WARNING: The Crypto Market is About to Get Absurd | Donald Trump NFTs, CZ Binance, Kevin O’Leary

With an important announcement to make I'm doing my first official Donald J Trump nft collection right here and Right now welcome back everybody to Altcoin daily my name is Austin Donald Trump announces his 99 each digital Trading Card nfts the addition of 45 000 Nfts because that's his number as President features the former president In various Fantasy Costumes and poses And will be minted on polygon I'll play You this full commercial in a second It's outrageous as well as a new clip a Fresh clip of CZ binance this morning Talking about the current crypto Situation so I think Calvin's a liar so Um I think he's lying about about a Bunch of stuff but this 180 by Trump Comes in such sharp contrast to what Trump tweeted not but just three years Ago I'm not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies which are not money and Whose value is highly volatile and based On thin air unregulated crypto assets Can facilitate unlawful Behavior Including drug trade and other illegal Activities that was in 2019 cut to two Years later at the end of 2021 Donald Trump said this about crypto when asked To comment on his own wife melania's nft Collection hello first lady what do you Think about crypto because you know New York and Miami is really getting Cryptocurrency into their financial

System I never loved it because I like To have the dollar I think the currency Should be the dollar so I was never a Big fan but it's building up bigger and Bigger and nobody's doing anything about It and uh it's uh I know it so well look I want a currency called the dollar I Don't want to have all these others and That could be an explosion someday like The likes of which we've never seen It'll make the big Tech explosion look Like like baby stuff uh I think it's a Very dangerous thing That was in 2021 and now Donald Trump is Officially asking all of his supporters To download a crypto wallet use ethereum Use polygon and buy his nfts Hello everyone this is Donald Trump Hopefully your favorite President of all Time better than Lincoln better than Washington with an important Announcement to make I'm doing my first Official Donald J Trump nft collection Right here and right now they're called Trump digital trading cards these cards Feature some of the really incredible Artwork pertaining to my life and my Career it's been very exciting these are Not fake these are real we post a few More of the specific nfts on our Twitter Linked down below and now Trump's about To tell us the benefits if you buy these Nfts what do you get and I'll comment on The full thing after you can collect

Your Trump digital cards just like a Baseball card or other Collectibles Here's one of the best parts each card Comes with an automatic chance to win Amazing prizes like dinner with me I Don't know if that's an amazing prize But it's what we have or golf with you And a group of your friends at one of my My beautiful golf courses and they are Beautiful I'm also doing Zoom calls a One-on-one meeting autographing Memorabilia and so much more we're doing A lot my official Trump digital trading Cards are 99 which doesn't sound like Very much for what you're getting buy One and you will join a very exclusive Community Christmas is coming and this Makes a great Christmas gift no purchase Necessary avoid working with it so yes Number one I guess for legal reasons you Don't have to buy the Trump nfts to win The prizes but of course you can either Buy the nfts or the other option is Mailing a handwritten letter if you read The fine print this to me looks very Similar to what presidents used to do in The 90s selling commemorative coins ten Dollars plus you'll also receive the American mint history reference guide is Our free gift to you remember the George W bush commemorative coin is a limited Edition minting only fifty thousand will Be minted worldwide and then the mold Will be destroyed because this coin has

Worldwide limited availability it'll Become harder to acquire and should only Increase in value They have a huge fan base they can Obviously push product but why this is So bullish if you hold cryptocurrency is Because now the currency is digital in Their FAQs Trump's people say absolutely You can buy our Donald Trump digital Trading cards with wrapped ethereum when Asked why they chose the polygon Blockchain they say these nfts are Minted on polygon the polygon blockchain Describes itself as eco-friendly and Carbon neutral and even if you choose to Bypass all this just mail the Handwritten letter you still need to Download a crypto wallet to be able to Receive the nft notice how they're Educating the masses why do I need a Crypto wallet to purchase Trump digital Trading cards a crypto wallet is similar To having a safe for your physical Collectibles or a filing cabinet for Your important papers it's a place to Store your digital Assets Now as some of You might have seen the news yesterday For binance as SPF was being arrested Binance withdrawals jumped to over 3 Billion in just 24 hours so there was a Lot of fear uncertainty doubt on is Binance next well CZ went on CNBC this Morning and said this so many issues About trust and credibility and

