so That's number one as far as the you know

Criminality and all that kind of stuff You know Listen I I I don't throw the first stone If you're associated with the bank or Any financial institution that's never Been involved with criminals uh in one Shape or another I'll leave it at that Hey let me know in the comments which Altcoins you're buying on the dip guys If you're new to the channel or just Coming back into crypto check out any of Our videos from the last 6 months There's a lot of value in our videos From the last 6 months do not ignore These just cuz they're a month old or or Two months old some of these videos just Have so much value and are still very Much relevant or you know talk about Different crypto coins that are still Very much in the conversation that if You know you have different ways you Want to do things 10 coins under a Dollar whatever you want to do we have a Video for that so again watch our videos From the last 6 months there's a lot of Value in these see you tomorrow


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