Watch Out For These Memecoins!! Why They Could DUMP!

The crypto Market is dead right now it's Dead Bitcoin is chopping altcoins are Dropping and hodlers are bored out of Their minds but you know in crypto There's one place where the party never Stops mean coins and recently it looks Like the DJ switched up the music and Invited some glamorous new guests this Time dogs things with hats and Politicians are out and celebrities are In famous folks like soldja boy Andrew Tate and Caitlyn Jenner have launched Their own meme coins and it seems like Every day another celebrity drops a Token contract address on social media So this has left many asking is this how Generational wealth is born or are Celebrity meme coins deserving of our Scorn today we find Out folks this is not a drill just when We thought the meme coin craze was Fading it turns out we just start Started a whole new chapter or maybe It's a sequel you see no crypto cycle Would be complete without celebrities Doing their part to make crypto look bad This cycle it's meme coins last time Around it was nfts and FTX ads and back In the 2010s well those were the early Days but some celebrities were putting Their names to dubious crypto projects Back then too now to make sense of the New celebrity mcoin meta you need to Understand how we got here so let's

Begin with a little history of Celebrities Shilling crypto projects as Far as we can tell it was the Ico boom And Bull Run of 2017 that kickstarted The love affair between celebrities and Crypto back in 2017 Parris Hilton Jamie Fox Floyd Mayweather DJ khed and Ghostface Killer made history with their Pioneering endorsements of sus IC Ghostface even planned to launch his own Crypto startup and token although we Couldn't find evidence that the token Ever came out and as far as we can tell None of these Ventures ended well for an Early case study let's look at the Projects endorsed by Floyd Mayweather And DJ khed in summer 2017 Mayweather Promoted three icos on social media and Announced to his tens of millions of Followers that he would go by Floyd Crypto Mayweather from then on as he Explained quote I'm going to make a [ __ ] Ton of money the Ico starts in a few Hours get yours before they sell out I Got mine it was a busy old summer for Mayweather who also joined DJ khed in Promoting a new crypto debit card and Related Ico from a company called sent Tech Inc over on Instagram DJ khed could Be found promoting a bottle of serok Vodka in one hand and his Sentra crypto Debit card in the other ah those were The days unfortunately the SEC was Having none of it and charged khed and

Mayweather for not disclosing payments They received for their promotional Posts they both paid six figure fines to Settle the case with no admission of Guilt and it kind of looks like they Dodged a bullet that's because not long After the founders of centratech were Arrested by the FBI they were charged Not only with violating Securities laws But masterminding a completely Fraudulent Ico And one of them ended up getting 8 years In prison you see sentra's Ico had been Promoted online by an impressive CEO and CFO whose LinkedIn profiles included an MBA from Harvard and stints as a Financial analyst at Bank of America as VP of business banking at Chase Bank and A senior VP at Wells Fargo together they Raised Millions for the Ico on the basis That their debit card was backed by visa And MasterCard And would allow users to instantly Convert hardto spend cryptocurrencies Into US dollars the only problem was Visa and MasterCard had nothing to do With Sentra whatsoever they just made That up and that CEO and CFO they were Made up too the actual founders of Sentra used a combination of Google Image search results for old white guy Plus pictures of their own family Members in their Ico promotional Materials that would have made for some

Really awkward family dinners so it was Probably a relief for everyone when they Got nicked by the feds now earlier this Year sentra's story was featured in a Netflix movie where one of the Co-founders explained quote ever since I Was a kid I always wanted to be a Criminal we didn't know anything about This business but it didn't matter at All we lied we cheated we made millions Of dollars anyway that is just DJ khed And Floyd Mayweather we've still got a Lot of celebrities to get through so Let's move on and by the way if you're Enjoying this video so far go ahead and Assault the like subscribe and Notification Bell buttons that way more People can see this video and you will Be the first to catch our next upload Crypto okay welcome to the Bro crypto Podcast I'm chadam Miss Maximus go by Max Chad 100 on Twitter and I am Giga Dick the dude with the biggest p&l in All of crypto bro bro say what my p&l is 100% bigger than yours bro please I was Longing Doge and drinking neat beler While you were still spot buying BTC on Mount gox bro bro you're still driving a 2020 Aventador where's your Bugatti at Bro bro when Bonk hits a dollar I'm Going to be rocking a super yacht while You're still stuck in traffic bro the Bro crypto podcast is sponsored by the Coin Bureau deals page if you're looking