Integrity in this space and I want to Talk about FTX in a moment but I want to Start with what's happening at your own Firm given the outflows this week I saw That you said on uh an AMA this is one Of these ask me anything she said There's no amount of withdrawals that Would put us under under any pressure But that I think was a a very bold Statement to be making how are people And why should people trust that their Money is safe at this point So I think the thanks Andrew for having Me and um The well-run crypto changes should hold User assets one to one so user deposit Bitcoin we hold it in Bitcoin we'll move To a code wallet we keep some in the hot Wallet and people they sell it now the Bitcoin belongs to somebody else but we Still hold it in the code storage People can draw withdraw 100 of the Assets they have on binance we will not Have an issue at in any given day so uh 100 of the users withdraw 100 assets we Will be fine this is very different for Traditional Financial people to Understand because Banks run on Fractional reserves and the traditional Regulators many of them may think that It's okay for crypto businesses to be Running on fractional reserves that is Not okay Um in crypto there's no Central Bank

Printing money to bail out Banks when There's a liquidity crunch so crypto Businesses have to hold user assets one To one and that's what we do it's very Simple next Andrew Sorkin asks CZ Point Blank you recently eliminated usdc Stablecoin trading on your exchange and Auto converted all those users to busd Stablecoin that's pretty wild correct Okay but let me ask you about that Specifically and I don't want to get too Technical but uh indulge me for a moment When you had what seemed to be liquidity Issues around customers wanting USD DC It looks it looked at least from this Vantage point that what was happening Here could have been avoided if and tell Me if I'm wrong about this you allowed Customers to deposit and hold usdc Instead of what it looked like was that You Auto converted them into your own Exchange dollar am I wrong There's a minor Corrections Um so number one is we do the auto Conversion into busd which is not issued By us which is not the exchange dollar Um it's actually issued by a New York Eyf uh licensed entity paxos so the Reserves are in New York it's a stable Coin the problem we had before is we Have many different types of stable Coins on binance and you know Bitcoin Trades against usdc Bitcoin trades Against busd and the usdt

Um that's TUSD there's a bunch of other Things and I use it's very difficult for Users to find the best price so we said Okay they're all stable coins and they Should convert one to one so let's Combine all of them into one into one so That the users just go they want to buy Bitcoin they go to bitcoin busd and they Find it so that day we had more users Trying to buy or trying to deposit the USD in withdrawing usdc and we ran out Of that and the bank that does the Conversion doesn't open until six hours Later and that's a banking in New York So we're actually blocked this actually Issue was actually caused by a bank so Uh that's what and stable coins the only One we convert every other asset we People deposit Bitcoin will hold Bitcoin People just pause the ethereum with Holy Spirit If you appreciate altcoin daily Aggregating the news for you educating About crypto click subscribe hit the Like button small thing you can do that Really supports me in the channel but The UN again using the Stellar Blockchain to send War impacted Ukrainians usdc stablecoin so this Should be a big signal to you and me That crypto is not going away they don't Want to use the Legacy system that's too Slow that's too old there's too many Middlemen the program is being piloted

In Kiev as well as two other major Ukrainian cities where many people fled To after their homes were destroyed by Russian attacks and to participate you Have to download a stellar based Non-custodial mobile digital wallet and By the way for those of you in the Santa Monica area this Friday be sure to join Us at web3 is a joke there is a link Down below with the time date and Location and I think this code may still Be active you can get a free ticket if You use the code SPF lies or if you'll Be in Miami next year you use code Altcoin daily for 10 off your ticket to Bitcoin 2023 the ticket prices do Increase in about a day so use code Altcoin daily for 10 off your ticket he Says he didn't know that Finance was a Shareholder of FTX so he investing FTX Without looking at cap table but he was Very specific in the way he accounts for A transaction two years ago so that's Kind of contradictory so I think Calvin's a liar so Um I think he's lying about about a Bunch of stuff so that's okay to us we Want to be transparent we want to set The golden standard for reliability Solidness in this video


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