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What causes the crypto Market to pump or Dump ensure its crypto specific factors And macro factors if you know what these Are then you can predict crypto prices With surprising accuracy this begs the Question of which crypto and macro Factors are coming up in 2024 and how They could affect the market a recent Report answers all of these questions as Well as a few important predictions That's why today we're going to Summarize this report and tell you what It could mean for the crypto Market Don't go Anywhere the report that we'll be Summarizing today is titled Outlook 2024 It was published by crypto research and Investment firm coin shares late last Month and we'll leave a link to the full Report in the description if you're Interested now the first part of the Report unpacks the effects that various Macro factors could have on btc's price Over the next 12 months the authors Start by talking about what is arguably A crypto specific factor and that is the Approval of the spot Bitcoin ETFs they Know that the inflows could take BTC to 60k this year that said one could argue That the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETFs is a macro Factor because it makes BTC more correlated to other macro Factors that's simply because it makes BTC more accessible to institutional

Investors who often adjust their Portfolios in response to things like Interest rates as we mentioned in our Video about btc's price after the spot Bitcoin ETF approval btc's price action Will therefore depend on how these Institutional investors see BTC as an Asset in this case the authors imply That institutional investors see BTC as A safe haven asset comparable to gold Which makes sense there is just one Caveat that the author underscore and That is the institutional investors love Safe Haven assets that earn a yield Namely Us treasuries in Practical terms This means that BTC and gold will Compete with us treasuries for Institutional inflows and will only win If the Fed lowers interest rates news Flash but the FED is expected to lower Interest rates significantly this year Logically this will increase Institutional preference for BTC and Gold over treasuries which will be Bullish for both assets however interest Rates aren't the only macro Factor at Play the US dollar is another related Factor as some of you will know btc's Price is inversely correlated to the US Dollar as measured by the Dxy in plain English when the US dollar Gets stronger relative to other Currencies then btc's price goes down And vice versa however the authors noted

Something odd the correlation has been Positive lately in other words BDC has Been rising alongside the US dollar the Authors seem to take this as additional Evidence that BTC is seen as a safe Haven asset but it could just as easily Be due to the hype around the spot Bitcoin ETF approval regardless the Authors believe that this correlation Will invert again in 2024 assuming the US do weakens then This will be bullish for BTC the caveat Here is the dxy again the dxy measures The strength of the US dollar relative To other currencies namely the Euro and The Yen if the Euro the Yen and the US Dollar or weaken but the Euro and the End weaken more then the dxy could still Rise as you can see there's a lot of Nuance here but that's Macro for you by The way if you're enjoying the video so So far then be sure to smash that like Button and give it a boost this ties in To the second part of the report which Analyzes how macro factors could affect Crypto related stocks the authors start By highlighting the fact that the US Economy has been surprisingly resilient Despite the meteoric rise in interest Rates GDP figures remain robust as does The unemployment rate they then recap How fed chairman Jerome Powell suddenly Became doish last December that is Giving signals that the FED is going to

Start lowering interest rates they know That the exception of rate Curts caused By Jerome's comments have been the Primary contributor to the market rally We've seen since however the authors Imply that the coast isn't clear just Yet that's because a lot of companies Including crypto companies have lots of Debt that they need to refinance this Year the authors estimate that around a Quarter of publicly traded crypto Companies will need to refinance debts Over the next 3 years assuming interest Rates stay higher than investors expect These companies could be forced to Refinance at interest rates approaching Double digits obviously this expensive Debt could squeeze crypto companies While simultaneously lowering the yields They're currently earning on their cash Reserves cash Reserves are typically Held in short-term US Government debt by The way anyways the authors highlight Two risks that crypto stock investors Need to be on the lookout for the first Is the possibility of a recession and The second is a Resurgence in inflation The former would result in significant Economic weakness while the latter would Result in interest rates staying higher For longer the authors believe there is A real risk of recession because it Takes between 12 in 18 months for Interest rates to affect the economy

They know that the last rate hike Happened last summer which means that The effects of the Fed rate hikes may Only start coming into play in the Coming months similarly the authors Believe that there is a real risk of Inflation If the Fed Cuts interest rates Too soon they note that this would cause Commodity prices to Surge and reignite Consumer spending which would force the FED to start its hiking cycle that is Continuing to raise interest rates Higher what the authors fail to note is That it would likely take time for this Inflation to reappear in the official Data put differently the FED cutting Rates too soon could be extremely Bullish for the markets in the short Term that's because there would be a Sort of window where rates stay low and Liquidity Rises given that crypto Appears to be sensitive to liquidity AKA Money supply it would be the first to Rally and history suggests that it would Rally a lot if investors are correct in Their interest rate forecast then this Rally could come soon if you want to Make sure you're ready for it by the way Then check out the coin Bureau deals Page it's got trading fee discounts of Up to 60% and sign up bonuses of up to $50,000 on the best crypto exchanges These deals are only available to Viewers of the channel and for a limited

