Ladies and gents welcome back to another Video so in my hand right here we got The built MasterCard but something has Been happening it hasn't been good it Turns out a lot of people who are Actually getting this card right now are Getting fraudulent charges placed on Their account now we've been getting Some data points over the past week that You know this has been happening to Certain people here and there I myself Personally have not been affected I Check my account almost every single day But built has gone ahead and made a Mention of the current situation so in This video I want to talk about the Built credit card frauds that are Happening right now what you can do to Protect yourself and whether or not you Should be taking some actions if you Plan on getting this card if you have it Already we're going to be covering the Whole nine so to kick this video off Let's hop into the computer right here On Reddit built rewards a verified Account coming from build went ahead and Made a response about 21 hours ago Stating hey all quick update from built We have been made aware of a global Fraud ring that has been launching what Are called bin attacks in short they use Compromised Merchants to randomly test Millions of potential card numbers to See which ones work focusing in on one

Card range at a time while many of these Card attempts get blocked often Invisibly to the customer occasionally Charges make it through this has been Happening across Banks and we are aware That a few of Wells Fargo built card Holders have experienced fraudulent Charges as a part of that please note That you will never be liable for any Fraud Wells Fargo is reaching out to any Impact to customers and you can also Contact Wells Fargo's fraud team Directly at 1-800-723-5533 and they will remove any Fraud charges and overnight you a new Card we put our customer Security First And we'll make sure that this is Resolved for you quickly thank you again For your patience now that message is Really in response to just a lot of Feedback that they've been getting on The forums and as an example about three Days ago there was one data point from a User that stated after reading about so Many built fraudulent charges I Hesitantly applied for it and within 24 Hours of getting the card my account Showed a pending fraud charge of 4 48 Cents from gbr now I feel like this card Is not worth it I'm going to only use it For rent so I need to reevaluate if Roughly about 26 000 points are worth The risk I call built customer service And he was surprised I got a fraud

Charge even before the card was sent out And they transferred me to Wells Fargo Fraud department on getting a new card All right so let's talk about the good News and the bad news I mean obviously We'll start with the bad news people Getting fraudulent charges that is never A good thing you know I've had to deal With this a few years ago well even During the middle of the pandemic I had My entire identity stolen I made a full Video about that on YouTube because it Was pretty stressful during that time I'm someone who doesn't really check Their mail I know I should be pretty Often but even during the pandemic I Just figured okay I'm not going to get Anything important in there if anyone Needs to reach me they're not going to Send me a letter in the mail I usually Get emails well I remember waking up one Day went to my mailbox that thing was Crammed like all the way to the top with All these letters from Banks and I was Like what in the world is this I went Home I opened those mails and they were All app applications where someone Started to apply for credit cards and Bank accounts about like 10 to 20 of Them all under my name I got super lucky Though because only like two or three of Those accounts actually went through I Was able to call them let them know hey This is not me close the account those

Banks went ahead and did that and this Person went a little too greedy where They applied for too many at one time And it actually blocked the rest of Those account openings since then I've Taken my security to a whole nother Level like I've made another video on That on YouTube even some of the biggest Lessons that I learned was like using a Password generator so one password to Control randomly generated passwords Across all your accounts using a Security key where you have to Physically push the button using a Two-factor authentication and the Authenticator app to also double down on Security and most importantly on top of That to make sure that I have some type Of monitoring report I use LifeLock and I got that access from a really good Deal from Ebates back in the day where Pretty much I got it for free for that Whole year so I mean whether you use Like a surf shark VPN or just you know Even Nord or whatever it is you're going To have access to a lot of protection Because fraud and scammers it's ramping Up it is still an issue so we're clearly Still seeing that with the built MasterCard and as someone who's been a Victim of scam and fraud the good news Is the fact that it's happening right Now while many people are first hearing About the car so it's happening at a

