Watch Out! The Real Reason Crypto Is Going UP! (Bitcoin Whales)

The real reason why cryptocurrency Continues to go up is as follows number One micro strategy buys $37 million in Bitcoin bringing its total Holdings to $10,000 Bitcoin micro strategy snapped Up another 850 Bitcoin in January Increasing its total Bitcoin Holdings to A value of 8.1 billion micro strategy Now holds just short of 1% of all Bitcoin that will ever exist combine This with Michael sailor's personal Holdings Michael sailor owns over 1% of All Bitcoin he truly believes in it and He's taking the risk this is why he Bought more give me an example of Something you can own a $100 million of Where you can take personal custody of It and where you can actually move it Anywhere on Earth and where even if I Hold a gun to your head I can't take it From you and the only thing we've ever Figured out that you can do that with is Bitcoin and so Bitcoin is like um it Keeps everybody honest the optionality To do this means that all you got to do Is find One Bank in Singapore that'll Treat you better than the bank in New York or London or Tokyo and then you can Move it in a half an hour for five bucks And what happens next the bank in New York thinks well I guess we can't screw These guys over because and they'll just Move to Singapore and the guys in California say well I can't can't just

Tax all the Bitcoin in California it'll Move to Wyoming it'll move to Singapore It'll move to Malta and at the end of The day you can tell everybody go Thems you can put it in your head Memorize the freaking key right and it's Here and then you know the classic Bitcoiner response is oh yeah my Bitcoin Uh I lost it in a boating accident you Ever heard that phrase it's it's kind of A Trope but what it means is at the end Of the day if you push me too far I lost Lost it it's gone Sorry tax that in addition the price of Ethereum is on the move as Ark invest And 21 shares amend their spot ethereum ETF application to allow for cash Creations this is a similar to move and Just what we saw happen with the spot Bitcoin ETF applicants just prior to Those funds winning regulatory approval This is my prediction for the next 70 or 80 Days real quick my friends Cryptocurrency taxes do not have to be Scary pay your taxes and you can get Your taxes done in minutes through our Partner coin Ledger use our link below To create a free account and get your Crypto taxes done this is the Turbo Tax Of crypto I've used this this is Completely free to use you do not pay Upfront you only pay at the end when you Want to download your tax report it's so Easy to use you get your crypto taxes

Done in minutes all you do is connect Your wallet to coin Ledger coin Ledger Automatically calculates your gains your Losses your income in your home fiat Currency for free so you track your Gains your losses your income for free With this software if you use our link Below you only pay at the end if and When you want to download your tax Report again you must use our affiliate Link to get all perks make sure you use Our link below these guys are like the Turbo Tax of crypto but they're also Trusted by regular Turbo Tax in that Coin Ledger tax reports can be easily And simply imported into your Turbo Tax Or Tax Act or whatever tax software you Use I've used this service before coin Ledger crypto Tax Service works you will Not stress over your crypto taxes if you Use this make sure that you use our Affiliate link below so that you're able To set up a free account with them and Try this out for free you use this Service it takes 5 minutes you'll have Such peace of mind when you're done Crypto taxes are easy with coin Ledger This is my prediction for the next 70 or 80 days as you see here the Bitcoin Having takes place in about 69 70 days Mid April it is my opinion that after This event is behind us it would mean That both the Bitcoin having is behind Us in about 70 days and the Black Rock

Spot Bitcoin ETF will be behind us two Huge Bitcoin catalysts for this cycle my Point is it is my belief that after this Happens we will see a rotation into Ethereum the ethereum ETF hype alone Will send ethereum just like Bitcoin and If you need a little Peak into what the US regulators and financial Infrastructure in the US if you need a Little Peak into what they have planned This makes me excited for ethereum in America promethium the only us Registered Securities crypto platform Picks ethereum as its first product Interesting the much debated Crypt Broker says it's poised to start its SEC Compliant custody with ethereum and then Will soon add other names and begin a Trading operation within months why did They pick ethereum why did they pick Ethereum they say we want to be able to Service the largest market cap and most Liquid token ethereum is the first and There should be many more thereafter What are you thinking I'm thinking Salas The chainlinks the injectives the cardos What do you think and rest assured my Friends you know we talk about ethereum Having regulatory Clarity in the US and Around the world and that is a major Selling point for ethereum I mean the SEC has effectively conceded that Ethereum isn't a security multiple times But left ambiguity for sure now