Time only so be sure to take advantage Of them ASAP the link is down in the Description anyways the third part of This report pertains to an extremely Important topic that's been completely Under the radar and that is Bitcoin Mining for context bitcoin's hash rate That is the amount of computing power Being used to secure the Bitcoin network Has historically been correlated to Btc's price like BTC Bitcoin mining Follows a cycle consisting of various Phases in the case of Bitcoin mining the Author's outline four the Gold Rush Which is when btc's price is rising the Inventory flush when btc's price is Falling the ShakeOut when btc's price Collapses and the rebalancing when BTC Stabilizes each of these four Cycles has A corresponding effect on hash rate During the Gold Rush btc's hash rate Rises during the inventory flush it Falls during the ShakeOut it collapses And during the rebalancing it likewise Stabilizes what's strange is that Bitcoin's hash rate has basically been Up only since mid 2021 as far as the authors are concerned Though they believe the ShakeOut phase Occurred in late 2022 and that 2023 was The rebalancing phase they seem to Acknowledge that this is a bit strange As the upcoming haling could increase The cost to the point that it takes and

I quote quite a few big miners offline For reference the Bitcoin hving cuts the Amount of BTC rewards to miners in each Block by 50% every 4 years the next Hing Is due sometime in April and there's Growing speculation that this could have A serious impact on minor profitability From the author's perspective this could Cause the Bitcoin mining cycle to stay In the rebalancing phase until sometime After the haling and the Gold Rush phase Should begin at the end of this year This would be consistent with past Crypto cycles and set the stage for a Blowoff top in btc's price this relates To the fourth part of this report which Is about the Bitcoin men poool for those Unfamiliar the mempool stores pending BTC transaction transactions miners Select transactions from the men poool Based on the fees associated with them The higher the fee the faster the Transaction gets included in a block in The past miners would start by Processing the transactions with the Highest fees in the men poool and work Their way down until they've processed All the pending transactions in the Present however there are so many Pending transactions that the men poool Is constantly full resulting in very High fees the authors note that this has Never happened before at least not for Such a sustained period of course it's

All due to the hype around the recent Innovations on bitcoin such as brc2 Tokens and ordinal nfts the authors Knowe the hypocrisy of the criticisms of Bitcoin given the circumstances for Example some have argued that low mol Use means Bitcoin is bad because it's Not being used well simil mously arguing That the mle being maxed out means that Bitcoin is bad because it's being used Too Much the authors effectively advise These critics to leave the free market That is Bitcoin another arguably anti- Bitcoin Argument has been that it's not earning Enough in terms of transaction fees to Keep the blockchain secure to their Credit the authors actually go into the Effort of calculating what the average Transaction fee would be for Bitcoin to Maintain its incredible Security in the End they conclude that it's actually not Possible to know this and that it's Likely a theoretical problem they stress That Bitcoin security has never come Into question since its Inception Because btc's price has been steadily Rising due to the decrease in the new Supply and the increase in demand even So they admit that bitcoin's high fees Probably won't be going away away Anytime soon and this is likely to have Profound impact on bitcoin's ecosystem For instance High fees on the layer one

Chain are incentivizing the creation of Layer 2 Chains similar to what we saw in Ethereum's early days if ethereum's Layer twos are anything to go by it is Safe to say that bitcoin's layer twos Will have lots of potential the tricky Part will be figuring out which ones Will go boom and which will go Bu this is exactly why we created the Coin Bureau Club to analyze these new And upand cominging cryptos members of The club get to vote on the altcoins That we cover and get to see which Cryptos we hold in our portfolios as Well as the coins and tokens that we're Watching best of all members get access To an exclusive Discord Channel where They can discuss all of the above and More did I mention exclusive deals too You can learn a lot more about that Using the link in the description anywh Who this pertains to the fifth part of This report which is about the Bitcoin Haling to refresh your memory the Bitcoin Halen is expected to occur Sometime in April the Practical effect Of the 50% reduction in new BTC Supply Will be an increase in btc's price Assuming demand stays the same or Rises However this reduction in new BTC Supply Will simultaneously reduce the revenues Of Bitcoin miners which could have Unintended consequences for the market That's why the authors take time to

