WARNING: The Solana Price is About to Get Absurd.. (Donald Trump Backs Polygon)

You know 2002 no one wanted to invest in Internet companies or e-commerce but Broadband was getting lit up mobile Devices were getting lit up rapid Technology maturation you're seeing that With this huge rally in salana this Crypto Market is getting absolutely wild Where what is your real take this is Circle CEO Jeremy air digital Commodities are here to stay which is The company behind stable coin Usdc by the way you're more in the Currency camp in terms of what you do Talking about the potential of we seeing That with this huge rally in salana but Breaking news Donald Trump just released Mugshot nfts on polygon hi everyone this Is your favorite President Donald J Trump with some very exciting news my Last two Trump digital trading card Collection sold out in just hours and Now I'm back with my latest series Called the mugshot Edition I wonder Where that came from the mug shot Edition as described by Trump just like Baseball cards but you collect them Digitally and each Trump digital trading Card is $99 USD plus the low transaction Fee required to interact with the Polygon blockchain and Trump's trying to Sell a lot of polygon nfts and here is The best part I'm doing two important Things for my trump collectors for the First time we're creating a real

Physical trump card purchase 47 digital Cards and will mail you a beautiful Trading card it is an authentic piece of The suit I wore when I took that now Famous mug shot and it was a great suit Believe me a really good suit it's all Cut up and you're going to get a piece Of it I'll be autographing some of them A true collector's item this is Something to give to your family so Polygon hodlers are loving this today But this is also just as good for Ethereum some people call these cards Pop art or Modern Art I wish I looked as Good as I do on those cards that I can Tell you they give me must Where believe me I don't have them so Trump continues to back polygon Black Rock continues to prepare for Bitcoin Black Rock Bitcoin ETF now invites Participants from Wall Street Banks so a Change to the structure of the proposed Spot Bitcoin ETF would enable authorized Participants APS to create new shares in The fund with cash rather than only with Cryptocurrency essentially opening the Door to Banks who cannot hold crypto Directly and the reason that this is so Much bigger than many people realize as Highly regulated US banks are unable to Hold Bitcoin themselves this setup would Enable the likes of JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs firms with some of the largest Balance sheets in the world to act as

APS to Black Rock's ETF and that cash Would directly be converted into Bitcoin That cash ap's used in this process can Then be exchanged into Bitcoin by an Intermediary and warehoused by the etf's Custody provider and how should Traditional Finance really look be Looking at Bitcoin to the extent that we Should be looking at Bitcoin as a Barometer of risk on risk off if you Think of it as a speculative asset I Don't know what you think of it as Anymore but we show it on the screen Every single day yeah um because there's A lot of ownership of of it around the World there's a lot of interest in Around the world what do you think it's An indicator of sure so a couple things So the the first is Digital Commodities are here to stay and That's just you know we have we have This new thing digital Commodities They're here to stay and they will be Valued differently gold is differently Valued than oil is differently valued Than copper right so there will be these Digital Commodities Bitcoin specifically Is the sort of largest digital commodity Asset and I think in the minds of many Of the of the people who are investing In it this is a a a a a a risk hedge Asset MH uh it can be correlated uh to You know availability of money supply But it also can be uncorrelated so it

Doesn't fit every box clearly and I Think you're hearing from sovereigns From the ray Doos of the world the Larry Finks of the world others that they Believe that in a complex geopolitical Environment a complex macroeconomic Environment this is an asset that one Should have some but we should not think Of it as a currency and like always for Me Bitcoin to me is much more of an Investment a store of value I don't want To spend but I will spend my stable Coins I I you're more in the currency Camp in terms of what you do correct yes So digital dollars that can be a strong Store value medium exchange that have All the powers of the internet that's What dollar stable coins do huge Innovation I expect to be explosive in Terms of its growth in the coming years Just a huge utility for dollars on the Internet huge appetite for dollars on The internet that's a very big thing and That's distinct from people who want a a Currency hedge so to speak or a a store Of value hedge but for my crypto into 2024 is regulation getting better so a Couple things the the first is Global Versus Us in every major Financial Market Center around the world they're Actually putting in place clear Regulations on digital assets and stable Coins so Hong Kong Singapore Japan uh The UK the EU UA

Like you you go these places and they Actually are doing it so the US is Behind I think that's one um in the US You've got you know really three big Bodies of policy issues you have markets And how to regulate markets and there You've got a territorial turf war going On uh and some kind of political Posturing and then you've got stable Coins everyone seems to agree about Stable coins it's just a matter of when Not if um and then you have this sort of Illicit Finance uh stuff which has Become obviously that's what Elizabeth Want Elizabeth a very bipartisan kind of Issue there and um and those are the Three big policy uh kind of components Now with respect to markets which is I Think that the thing that attracts the Most attention um yeah there there is a Fundamental disagreement between one Particular agency and some of the other Agencies and Congress thec and the cftc And I asked because we got Russ benam Coming on the the SEC the cftc uh and Then obviously Congress and the courts The beauty of the US system is we have All three branches and they're all kind Of trying to figure out how to work that Out and then finally Solana hodlers are Loving this Jeremy air Circle CEO Compares what Solana is doing today the Innovation to what Amazon was doing in 2002 a lot of stuff was being built

Right so you had major financial Institutions building away at trying to Create Institutional investment platforms like Black Rock and Fidelity and others you Had very significant Investments Continuing in the actual infrastructure Side of this so it's sort of like after The DOT bus you had you know 2002 no one Wanted to invest in internet companies Or e-commerce but Broadband was getting Lit up mobile devices were getting lit Up all the infrastructure was getting There so that actually the technology Became highly usable and useful and so I Think a number of things are happening Right now we're seeing rapid technology Maturation you're seeing that with this Huge rally in salana which if you're Familiar is is sort of uh makes using Blockchains fast and and relatively easy Uh you have this institutionalization And the clarity that comes from that and Real quick the final two pieces of Altcoin news that I found today although If I missed something comment down below Number one Celestia Celestia to Integrate with polygon's cdk for data Availability in 2024 what that means is The Celestia network will integr with Polygon's chain development kit cdk Sometime early next year the integration Will provide an easily pluggable Component for polygon-based networks to

Use Celestia for data availability and Although this is a win-win this will Truly benefit the polygon Network the Announcement claimed that transaction Fees could be reduced by more than 100 Times if networks stored compressed Transaction data on Celestia instead of Ethereum and also big altcoin news Honored to receive the best social F Project 2023 at Indian blockchain week First of many so the xcad network just Received this award the zelica team Congratulating and the reason is because Xcad is about to launch their friend Tech competitor very soon be sure to Subscribe for one video per day keeping You informed about crypto like always See you tomorrow appreciate you


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