For trading fee discounts of up to 60% Exchange sign up bonuses of up to $60,000 and amazing discounts on Hardware wallets then don't be a bro be In the no and check out the link in the Description below and now back to the Show Crypto bro bro bruh bro Bro bro oh uh okay they're still going Uh right um look you can either listen To these idiots for the next 4 hours or You can head to the coin Bureau deals Page and find something useful your call In 2018 the shenanigans continued actor And level 10 nutcase Steven Seagal Promoted an Ico that turned out to be Another scam musician imag and Heap made Headlines for her long-running interest In distributing music on ethereum and Former basketball and level eight Nutcase Dennis Rodman showed up to the Historic Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore that summer Sporting a weed themed shitcoin t-shirt No do not adjust your set but by far the Biggest celebrity crypto story of 2018 Was singer Aon now if you don't know What I'm talking about then well you Must be new here or perhaps you've just Been living under a rock for the last Few years because this has to be the Most ambitious celebrity crypto vanity Project of all time Aon didn't just Announce his own cryptocurrency he

Announced a whole new city named after Him where his crypto would be legal Tender the major landmark in acon city Was going to be Aon Tower and the name Of the crypto well no prizes for Guessing and you have to admire the Ambition if nothing else your cryptocur Has no use case no problem let's Manufacture one hell let's build a whole City just for people to spend it in you Can't get a better product Market fit Than that now after aon's big Announcement in 2018 he partnered with The tourism Board of senagal where he Planned to build his futuristic Metropolis inspired by wakanda from the Black Panther series the tourism board Said say no more kicked a couple of Hundred locals out of their homes and Sold the land they lived on to Aon hey Teamwork Makes the Dream Work right well It's now 6 years later and aon's plot of Land is still mostly empty and populated Only occasionally by a few grazing goats The evicted families haven't received Any compensation and the tourism board Is threatening to end its contract with Aon and now YouTube is overflowing with Deep dive videos about aon's project These include such Classics as Aon scam City the inevitable collapse of Aon scam City and the brutal collapse of Aon scam City Aon city senagal is in a shambles Nothing but dust and many many more if

You want the full story about Aon City We suggest you get your popcorn out and Watch one of these videos because they Are quite entertaining in a awful kind Of way we'll link to one in the Description below anyway so what about That Cryptocurrency well Aon held a fundra in 2019 where donors were given tokens of Appreciation which could later be Converted into aon's crypto so basically An Ico the crypto ultimately launched in 2021 but good old regulatory hurdles Meant that the pre-sale investors who Had donated to the project in exchange For tokens of appreciation couldn't Legally have them converted into aon's Crypto so instead they were left holding A bag of useless not even crypto tokens Eventually the project reached out to Its telegram community and offered a Refund but as one investor interviewed By the BBC put it in 2022 quote I didn't Ask for the refund they offered the Refunds it was meant to come a few weeks Later we are now over a year and we're Back at the same situation we were years Ago with the lack of communication and Now everybody's up in arms well 3 years Have now passed and the web is a wash With anecdotes of of investors still Waiting for a refund the word scam has Become stuck to aon's project like