Time where many people are aware of the Charges coming about and on top of that Because it's not just affecting like one Or two people every week it's affecting A lot more people that is going to bring More awareness where we all are going to Be a bit more careful and can check our Statement and if you see anything that You don't recognize the customer support Reps from these banks are gonna be a lot More inclined to make sure that you get A full refund in a much more faster and Easier process so that really is going To be the good news but let me talk to You guys more about how you can protect Yourself because the bill Card Unfortunately with the fact that they Are getting these fraud charges I think Even right now with under the situation That they're in they're still doing a Pretty good job in making sure you know People are getting communication from Reddit they're coming out with the Proper disclosures the posts so that People are aware of this indeed I Mentioned this earlier in the video but Yeah I haven't gotten any one of those Fraud charges but a way that I'm Protecting myself is that you can Automatically add one of your credit Cards to Apple pay anytime there is a Charge it'll notify you real time Immediately boom there's like a pending Transaction so that's one easy tip right

There for you to be able to protect Yourself just in case you know these Hackers or you know whatever algorithm They're using right now they're able to Get your card you can stay ahead of the Curve just contact Wells Fargo let them Know your card has its number breached And then they can send you a replacement Overnight now are these fraud charges Enough of a reason for me to cancel this Card absolutely not if I didn't have This card would I not apply because of All the stories that I'm hearing Absolutely not either Believe It or Not Fraud charges happen quite often across Many different banks if you didn't know It's actually statistically stated that 47 of Americans have been victims to Credit card fraud in the last five years So more than half the people watching Anyways before you had even gotten this Card you would have been a victim in one Way or another if you knew it or not to Any type of credit card fraudulent Charges that would have hit your account It was also reported that there was over 1 million six hundred eighty six Thousand reports of identity theft back In 2021 and guys if you take a look at Your screen and notice just how fast Credit card and identity theft and all This is climbing up you'll notice that This has been an issue for a little While and it's been getting worse and I

Don't think you know with AI getting as Good as it is it's going to help the Current situation you'll notice that Even from that credit card fraud is Still a large majority of those cases in Addition to bank fraud and loan or lease Frauds anything else within that Category you may also have assumed that People who get hit with identity theft Or fraud are people who don't have the Best knowledge in technology like it's Gonna be our most respected older folks Our grandmas our grandpas the most I Would consider vulnerable population the Elderly but even taking a look at some More data you'll notice that people who Are 80 and over are the least affected By identity theft and it actually Affects people within the 20 to 49 year Old range the most last year in 2021 Anyone between the age of 30 to 39 had Affected for a majority of the identity Theft reports so statistically speaking If you're within that age demographic You have a higher chance of getting hit With this so pretty much the lesson here Is guys if you see any charges on Dingusdoo.com or you know Pippitypop.co and you're 100 it wasn't You or your family members go ahead call The number on your card or chat them Within the app and they'll go ahead and Reimburse you for that fraud charge so Other than this whole data breach

Happening that seems to be affecting Some other companies too build has also Been doing a good job I talked about This in my most recent video just how They're about to possibly add mortgages In the future and they also have like These little tips and tricks uh where Even one of them I went ahead I dm'd Their Instagram account close friends They added me to their close friends and I got free points all I did for that was Like literally screenshot their story on A wheel and it was like it wasn't much But it's still free money free points so Ladies and gents what I'm gonna be Working on next is actually a full video Ins and outs of a credit card I've Actually never gone this in depth with a Credit card but for a card that I'm Claiming to be one of the best for this Year I figure this is something that I'm Excited to make and this is something That you guys definitely deserve so It'll be a full guide video stay tuned For that if you guys did enjoy today's Video be sure to like it down below let Me know how you guys feel about the Whole build card situation and if you Guys do want to check it out I do have a Link for that down below in the Description if you don't that's Completely fine like I said this card is Not meant for anyone who doesn't rent But if you do rent this is free money it

Is literally free money that you get Back in your account if you guys do want To check out other videos or you're just Getting started out within the credit Card game and you have no idea how you Can go from beginner to Advanced and With all the steps between I actually Made a full dedicated video on my YouTube channel called the ultimate Credit card hacking guide so go ahead And watch that it's a 40 minute long Video kind of long but it is one of my Best videos I ever made because it took Me like three four weeks to actually put It together put together the PowerPoint The presentation and then it's literally Like four years of experience all going Into that one jam-packed video so if you Guys want to get started watch that Video a ton of good information and if You guys want to look into some of the Top five best credit cards as well I Just recently made a video on that so Watch that too thank you all so much Again for watching have an amazing day And I'll see you all soon peace


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