Unpack just how much trouble Bitcoin Miners will be in when the harving comes And goes they start by saying that Publicly listed Bitcoin miners account For 25% of bitcoin's total hash rate They knowe that lots of these Miners did Have lots of debt but not anymore this Is due to a combination of less Borrowing as well as as miners selling Equity to pay back their existing debt This has been made possible for most Publicly traded Bitcoin miners to Accumulate large amounts of cash and BTC While simultaneously expanding the size Of their operations at the same time the Approval of the spot Bitcoin ETFs mean That btc's price is likely to stay Higher resulting in even larger revenues In some then the authors believe that The publicly traded Bitcoin maret Will not be that affected by the haling This is interesting given that it seems To contradict what is noted by the Authors earlier it also runs contrary to A recent report by counter Fitzgerald Which found that 11 large miners could Be at risk the bigger question is what Will happen to all of the other smaller Bitcoin mining operations after the Haling it stands to reason that they Don't have access to all of the same Resources as publicly traded Bitcoin Miners the result could be that publicly Traded miners capture even more of the

Hash rate now take a second to consider That asset managers like Black Rock and Vanguard are some of the largest Shareholders in the largest Bitcoin Mining companies with these asset Managers also operating the largest Bitcoin ETFs it could give them Significant influence over BTC and Bitcoin's ecosystem then again history Suggests that these institutional Investors will fail you can learn more About that using the link in the Description now in the sixth part of This report the authors provide a Prediction a bitcoin-based stable coin Will emerge this year some would argue That this prediction has already come True given that tera's us was partially Backed by BTC and tron's usdd is also Partially backed by BTC but let's not go There anyhow how the stable coin that The authors have in mind isn't Decentralized rather what they Envision Is a centralized stable coin that will Launch on bitcoin like tether's usdt or Circle usdc the authors note that this Hasn't happened yet due to bitcoin's Technical limitation as well as its Performance bottlenecks but the surgeon Innovation around bitcoin's layer 2s and Side chains could open the door for a Novel stable coin that could work around Bitcoin drawbacks the authors argue that Bitcoin would be a popular destination

For stable coins due to its security but It's important to note that layer twos Can be centralized in any case the Authors believe that the launch of a Stable coin in bitcoin's ecosystem will Result in more Innovation integration And ultimately adoption some would say That BTC doesn't need stable coins to Succeed but then again let's not go There In the seventh part of this report the Authors analyze EIP 4844 which is tentatively scheduled to Go live on ethereum by the end of February as part of the Denon upgrade if You watched our recent ethereum update You'll know that Denon will make Ethereum layer twos cheaper and faster The authors reveal that ethereum's layer Twos will be between 10 and 100x cheaper Because of the upgrade and speeds will Likewise increase by 45 to 100x if we're not mistaken this will Make most of ethereum's layer 2os faster Than salana which could have a Game-changing effect on market dynamics On that note the eighth part of this Report is about you've guessed it salana The authors begin with a bow prediction Salana will continue to eat into Ethereum's market share specifically for Defi and data Availability not surprising ly the Authors include a couple of lines about

Celestia in the section more about Celestia in the description now what's Wild is that the authors argue that Salana will take ethereum's data Availability market share because of the Complexities of Igan layers data Availability solution which are outside The scope of this video the tldr is that Developers apparently find it much Easier to build on Solano this says a lot considering Building on salana feels like chewing Glass according to anat yakovenko sana's Founder incredibly the authors's go as Far as to argue that igen layer's share Security model is similar to that of Polka dots which they claim and I quote Has arguably not been successful as for The defi competition it's pretty Straightforward salana is cheaper faster And its ecosystem has more entities Affiliated with trafi such as jump Crypto these are solid fundamentals for Defi conversely ethereum's defi Ecosystem consists of less experienced Players or so the authors imply and it Goes without saying that ethereum is Much slower and more expensive than Salano but if you watched our video Comparing the two crypto projects you'll Know that ethereum is exponentially more Secure for many experienced investors The cost is worth this additional Security and

Decentralization moreover ethereum Continues to dominate when it comes to Developer activity as a saying goes if You build it they will come development Activity is the focus of the ninth part Of this report wherein the authors Predict that there will be a surge in 2024 this makes sense given that the Markets will likely rally it makes even More sense in bitcoin's case given all The aforementioned innovation The authors note that there has been Lots of developer activity on adjacent Projects such as Stacks even then the Entirety of the Bitcoin developer Ecosystem pales in comparison to Ethereum which stands over 3,000 devs What's fascinating is that the developer Activity on salana has been Comparatively muted despite the recent Rally this could likewise be due to the Fact that lots of Solana's recent Development has been taking place on Apps and protocols not on the base layer What's insane is that the authors Predict that sana's core developer Activity will explode after the fire Dancer upgrade it's implemented later This year that's because it will Apparently increased sana's TPS to a Staggering 600,000 transactions per Second which honestly sounds too good to Be true the only thing even more Outlandish than a layer one crypto with

