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September was a bit quiet in crypto Wasn't it luckily October is upon us and Things could be about to get interesting For one thing we are just days away from The start of the Sam bankman free trial Which will throw crypto back into the Mainstream headlines albeit for all the Wrong reasons once hailed as crypto's White knight will he now be considered The industry's Kryptonite you see what I Did there also in the month ahead we Anticipate significant macro Developments in the US including the Release of the inflation data the sec's Second deadline for ruling on the spot Bitcoin ETF filings and much much more This video will give you a preview of What to expect for crypto in October What it won't give you is financial Advice of course so sit back grab your Calendars and listen up The month begins with a potential Government shutdown in the US that's Because at the time of filming it looks Highly unlikely that Congress will pass The 12 appropriation bills that are Essential for funding governmental Operations before the 30th of September The end of their fiscal year Now Congress is stuck between a senate Controlled by democrats and a House of Representatives controlled by Republicans the house Speaker Kevin McCarthy looks like he's losing his

Battle to keep federal Services up and Running and avoid the worst impacts of a Government shutdown Fellow Republicans to the right of him Are determined to cut spending despite The looming shutdown they also might try To oust him not a fun week for Mr Speaker now assuming the deadline passes What does the government shutdown Actually mean if this happens many Government services will be disrupted And hundreds of thousands of federal Workers will be furloughed I have placed On a leave of absence without pay I know what you're thinking what will The members of Congress do without their Salaries don't fret Congressional Salaries have been deemed mandatory Spending which means they're not subject To annual Appropriations Word of relief instead around 4 million People across the country as well as the Millions of more who rely on government Services will feel the full effects of a Shutdown At least essential services will operate As normal including the Postal Service Law enforcement and Emergency Services And since government shutdowns are Somewhat common government agencies have Plans in place to reduce their impact However there will be notable Consequences through our society As President Biden said in a recent

Speech and I quote a government shutdown Could impact everything from food safety To cancer research to Head Start Programs for children a government Shutdown is not just a massive pain in The posterior for Americans it also has Implications on the economy JP Morgan Estimates that for each week of a Government shutdown there's a decrease Of 0.1 percentage points in GDP growth The impacts on crypto are impossible to Predict but it stands to reason that in A period of economic uncertainty those Affected are unlikely to invest in Riskier assets like crypto The four crypto Focus Bills currently Grinding their ways through Congress Will also be delayed in the event of a Shutdown so regulatory Clarity remains As ever Beyond the Horizon And then there are the indirect economic Implications most notably a government Shutdown would indefinitely delay the Release of critical U.S economic data Impacting policy makers and investors According to Reuters the suspension Would affect agencies like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the consensus Bureau notably it would also cause Delays in the issuing of important data Like the September jobs report and the Consumer Price Index which I'll return To later on in the video But first we have to talk about SPF

That's because on the 3rd of October his Trial kicks off now I'm not going to go Into too much detail about the trial Itself since we have a video on that in The works what I will say is that the Trial is likely to have more than its Fair share of drama We don't know whether Sam will take the Stand to defend himself but what we do Know is that most of his inner circle Including Caroline Allison Gary Wang and Nishad Singh have all pleaded guilty and Are cooperating with the prosecution If any of them take the stand that will Be box office Dynamite one thing to keep An eye out for is any mention of the Former Alameda co-ceo and yachting Enthusiast Sambuca he has gone dark Since after X's collapsed and no one Seems to know where he is whether he's Cooperating too and why he doesn't seem To be facing any charges if he does pop Up that could be very revealing Now as we've covered in a previous video SBF himself faces a slew of charges that If convicted of all seven counts could See him jailed for up to 115 years One thing to bear in mind however is That for a conviction in Federal Criminal trials every member of the 12-person jury must be convinced Beyond Reasonable doubt that he is guilty Think of Beyond Reasonable Doubt as

Meaning over 90 certain One thing to keep an eye on during the Trial which is expected to last around Six weeks is whether the reputation of The crypto industry at large will be Dragged through the mud or whether Mainstream media coverage will focus More on Sam As we know the FTX collapse was a people Failure not of blockchain or sect Failure but lazy eye-catching narratives About crypto might be too tempting for Some Outlets to pass up if sloppy Headlines Prevail the trial could Further damage the industry's image Undermine trust in crypto platforms and Affect both Investments and adoption It won't be nearly as damaging as the Collapse of FTX but it could cause Prices to drop and Beyond the impact of Prices the trial could establish a Precedent for future cases involving Crypto related fraud in the U.S There is a lot at stake that's S-t-a-k-e not S-t-e-a-k thank you Gary the next state To look out for is the 12th of October Which is when the U.S Bureau of Labor is Due to release Consumer Price Index or CPI data for September now as I Mentioned earlier if there is a Government shutdown this data in other Words inflation data is likely to be Delayed regardless of when it's released

You might be aware that traditionally There has been negative correlations Between the Consumer Price Index and Crypto prices as consumer prices climb Crypto prices have tended to drop but as Many financial advisors worth their salt Will tell you past performance is no Guarantee of future results Arthur Hayes The founder of bitmex and current chief Investment officer at Maelstrom pointed This out at career blockchain week early In September in a nutshell Arthur's Point is that higher interest rates have Inadvertently pushed the U.S treasury to Issue more bonds and bond repayments to The wealthy and I quote stimulate Spending and normal GDP growth creating A paradox where the fed's rate hike Inadvertently fuels economic growth Author is referring it to the Federal Reserve decision to raise interest rates Which it has been doing since March of Last year in an effort to drive Inflation figures down So far it has been largely successful Although as you can see from the chart Inflation rates have increased over the Past two months Currently The Benchmark overnight Interest rate is in the range of 5.25 to 5.50 percent though the FED May raise Again before the end of the year a point That I'll get back to in the last Section of this video

