#Vitalik Buterin criticizes Pertsev’s imprisonment

I think the lxa thing is definitely Really unfortunate like I think you know Like a lot of people have been um you Know going under the assumption that you Know Society had a line know just Building software is something that's Okay and there know totally like legal And legit way to fight for privacy you Know there are regulations but you know Those regulations apply to operators and Transmitters and companies and I think You know privacy is important and I Think the ecosystem's willingness to Like even also rally around things like Rail gun and Oxo and you know like Similar Next Generation approaches Really shows a lot of people's the Sincerity of the desire to like actually Focus on providing privacy for the Common people and you know like not Empowering the Kremlin or whoever else It's not true that governments are Uniformally hostile to privacy and like I hope that we can come to a better Equilibrium on this


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