A six figure TPS is the idea that Hundreds of billions of dollars will Flow into the spot Bitcoin ETFs in their First days lo and behold fund flows are The focus of the 10th part of the report Where the authors make some extra juicy Predictions they begin by revealing that They already have been significant Inflows into exchange traded products For crypto late last year they estimate The total assets under management of These funds to be 51 billion Which they know is quite High given the November 21 Peak was around $84 billion They take these sizable fund flows as Evidence the crypto bull market is here And it's only just getting started they Note that 87% of crypto fund inflows Last year were related to BTC which is Not surprising given the spot Bitcoin ETF fomo at that time they predict that We will see a similar phenomenon on of Eth in the leadup to the spot ethereum ETF approvals which are expected to Occur sometime in May so far Saul has Been dominating fun flows which again Makes sense given that it was likewise Rallying like crazy at the end of last Year now in the 11th part of the report The authors do a deep dive into nfts and There's not really too much to know here The key takeaway is that nfts appear to Be becoming a new niche of art and Culture which could grow to be as large

As $500 billion in the next 6 years then In the final section of the report the Authors review the regulatory outlook For crypto in 2024 they begin by celebrating the fact That G20 countries are working to Regulate crypto instead of banning it This makes us wonder whether they've Actually read these regulations if You've watched any of our recent videos About crypto regulations you'll know That they're not all good in fact most Of them are bad as they defeat crypto's Purpose the Silver Lining is that they Set a stage for better crypto Regulations in the future something that The authors are presumably aware of Whatever the case they predict that the UK's crypto regulations could be delayed Due to the upcoming elections they also Note that the eu's crypto regulations Will come into Force soon with Restrictions on stable coins starting in June this means no more USD stable coins In the EU by the way the authors also Predict that one country which is Actively trying to ban crypto will pass Pro crypto regulations instead and Include India Nigeria and turkey on Their list of possible candidates as it So happens Nigeria is already moving Towards reasonable crypto regulations Allowing for banks to serve crypto Clients finally the authors predict that

There could be some regulatory surprises In the US these include a potential Crackdown on another major crypto Project or company or a bombshell ruling In the sec's ongoing cases against Binance and coinbase they hint that doj Could also announce another Crackdown this brings me to the big Question and that's what all this means For the crypto Market the answer Fundamentally depends on two things Consensus and awareness perhaps we're Mistaken but it appears the consensus is That crypto is only going to go up this Year that could be dangerous you see When everyone is bullish chances are That's when you should be bearish Conversely when everyone is bearish Chances are that's when you should be Bullish it's the idea behind Nathan Roth Char's famous quote buy when there is Blood in the streets the fact that so Much of the market is bullish now could Therefore foreshadow an unexpected ShakeOut at least in the short term However there is another famous saying By John mayai kein and that is that the Markets can remain irrational for longer Than you could remain solvent this means That the bullish sentiment and the Bullish price action that we seem to see Right now could continue for a very long Time from our perspective this likely Depends on how much money is sitting on

The sidelines waiting to get in that is How aware the average investor is about Crypto there is no question that the Spot Bitcoin ETF approvals have put Crypto back in the spotlight and it's Likely that the speculation around the Ethereum ETFs could keep that Spotlight Shining the only question is whether Investors will bite in the question of Altcoins this biting comes mainly from Retail investors as our friend Ben Coen Has pointed out on many occasions a true Crypto ball Market is where altcoin Rallies require marginal buyers retail Investors foming in so far we haven't Seen that much retail fomo which could Be evidence to the idea that the current Rally will continue for some time but What if the retail fomo doesn't come Anytime soon after all the retail fomo Only tends to come when BTC eth and Other altcoins are hitting new all-time Highs although we're not so far off Those levels it's not guaranteed that We'll see them in the immediate future Without new money coming in those Sitting on massive profits from the Rally that we've seen over the last year Or so could start to take them this Could result in a short-term correction That delays the true crypto bll Market Former bitm CEO Arthur Hayes believes That BTC could correct as much as 30% if it does then it could very well

Mark the last chance chance to Accumulate your favorite cryptos before The actual bull market if it doesn't Then it'll be on you to figure out which Cryptos with potential haven't pumped Yet chances are that there will be a lot Of them so don't freak out if you missed The first ride to the Moon okay well that is all for today's Video if you found it informative smash That like button to let us know if you Want to stay informed subscribe to the Channel and ping that notification Bell If you want to help inform others then Take a second to share this video with Anyone you think should see it as always Thank you for watching and I'll see you In the next [Music] One


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