Promethium who lists Securities needs Only reasonable belief that ethereum is A crypto asset security to custody it But this is my point this this is what You need to understand SEC permitting Promethium to custody ethereum as a Security because of its ambiguity won't Make ethereum a security won't make Ethereum a security very bullish on Ethereum this cycle particularly because Of stuff like this I mean this is a Microcosm for what's happening in the Industry at large metamask adds Robin Hood integration us users will be able To fund their non-custodial wallets Through Robin Hood connect everything is Just getting connected to each other Case and point Multiverse X big win for Multiverse X as Multiverse X blockchain Data is now embedded in global internet Data stream via Google's big query so Multiverse X blockchain can now be Searched in Google's big query Google Has deemed Multiverse X good enough at a Level high enough like they have quite a Few quality blockchains that they can Add them to their big query to make you Know using Multiverse X that much easier Just like you search regular Google to Unlock in-depth information on the web You would search Google's big query to Find out things you need to know related To blockchains like Multiverse X Building Bridges across the tech world

To bring web 2 usability to web 3 making Blockchain data exponentially more Accessible happening on Multiverse X Visible on Google cloud bybit is one of The best cryptocurrency exchanges you Can use if you're not on bybit I don't Know what you're doing use our bybit Link below and have the opportunity to Get up to $30,000 in deposit bonuses but What I want to draw your attention to is This bybit is seeking and getting Licensing in Hong Kong for crypto Expansion The cryptocurrency Exchange Submitted its license application January 31st what we're seeing with Bibit is what we're seeing with coinbase Is what we're seeing with Gemini these Cryptocurrency companies are getting More distributed more decentralized even More Global I love this little 30-second Video Gemini did to kind of explain what They're doing again a microcosm for What's happening in the industry Regulation through enforcement is not The way we've seen that the U UK seems To be a lot more Forward Thinking in Crypto than the US for example we're Here because of all the great work that Was laid down for hundreds of years Before and the US has that tradition too But they're sort of fumbling it right Now and that's what we're concerned About regulation through enforcement That's not the right approach that does

Not Foster Innovation and it also Doesn't protect consumers salana Suffered an outage for the first time in A while salana is now back live despite Its 5-hour outage guys there's still a Lot of reason to be bullish on salana Despite its recent Network outage on February 6th salon's price is on the Rise this is why salana continues to do Well coin shares Investment Company is Reporting a significant 13.4 million in Weekly inflows into salana investment Products outpacing that of ethereum and Avalanche the total value locked in Salana continues to be in an uptrend Hitting 1.65 billion signaling strong Investor activity and confidence in the Ecosystem and sana's Dex volume is Number one only behind ethereum so I Guess number two it's sign ific Market Presence and user engagement is evident Not to mention after the ethereum ETF Hype the salana ETF hype will happen and I've already seen it start happening Finally guys big win for the people of Japan big win for the Japanese Yen and Big Win For Those excited about the Injective ecosystem Helix brins Japanese Yen onchain the tokenized Yen will be Backed one to one by Japanese Yen Helix Is a decentralized exchange on injective It will launch the Japanese Yen Forex Pair on its platform making it one of The first exchanges to introduce the Yen

Onto the blockchain my friends make sure You tune in to killer whales first Episode of the five episode season Premier's February 8th pre-order now Exclusively with the hello token at Hello. one so let me quickly explain to You the info this show will initially Come out on hello Labs website token Gated but very affordable I believe it Just costs a couple dollars in hello Tokens to see the first episode or $11 In total to see season 1 if you want to Be a part of the conversation at the Very beginning this is how you'd see it However in a few weeks to a month from Now this show will also be out on Mainstream streaming services so you Have the opportunity to watch it on Those as well either way guys check this Out five episodes with some of the Biggest people in crypto being judges And some of the most interesting Companies in crypto coming before the Killer whale judges my name is Aaron at Altcoin Daily 2024 shaping up into a Great year subscribe to the channel and I'll see you tomorrow


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