What is really important to emphasize Here is that while the traditional view Is that raising interest rates are bad For crypto prices this view is not Unanimously shared some like Arthur Hayes believes the FED interest rate Adjustments are nothing to be concerned About As he puts it and I quote whether the FED raises or Cuts we're in a good Position as a cryptocurrency industry I'm glad someone is feeling bullish About it all in any case if you do want To get our take on what the FED is Thinking you can check out our latest Video on the topic which you can find in The description below Next up we have a series of important Dates regarding spot Bitcoin ETFs as you Might remember there was a flurry of Applications by institutional investors In mid-june for a spot Bitcoin ETF after BlackRock the world's largest asset Manager set an application request to The SEC These applications cause a jump in the Price of BTC at the time then can the News in late August that grayscale had Won its lawsuit against the SEC For those unfamiliar the SEC initially Rejected grayscale's application to Convert its Bitcoin trust into a spot ETF back in October 2021 citing concerns About fraud and Market manipulation

However a U.S Court ruled against the Regulator essentially calling its claims BS and mandating the SEC to review Grayscale's application This too drove BTC prices up and Heightened optimism that the SEC will End up approving those spot Bitcoin ETFs Eventually And finally on the 31st of August the SEC delayed the deadline for making a Decision on the ETF applications until October which put downward pressure on BTC prices I highlighted these developments for Contacts and really to emphasize how Correlated BTC prices are to the Potential approval of spot ETFs Well October is 9 and those deadlines Are coming up fast the SEC could approve Reject or delay making a decision on These applications Here are the key dates On the 16th we have the deadline for the Bitwise spot Bitcoin ETF application However the big day to watch out for is The 17th of October that marks the Comprehensive decision deadline for Applications from some of the big firms Namely ishares I.E BlackRock Vanek Wisdom Tree and Vasco and fidelity Then we have the 19th of October which Is the decision deadline for balkari Spot ATF filing as we approach these Deadlines there could be increasing

Volatility as investors predict and React to the news So what are the scenarios Well first I should say that these Financial products are very similar Therefore the SEC is likely to make the Same decision on all applications in a Quick succession If the ICC does approve them we can Anticipate a bullish surge in the price Of BTC due to its increased Accessibility and legitimacy It is unclear how this will affect the Rest of the market altcoins tend to Follow where BTC leads but in this Scenario we could see outflows from out Into BTC If the applications are rejected the Inverse is likely we can expect downward Pressure on BTC and crypto more Generally given the missed opportunity For greater Market access and Integration The most likely scenario however is that The SEC will delay its decision it has 240 days to consider an application once It starts the review process so Theoretically it could push back a final Decision on most of these applications To March 2024 This has generally been its tactic in The past Kick the Can is far down the Road as possible In fact the SEC just delayed making a

Decision on global access ETF Application which was due on the 7th of October and also pushed a deadline back For Arc 21 shares application from November to January 2024. Note the 10th of January is the final Deadline for the SEC to make a decision On arc's application In other words no more Khan kicking for You Gary Next up we have the development that Could impact consumer spending namely The resumption of student loan Repayments these were froze due to the Pandemic but since covid is now over Payments are now coming due Goldman Sachs estimates for the resumption of Student loan repayments could cost Households approximately 70 billion Dollars annually As noted before when you tighten People's wallets they are less likely to Invest in riskier assets like crypto On the other hand Savvy students may Take advantage of the incredible Opportunities in defy for those that are Unfamiliar some D5 platforms allow Borrowers to use crypto assets as Collateral and secure loans in stable Coins that can be used to pay off debt While there are risks to this Particularly if the price of the asset That you have collateralized dropped Significantly it offers many advantages

To the borrower they include delay Repayment dates better interest rates on Your collateralized assets appreciating I'll leave a link in the description Below if you want to learn more about D5 Loans And speaking of incredible opportunities The coin Bureau deals page has some Amazing free discounts at some of the Top exchanges as well as up to forty Thousand dollars in airdrops not to Mention big discounts on top Hardware Wallets to store your crypto securely Wasn't that such a nice segue the link Is down in the description below And last on our list of things to look Out for this October we have the next Meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee and the minutes of the last One These meetings are a big deal for Investors analysts and policy makers Alike they happen eight times a year and Aware big Market policy decisions are Determined including everything from Personal savings to interest rates to Home and business loan costs At the last meeting in September 2023 The FED members maintain rates at 5.25 To 5.50 three weeks after that meeting In other words the 14th of October the Minutes of the meeting are due to be Released Photos learning analysts like the team

Here at coin Bureau the minutes of these Fomc make for interesting reading as They can provide really valuable insight Into the first thinking and also help Predict its future policy decisions As I've previously mentioned there are Expectations that the FED will increase The rate hike by 25 basis points before The end of the year in other words rates Are expected to increase to 5.50 to 5.75 Percent These minutes might provide clues as to When this expected rate height will take Place the next fomc in case you're Wondering is scheduled on October the 31st to November the 1st the one after That is the 12th to the 13th of December So there you have it if September was The proverbial calm October could be the Storm then again it could be that most Unappealing of American Delicacies are Nothing Burger But maybe it's this unpredictability That makes watching crypto markets so Exciting right well now I want to hear From you what macro factors do you think Will swing the pendulum in terms of Crypto prices in this video we've only Focused on developments in the US what Developments are you watching in for Other countries and regions and why Before you leave remember to explore the Deals page I mentioned earlier there You'll discover the top-notch promotions

And discounts within the cryptocurrency Realm Additionally you can show your Support by following us on social media Liking and subscribing you'll find the Link to our deals page and social media Channels in the description below that's All for now thank you for tuning in I'm Jessica and I look forward to seeing you All next time [Music]


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