Bubblegum to a shoe and as for Aon Himself well he's still taking every Interview he can get to defend his Project and he is remarkably composed About the whole situation in a 2022 Interview with the BBC he insisted that Aon City will still be built and that he Will refund his early investors even if He has to quote go on a world tour and Repay them quote out of pocket but that Was two years ago and Aon has done no Such thing investors are still waiting For their refunds while Aon cackles to DJ Vlad about how he controls the supply Of his crypto anyway for the sake of Probably everyone's sanity we'll have to Leave the acon drama there and move on In September 2019 Filipino boxer and Senator Manny Pacquiao made his history When he launched his own erc20 token Which one UK newspaper described as the Quote world's first celebrity Cryptocurrency Pacquiao's project was a Wh label cryptocurrency developed by a Singaporean firm called gcx Group which Build itself as the world's first Celebrity token exchange the idea was Basically to pay wall access to Celebrities as gcx explained in one PR Article fans could use their celebrity Tokens to access exclusive Manny Pacquiao products services and social Interactions or they could even prove Themselves as true fans by donating

Their tokens back to Manny Pacquiao Looking back from 2024 you have to admit They were on to something with these Celebrity tokens at one point they also Had singer Jason Derulo and English Footballer Michael Owen on their roster But something must have gone wrong Because only Manny Pacquiao launched a Token and g-x appears to have vanished Just a year later there is no gx's Website social media activity or Information online after December 2020 Folks we can't say for sure but we might Be looking at the first celebrity rug in History study first movers okay moving On in 2021 nfts FTX and a Monumental Bullrun roped in more and bigger Celebrities than ever before when it Came to Shilling in individual cryptos The biggest story of the year was when Kim Kardashian was paid $250,000 to promote a pump and dump Scheme to her 238 million Instagram Followers the SEC had a field day with That one charging her with quote Unlawfully touting a crypto security she Paid $1.2 million to settle the case in 2022 then in 2023 the SEC charged eight Celebrities including our old friend Aon Lindsay Lohan Lil yotty soldja Boy and Neo with similar offenses in this case All of them were promoting Justin Suns TRX and BTT without disclosing their Compensation the SEC also went after

Justin himself in this case so as you Can see celebrities in the United States Have a rich tradition of promoting and Sometimes even launching crypto projects But it wasn't until 2024 that the Celebrity meme genre really started to Flourish the new celebrity meta is a Mutation of the historic memec coin Season of q1 2024 in q1 memecoins Outperformed every other narrative in Crypto by a wide margin astronomical Returns printed by the likes of Bonk and Whiff caused many mcoin Skeptics to fomo In and captured the attention of beused No coiners the world over infrastructure Like salana and pump dot fun made it Easier cheaper and faster to launch and Trade meme coins than ever before on Salana alone thousands of New Meme coins Were launched every day and coalesced Into various subgenres among these Subgenres the market showed particularly Strong demand for memes based on public Figures most notably Joe Biden and Donald Trump to any crypto curious Celebrity this must have looked like a Huge opportunity if you have the Attention of millions of followers and You can easily tokenize that attention And profit from it well why wouldn't you Then in late May 2024 Caitlyn Jenner Took the bait and launched her own mem Coin on salana as far as we can tell she Was the first celebrity to do so meaning

It was Jenna who fired the starting gun For the deranged part of the cycle that We now find ourselves in Jenna's token Raced to a $43 million market cap not Long after its launch and ever since Then salana Savvy celebrities have been Falling over themselves to get a piece Of the action now little pump sexy red Trippy Reed soldja boy Rich the kid and Devido have also followed suit and Launched their own meme coins using Pump. fun at the time of making this Video little pump has just tattooed Salana on his forehead Ryan Garcia seems To be mulling over launching a meme coin And whacka flock flame is asking his Followers to teach him about salana Needless to say much pumping dumping and Rugging have ensued since Caitlyn Jenna Fired that starting shot but amidst this Frenzy two celebrities have stood out From the crowd the first is retired Aussie rapper Iggy aelia who's taken the Meme coin ball and is running with it Since launching two weeks ago her mem Coin has raced past a $200 million Market cap and been listed on mult Multiple centralized exchanges she's Opened a merch store gone on a Promotional tour of the New York Stock Exchange met with Jim Kramer and has Announced that the mem coin will be Accepted as payment for phones and Monthly plans at a telecom's company she

Owns you have to hand it to her Iggy has Taken to crypto like a duck to water and She actually seems to be spinning her Mcoin into a brand rather than a rug for Her efforts she's been commended by the Salana influencer anom who argues that Projects like hers can begin to address Some of the shortcomings of current Social media namely compensation for Content creators and relationship Building between artists and fans According to anom quote mem coins and Social tokens are the precursor to the Breakout app which revolves around Crypto social and aligning cult online Communities with incentives it's Certainly an interesting take and one Will return to later And speaking of anom this leads us to The other celebrity who's stolen the mem Coin Spotlight recently and that is the Influencer Andrew Tate who recently Launched a pair of provocative meme Coins with a promise to quote crash Salana one of his meme coins dethroned Igy as alas by breaching the $300 Million market cap Mark and Tate is Adamant that it will reach a billion Dollars at some point Tate's mem coin Marketing strategy has involved tweeting Racial slurs at anom and challenging him To a boxing match in Dubai this December Anom agreed to the fight but it's not Clear if Tate will be able to attend

Because he is awaiting trial in Romania On various charges I'm sure you probably All know about once that trial concludes He's due to be extradited to the UK Where there is an arrest warrant for him Stemming from prior charges of similarly Awful stuff just the pr boost crypto so Badly needs anyway all of these Celebrity Shenanigans have left many of Us wondering just what part of the cycle Is this the current meta has words like Froy and local top on some people's Minds on the other hand if you share Anoms belief that celebrity meme coins Are the precursor to a breakout new use Case for crypto then things might be About to get a whole lot crazier but as The saying goes history Rhymes and if You look at your rearview mirror you'll See a graveyard heaving with worthless Celebrity nfts from last cycle that hint At how this year's celebrity mecoin meta Might end in tears a swift end to the Froth would be welcomed by Skeptics like Vitalic buaran who recently argued on Twitter that even the celebrity nfts of Yester year would be preferable to what We're faced with now he criticized Celebrity meme coins for lacking a Purpose other than enriching the Celebrity and early investor and argues Against the financialization of Everything as an end unto itself but Then this argument strikes at the heart

Of a more existential question about What we're all doing here in the first Place on the one hand all around the World people are forced to work long Hours for little money many of us see Crypto as a way out of a life of Mediocrity the only way out even what Better use case is there meme coins Merely strip away the pretense of the Revolutionary Tech that we never knew we Needed and leave us with the Ponzi we Actually want everyone can relate to Memes and as for celebrity tokens it's Easier to decide which famous person you Want to bid this week on than to predict Which modular layer 3 blockchain is Going to survive this cycle on the other Hand meanwhile the spectacle of Celebrity meme coins has left many true Believing crypto natives with a bad Taste in their mouth if we want crypto To accomplish what it was invented to do Or if we want the general public to Think of crypto as anything more than a Shady Casino then washed up celebrities Dropping salana contract addresses on Twitter every 5 minutes ain't the best Optics to say the least unless of course Someone like IG aselia makes the anom Thesis a reality by spinning a meme coin Into a lasting brand that provides a Community with some kind of value or Enjoyment Beyond a quick trade like we Said earlier infrastructure like Sal n

And pump. fun have led to the Proliferation of celebrity meme coins on A scale never seen before and you have To wonder what the next progression will Be celebrity meme coins have the ability To concentrate the attention and Financial resources of enormous fan Communities in an entirely novel way and It's probably only a matter of time Before a new social media platform or Application develops from here whether The current bubble will Bur first before That happens we've no idea at the moment It's still a Wilderness of rugs pumping And dumping and Shady Insider dealing And the sudden flocking of celebrities To salana in the last few weeks has even Drawn some accusations that this whole Meta has been orchestrated by shady and Unknown forces so whatever you do just Be careful and if a celebrity you like Drops a token contract address on social Media maybe think twice before red Denominating your portfolio into It right that's all for today folks this Meta is really heating up so let us know In the comments if a new celebrity coin Is melting faces at the time you're Watching this video go ahead and karate Chop the like subscribe and notification Buttons to help more people see this Video and make sure you never miss Another upload as always thank you for Watching and I'll see you next time this

Is guy over and out [Music]


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